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Red Angus Newsletter - September 2021

'R drop' Red Angus bulls in Western Australia - Photo from Jane Hillman
In this newsletter:
- Reminders from the Executive Officer
- Top 'S' names
- Ideas for Red Angus Merchandise
- President's Report from the Paddock
- Regulation Issues
- Member's Comments & Suggestions
- State Round Up
- Red Angus & Industry News
- Upcoming Events
- Snapped - Red Angus Out & About
- Social Media Links
Reminders from the Executive Officer
Dear Members,
A few reminders from the office:

* A huge thank you to everyone who has contributed sponsorship and stud histories, breed information for the 50th Anniversary Book. 

* CLICK HERE for the RB Sellars Merchandise Form.
* CLICK HERE for the Red Angus Cap order form

* Show Vest Price Increase - we've had a notice from the supplier that they have had a dramatic price increase. To cover this, show vests will now be $70 (plus postage). Please ensure that you order show vests well in advance of the event you need them for. We have some sizes in stock, but they can take 12 weeks to produce if the supplier doesn't have any in stock. Show uniform for Red Angus is the maroon woollen show vest, white shirt, blue trousers (jeans) and a broad brimmed hat.

* The DNA form has been made electronic. It is an Excel document. Sheet 1 has all the instructions (do not add anything to this sheet) and sheet 2 is the Import Template and this is what the members fill out. Once you fill it out please email it back to the office and post your samples to the office. I then upload this form straight to the database. Please ensure that you fill in idents correctly. If you have questions or concerns about the form, please get in touch and I am more than happy to help out.
CLICK HERE for the form.

* EPDs for imported US and Canadian Red Angus animals have been included in the Red Angus BREEDPLAN analysis from March 2020 onwards. It is expected that there will be some EBV changes, with the biggest effects likely to be seen for imported US and Canadian Red Angus animals and their close relatives (e.g. progeny).

* When transferring bulls or cows, please let the office (and the new owner) know if the animal has had semen collected or embryos flushed. This saves confusion during the calf registration process when information is missing.

* Thank you to those members who have been sending in current photos from their place - keep them coming in. It's been great to see everyone's cattle, especially in lockdown when we're unable to go anywhere.

Take care and stay safe.

