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Free Speech
The Republican majority in the Florida legislature is attempting to pass legislation requiring public colleges and universities to survey students, faculty, and staff about their beliefs and viewpoints. The bill's purpose would be to "protect the intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity" available on state campuses, preventing university officials from restricting offensive or uncomfortable rhetoric on campus.

Key Concerns:

  • What will be done with the survey results? 
  • Survey language included in the bill does not guarantee the anonymity of respondents
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  • Mar 31 | Twitter | Amanda Mull | 137 Retweets: "The NCAA is at the Supreme Court today, arguing that college athletic workers are not entitled to pay—that they are not workers at all. The NCAA was created expressly to perpetuate the lie of amateurism, as explained in this exhaustive history from 2011."
Cost of Attendance: 
  • Apr 1 | NBC News | 218.4K Engagements:
    "President Joe Biden has asked Education Secretary Miguel Cardona to prepare a memo about his legal authority to cancel student debt, chief of staff Ron Klain said Thursday, as pressure grows for the administration to address the student loan crisis crippling millions of Americans.
NCAA Violations:
  • Apr 2 | Twitter | Stewart Mandel | 149 Retweets: "Not only has nothing happened to Sean Miller, Bill Self and Will Wade, the main coaches caught up in the FBI scandal, but Self got a lifetime contract.

    Schools used to live in fear of NCAA sanctions. Now, they Do. Not. Care. (Unless they want to force out a bad coach.)"

  • Apr 2 | Twitter | Jeremy Rauch | 43 Retweets: "Update on UC basketball situation and John Brannen:

    Source says no NCAA violations were committed by Brannen or his staff.

    Source also says UC admin has yet to interview/speak with Brannen or his staff since the conference title game on March 14."
  • Apr 3 | NBC News | 555 Engagements: "The University of California is warning its students and staff that a ransomware group might have stolen and published their personal data and that of hundreds of other schools, government agencies and companies nationwide."

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  • Apr 6 | CBS Boston | 4.3K Engagements: "All Northeastern University students will be required to have the COVID vaccine by the first day of classes for the fall semester, the school announced Tuesday."
  • Apr 5 | Twitter | Mike Yardley | 110 Retweets: "Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a professor at Stanford University Medical School, recently said that COVID-19 lockdowns are the "biggest public health mistake we've ever made...The harm to people is catastrophic."
Cost of Attendance: 
  • Apr 2 | New York Times | 1.2K Engagements: "By arranging free tuition for many, though possibly not all, students, the Biden plan would also free up other forms of federal aid to low-income students, such as Pell Grants, to pay for things like housing, food or books, according to congressional aides who have been briefed on aspects of the proposal. Food and housing insecurity are often cited as major reasons for low-income students to drop out of college."
  • Apr 2 | Twitter | Julie O'Donoghue | 376 Retweets: "The head of Louisiana's House Education Committee has filed a bill that appears to be aimed at making it illegal to teach about systemic racism and sexism in K-12 schools or at the university level."

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Baylor University:  Athletics  Gonzaga University: Athletics University of North Carolina: Athletics Diversity Brown University: COVID-19 Discrimination
  • Apr 6 | Twitter | Ana Cabrera | 4.3K Retweets: "NEW: Brown University and Northeastern University will require Covid-19 vaccines for all students returning to campus in the fall.”
  • Apr 1 | The Hill | 729 Engagements: "More than 80 percent of Brown University students voted in support of reparations for descendants of slaves affiliated with the school and its founders, the latest move by members of the university to acknowledge its history with the slave trade. "

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Gonzaga University: Athletics
  • Apr 3 | Twitter | Matt Norlander | 196 Retweets: "Gonzaga-Baylor for the national title.

    It marks the first time since ’05 the top two seeds will meet in the title game. And first time since ’01 that No. 1/2 in preseason rankings will meet in the title game.

    The teams are a combined 115-8 the past two seasons. UNBELIEVABLE."
UCLA: Athletics
  • Apr 4 | Twitter | @MGRADS | 639 Retweets: "UCLA was the independent AAU team that came in with no sponsors, no matching shoes, no film crew following them around, played in the aux gym their first game & still made it all the way to the Final 4. They lost the battle but won everyone’s respect. Amazing season fellas."
Baylor University:  Athletics Stanford: Athletics Faculty Coverage
  • Apr 4 | CBS | 13.8K Engagements: "There's no need for qualifiers anymore. The Stanford Cardinal are the best team in college basketball. They cemented that fact on Sunday evening with a thrilling 54-53 win over the Arizona Wildcats in the national championship game to win their first title since 1992. "
  • Apr 6 | Andrian Gajigan | 639 Retweets: "An MIT Physics prof who is a climate change denier. A Stanford prof publishing an erroneous COVID19 meta-analysis. Now a Nobel Prize winner defending the use of Ivermectin. We need to get rid of our obsession with titles and awards, and the myth of a lone scientific hero."
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