Kind regards,
Kate McDonald
Executive Officer
Top 5 Calf Names : Kate has gone through the 'S' calves registered so far for 2021 and  and feels that these are the best calf names registered so far:
1. Sandgroper (a calf born in WA!)
2. Smoker (Whose sire is Bieber Steakhouse)
3. Stud Muffin
4. Sir Loin
5. Storm Trooper
Looking for some member input in the form of merchandise ideas. We've had lot of the 50 Year caps and RB Sellars Merchandise heading out the office doors to members and supporters both in Australia and Overseas. If you have a suggestion for Council to consider as a merchandise options CLICK HERE to email the office and share your ideas.
Kate ran a poll on Instagram a few weeks ago and some of the suggestions included - stubby holders, desk calendars, new caps.
President's Report from the Paddock
Council has considered a number of issues at meetings of 25/08/2021 and 22/09/2021.
Following the resignation of former President, Kevin Heggin at the conclusion of the 2021 AGM a Victorian representative vacancy has existed which I am pleased to advise has been resolved by the appointment of Mr Peter Simmie.  Peter is based just north of the Melbourne airport and has attended a number of the Victorian state meetings prior to his appointment to Council. We look forward to working with Peter through to the next AGM where his casual position will be subject to a vote.
Transparency has been raised as a concern and we acknowledge improvements can be made. We strive to achieve this through this Newsletter and its content. We remind members that issues to you are important to Council and while length of time in the breed and size of herd are important so too are the concerns or suggestions of new and small members alike.  
The grapevine is indicating a level of concern exists that Council intends opening up our Regulations to allow unfettered transfers from Angus Australia. My view is that one of the Council’s key responsibilities is administering the Regulations of the Society to a standard relevant for the time and the technology available.
There have been three requests pertaining to Regulations and a further example resulting from a Society sponsored sale which to varying degrees have been considered by Council over the last two meetings. The status of these requests is detailed in the Regulations Section of this newsletter.
Importantly in keeping with a transparent approach is updating the process Council wishes to adopt in making rule changes. We propose, where a valid issue is identified for rectification, to recommend a solution working with the appointed technical committee of the time. The recommendation is to be based upon a written explanation of the issue and is to include the current regulation and proposed wording of the solution. A benefit of this approach is to provide robust supporting evidence in future as to the true intent at the time and may well assist in any future revisions.
This approach has been adopted in this Newsletter and we request constructive feedback from members either supporting or opposing the proposal. Council will consider these responses before formalising the adoption of changes. This way, while not guaranteed to satisfy all, will provide transparency and provide members an opportunity to have a say in the process.
The Councillor Code of Conduct has been reviewed and is considered appropriate with all Councillors required to have executed a copy. The Code of Conduct is presented in the Governance Section of the website for reference. It was most recently considered in addressing concerns and due process for councillors supporting candidates in the 2021 federal election.
An ongoing matter for Council has been the registration of a trademark by PTN Australia which registered two logo’s neither of which are akin to the Society Logo’s apart from using the words Red Angus within them. The Society is now actively engaged in an drawing up an agreement with PTN to ensure the ongoing rights of the Society and its members to unfettered use of the words Red Angus within their stud operations whilst allowing PTN to pursue its commercial interests that are considered to promote commercialisation of the Red Angus breed. RASA is also in the process of registering its logos as a trademark and would expect PTN to not object through that process.
I have had discussions with ABRI who represent the largest contract the Society is a party to given they undertake daily management of the herd book and to provide services including provision of our Executive Officer. The discussion included consideration of the internal process for ABRI staff to register concerns as to stress management or situations giving rise to harassment. Internally ABRI are well aware of the stresses involved where multiple issues arise and have internally sound practices to circumvent these escalating. I would encourage members needing to vent about regulations  or matters beyond Kate or Laura’s control to speak to me directly.
In addition to these important items raised in the letter a number of other considerations continue including:
  1. Reviewing the merits of alternate multi-breed evaluation platforms (IGS and Leachman). This review remains at early stages and we expect to provide more details as they become available.
  2. We are working with Geneprob to consider genetic conditions and testing options where a few animals may clear a significant portion of the unknown %’s where possible.
  3. 50th Anniversary book – pending final content will be published early in 2022.
  4. Annual Magazine – advertising pricing schedule approved to be circulated separately.
  5. Trait recording with Breedplan (40 members, 34 actively recording a number of traits) – the participation level is related to the potential for multibreed analysis and our access to the use of genomics
  6. A members forum is tentatively scheduled to be held 20th & 21st of May 2022 in Wagga Wagga – ideas welcome for agenda and topics for discussion.
  7. Council had been supportive of the now postponed field day at Hick’s Beef. We trust this day will be rescheduled once prevailing pandemic conditions ease and inter-state travel recommences.
  8. Presentation from the technical committee and Boyd from SBTS regarding their continuing work on updating the Red Angus Selection Indexes.
  9. Council is putting forward a non-binding expression of interest to be the 2023 feature breed at the Sydney Royal. Noting consideration of also being the 2022 feature breed for Melbourne will be required.
If there is anything you as a member would like to have Council consider we would be pleased to hear from you or via your state representative.
Best regards
Stu Greenwood
Regulation Issues
Three approaches by members are related to regulations with a fourth item arising from a recent Society sponsored sale:
i) The first approach was from a new member who purchased cattle from a dispersal sale of red and black angus where recording was undertaken in Angus Australia (AA). Four of the five red cows purchased were AA herd book registered but are unable to be parent verified.
ii) The second was relating to a red coated animal also in the AA herd book that resulted from an embryo collected in 1997.
iii) The third was a letter received from a member raising a query as to the current ability of selling red carrier animals/genetic materials at society sponsored sales.
iv) The fourth issue relates to an animal recently failing parent verification where progeny and grand progeny were catalogued for sale in a Society sponsored sale.
Items (i) and (ii) Proposed change to Regulations 5.1.3
Issue: This relates to the registration in our Society’s herd book of animals where parent verification was not possible to meet the requirements of Regulation 5.1.3 (by the donor animal verification requirements of clause 7).
History: In November 2019 the regulation 5.1.3 was believed to be changed to incorporate a requirement for animals to be transferred from AA to RASA needing to meet the requirements of a donor dam or AI sire as appropriate. Clause 7 requirements for a Donor Dam include being tested for the RASA  genetic conditions plus parent verification.
The 2019 change would appear as an attempt to stop a specific animal with a genetic condition(s) being brought across, a position Council continues to support. The question here is should an animal that is free of known genetic conditions (both RASA requirements and AA nominated conditions at the time) that is also HBR be allowed across.

Council Recommendation: The proposed change is to remove the requirements for parent verification for AA HBR animals to transfer into the RASA herd book. It is however considered appropriate for it to first pass genetic condition tests applicable at the time of transfer for both AA and RASA.

Existing Wording
“5.1.3 All Angus males and females already registered in the Australian Angus Herd Book or any animal registered in any other Herd Book recognised by the Red Angus Society of Australia will be eligible immediately for the Red Angus Herd Book providing the sire or dam meets Red Angus requirements for AI Sire or Donor Dam registrations. All Black Angus entered in either the Herdbook or Herd Book B must be described as Black.”
Proposed Wording
“5.1.3      All Angus males and females already registered in the Australian Angus Herd Book or any animal registered in any other Herd Book recognised by the Red Angus Society of Australia will be eligible immediately for the Red Angus Herd Book providing that at time of transfer the animal has been tested Free of all genetic conditions known to both the originating society and the Red Angus Society of Australia and all animals born after 1 November 2019 are sire verified. All Black coated Angus entered in the Herdbook must be described as Black and meet RASA breed standards. Subject to relevant transfer fees, as prescribed from time to time, being paid.”

Items (iii) Consideration of Regulation 16.8
Issue: A number of black coated (red carrier) animals have been and continue to be used by members in breeding. The use of these animals does not guarantee progeny of a red coat. As such a risk exists should genetic material be offered at a sale an unsuspecting/unaware purchaser may be disappointed in the progeny if a black coat is ultimately achieved.
Council Recommendation: As the constitution talks of promoting Red Angus cattle in clause 2.5 the initial decision was to not recommend a change to the Regulations.  Council has also previously considered this issue with prior experience at a National Show and Sale.   
Existing Wording of Regulation 16.8 
“16.8 At all Red Angus Society sponsored sales, all sale animals must be red-coated. Any genetic lots, including joining’s, semen, or embryos, must be with a registered Red Angus red-coated animal.”
Items (iv) Consideration of Regulation 6.2 and 16.3
Issue/Background: A registered cow was recently sold and the purchaser ran a parent verification as is normal practice for that stud. The sire did not verify and no substitute has been found to date. The cow in question became Herd Book C, her progeny were upgraded to Herd Book B and their progeny were upgraded to herd book status.  
Progeny of the cow which failed verification were catalogued in a Society sponsored sale with Herd Book B and C animals withdrawn. The progeny of the Herd Book B animal was allowed in the sale.
Council consideration: Initial thoughts are this approach is not consistent with maintaining herd book integrity and as such requires amendment or removal on a prospective basis. This may simply require changing clause 6.2.4 to shorten the exemption period it provides or alternatively removing the availability of Herd Book B and C completely from a point in time. Naturally provision should exist for reinstatement where verification is subsequently proven.
Existing Wording of Regulation 16.3 and 6.2.4
“16.3 Animals registered in Herd Book C and Herd Book B are ineligible for exhibition at a show and are ineligible for entry at any society sponsored sale or event.”
“6.2.4 From the 1st January 2025, progeny of Herd Book B sires joined to HBR females shall not be registered in the Society Herd Book but will remain in Herd Book B.”
Proposed wording: This is to be determined
Member's Comments & Suggestions
In response to the letter of Mr Henry Ramage in the newsletter dated 25/6/2021 we have received a deal of feedback with the following letter summarising the issue reasonably succinctly. We continue to encourage alternative views for discussion by Council to ensure we run the Society for the members. Thankyou to both Henry and Barbara.

Dear Henry,
My late father, Frank Pearson and I who established Jillangolo have been involved in the breeding of Red Angus Cattle for over 50 years and not only survived but have been quite successful.
I am now retired and the Jillangolo herd is in the very capable hands of the Llewellyn family who are not only surviving but also extremely successful.
After 50 years of establishing a Herd Book for Pure Red Angus, I don’t believe that our members would be happy to have their cattle now labelled  ”Hybrid Beef”.
Those who wish to produce “Hybrids” are already doing so, and those who wish to retain the breed as Pure, are rightfully proud of it.
Our Red Angus Breedplan has the capability to produce the same figures as those published by the Black Angus Society, and if you want them for your herd you only need to take the weights, do the scanning etc. and submit them to Breedplan as we once did. (including IMF)
I can and do suggest the reinstatment and promotion of the official Red Angus ear tags for use on cattle which are known to be at least 50% Pure Red Angus, when offered for sale, and perhaps more publicity (outside of the Society) of the success of carcases.
Barbara Birch
State Round Up
New South Wales 
From your New South Wales Council -  In a new move by Council we are trying to be somewhat more informative to our members as part of this. We will try to give a monthly outlook and results of sales during the month between our monthly meetings.
The past six weeks has seen some very sound results in the sales down the east coast starting with 53 cows 41 calves and the balance in calf making $3,850 these cows were purchased in Forbes and relocated to southern Queensland.
24 Crooble heifers PTIC to Calf September made $2400.
70 Red Angus composite heifers Hicks blood in Finley, PTIC to start calving in September - $2,700.
 25 not station mated – Pine Villa bloodline heifers from Mendooran sold for $2,100.
23 Red Angus Cows 7-9 years old offered with calves at foot selling for $3,550 of Greenethorpe NSW.
9 Red Angus heifers first calf sold for $3,680 out of Mendooran.
David had the pleasure of attending the Hicks bull sale, he said there was a great line up of composite and Red Angus Bulls that were on display.  It was pleasing to see Breeders getting rewarded for bulls with a moderate birthweight coupled with a balance set of EBV’s. When studying the results further there was a clear message that the bulls with good carcase and positive marbling and fat figures were well sort after.
Finally Queensland had their sale this week and what a fantastic result it was, once again with some great results with a premium on bulls with good figures. Currently we as a society are looking at our current indexes and where our EBV’s are.
If we are going to forge forward in the industry, we must have more members recording for as many traits as possible.
We would also like to know if you have cattle coming up for sale as we can then help to promote these cattle through the Red Angus website .
Please feel free to contact any of us with your ideas on these subjects or any other things that concern you as members as we would love to have members input .
NSW Council Members
David Hobbs -
Daryl Schipp –
Andrew Hicks –

Kind Regards,
David Hobbs
The roller coaster of COVID continues with the border closures and difficulties with passes impacting both sides of the fence.
August Started with the Ekka cancellation with next to no notice – the lucky ones held cattle in transit at Toowoomba for hours anticipating problems if a lockdown was introduced as proved to be the case. Not before a large number of cattle were delivered to site.
The next State meeting date is scheduled for 4 December at Rosemullion Red Angus, Goomburra. Visitors welcome.
Power of Red VII Sale Report: Toowoomba Showgrounds Sept 4th, 2021
Red Angus Cattle and Genetics were offered by ten vendors and sold to four states in the Seventh Annual Power of Red Sale, held in Toowoomba on the first Saturday in September. In the sale breakdown twenty-six bulls were sold to a top of $22,000 and averaged $9120. This was a new record average for the sale and was up on the 2020 bull average by $1593. 6 Stud females sold to a top of $7000 and averaged $5583. Frozen embryos sold to a $1500/embryo and eleven semen packages were offered in four new and proven imported Sires to top at $650/straw and average $310/straw.
Top priced bull was the $22,000 GK Red 26 Quicksilver Q04 (ET) the result of an imported embryo from the joining of trait leader Red Fine Line Mulberry 26P and deceased Canadian GK Donor Red Compass Ms Dividend 815J. This 23-month-old 958kg bull was offered by Kirrily Johnson Iseppi and Family, GK Livestock, Dalby and was purchased by Peter and Kristine Dingle and Kris and Donna Dingle of Redline Cattle Co. Eidsvold Qld. The Dingle Family purchased Quicksilver to go over some of their higher Bos Indicus content Red Brangus Females. Redline run seven hundred Brangus Breeders.
The second top price on the day at $19,000 was for the 21-month-old 930kg Red Cockburn Assassin son, GK Red 624 Quest Q13. Quest was selected by Matthew & Melissa George Eskdale Cattle Pty Ltd to utilise in their crossbreeding program. Matt and Mel also purchased a second bull on the day for $10,000. He was the 18-month-old GK Red Riptide R3.
Kirrily Johnson Iseppi and Family of GK Livestock averaged $13,200 for their team of five bulls, a new record average for the Dalby based stud.
Maryanne Kearney, Boonyouin Red Angus of Kumbia offered four bulls to average $11,250. Included in her vendor run was the third top price bull of the day Boonyouin Quantum Q41 a son of Boonyouin Nigel who was purchased for $16,000 by RH McIntyre of Gladstone, Qld.
WJ & EM Logan of Beaudesert Queensland purchased three bulls to average $8666. Included in their purchases was the $12,000 Boonyouin Quade Q26, also offered by Maryanne Kearney and Rosemullion Red Royal Trix a 19-month-old son of Red DKF Razor offered by Heather and Greg Davies of Goomburra.
Red Angus Society Chairman and Power of Red Sale Chairman Stu Greenwood and wife Di, of Greenwood Park Red Angus Pittsworth, were the largest vendors this year offering nine bulls and five females. Included in their draft sold were three bulls that went to repeat Greenwood Park buyers NE & JB Bignell, Rawdons Vale NSW. The Bignell’s paid an average of $10,333 for their three Greenwood Park bulls, paying to a top of $12,000 for Greenwood Park Quinalow Q24 a 22-month-old son of Red Lazy MC Tradition 111C.
Six stud females sold to average $5583 and topped at $7000 for the 9-month-old heifer calf sired by Red Cockburn Assassin 624D, GK NCJ Red Trix R4. Trix was offered by GK Livestock & Clyde Johnson and sold to the Knee Family, Mellowood Red Angus, Loomberah NSW.
Two females made the second top money of the day at $6000. The first was Yalllambee Queen with a baby heifer calf at side, offered by Sophie Lack of Southbrook and purchased by PJ & LK Matthews of Kingaroy Qld. The second to sell for $6000 was Greenwood Park Dina Q09 a Red Lazy MC Tradition two-year-old, PTIC to Red Lazy MC Forum. She was snapped up by new Breeders and first-time vendors Allan & Lucie Brown, Keen Edge Red Angus, Pittsworth.
Embryo packages sold to $1500/embryo to Mt Charlie Farms, Riddels Ck Victoria for a package out of Beef 2021 Grand Champion and 2020 Angus Youth Roundup Supreme Exhibit GK Red 1B Platinum Ruba P26. The embryos were sired by new U.S Sire Bieber Spartan E639 and offered by GK Livestock.

Photos credits: Queensland Country Life, Tony Martin and Maryanne Kearney
Top Priced Bull: GK Red 26 Quicksilver Q04 (ET) pictured with L to R: Colby Ede Nutrien Livestock Toowoomba, Kirrily Johnson Iseppi GK Livestock Dalby, Peter and Kristine Dingle Redline Cattle Co. Eidsvold.
2nd Top priced bull: GK Red 624 Quest Q13 pictured with buyers Patrick, Melissa, Parker, Matthew and Victoria George, Eskdale Cattle Pty Ltd. Eskdale Qld
Red Angus enthusiasts pictured at the Power of Red Sale; Cody and Bruce Booth, Redlink Red Angus and Red Angus Society President and Power of Red Sale Chairman, Stu Greenwood, Greenwood Park Red Angus, Pittsworth.
Long time Power of Red Sale supporters and vendors, Heather and Greg Davies, Rosemullion Red Angus, Goomburra, Qld
New Vendors Allan & Lucie Brown, Keen Edge Red Angus, Pittsworth Qld
New vendor and enthusiastic Red Angus Youth member, Amelie Martin, AKM Red Angus, Stony Ck. Qld Sold her bull AKM Reign R1 for $6000.
South Australia
2021 Royal Adelaide Steer Results

The steer carcase section of the 2021 Royal Adelaide Show was able to be conducted.

Red Angus entrants gained prizes across the different classes.

Congratulations to all those exhibitors and the committee involved with the competition.

Class 1 – Purebred Light Domestic 200 to 250 kg
3rd Exh No 29 Exhibitor: L & M Llewellyn & Co Breed: Red Angus

First: $150; Second: $75; Third: $25 sponsored by Red Angus Society of Australia Inc
3rd: Exh 29, L & M Llewellyn & Co

First: $200; Second: $100; Third: $50 sponsored by Anama Holdings
Won by: Exh 84, Kangaroo Inn Area School
2nd: Exh 96, Loxton High School
3rd: Exh 136, Unity College

Western Australia
Western Australia met on Sunday the 29th of August for a Branch Meeting.
They have started a WA Red Angus Breeders Facebook page to share all things Red Angus in WA.
The photo below was taken at the meeting of those present: Back left to right - Peter Cowcher (Vice chairman), Graeme Smith (Chairman), Ross Collard, Nicole Muir (Secretary), Sean Smith, Kent Muir (Federal Rep), Tony Kitchen. Front - Loreen Kitchen and Michele Fleming.
Hot off the press!
A Red Angus steer entered by Escholar Red Angus stud has been awarded the Grand champion extra heavyweight steer & Reserve champion overall steer.
Congratulations to all involved!
Red Angus & Industry News
Paddock to Palate - Red Angus cross wins individual weight gains - CLICK HERE
Red Angus Cows sold for $1580 -  CLICK HERE
Red Angus heifers sell for $1250 in WA - CLICK HERE
Kurra-Wirra Red Angus & Senepols - CLICK HERE
Hicks Beef Spring Sale - Red Angus Bull topped at $26,000 - CLICK HERE
Power of Red Sale VII - Bulls topped at $21,000 - CLICK HERE
Upcoming Events
* 25th September - 2nd October - Perth Royal Show.

* 30th September - Paringa Livestock Sale at 1pm On- Property & AuctionsPlus

* January 2022 - Invitational Bull Feed Trial & Sale - CLICK HERE for more information.

* Must be Reds - 10th February 2022 - Reserve your entries for the 2nd Annual Corcoran Parker Red Angus Feature Sale held at NVLX Wodonga. All consignments of Red Angus and Red Angus crossbred store cattle. Commercial focus along with some registered bulls/females.  No fee for entry.  Details/entry form out next month.   For more information contact Cliff Downey, 0427283300.

An animal needs to have performance data on file, or progeny with performance data on file to get EBVs generated. Examples of these include birth weight or calving ease.
SNAPPED - Red Angus out and about
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