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A Periodic Newsletter on
Breakthroughs in Strategic Foresight 
             Dec 10, 2020               

Prof. William Halal

TechCast is pleased to announce the first offering of our virtual Executive Workshop. The workshop is designed to offer results of our cutting-edge research studies to a wider audience. This first workshop includes our studies on Strategic Foresight, Forecasting the Technology Revolution, Global ConsciousnessThe Coming InternetRedesigning Capitalism and AI versus Humans.
Kindly invite your friends and associates to attend.  Thanks. The TechCast Team

Personal Invitation

The TechCast-Cognis-City Future Executive Workshop



Planning for Transformative Change  

The pandemic and other threats like climate change make it clear the present global order is not sustainable. It is an existential challenge to people everywhere. The World Economic Forum called for a “A Great Reset" in all spheres of society. Leaders in business, government and other institutions need to plan for transformative change – NOW.
  • Purpose  This workshop is designed to help executives develop a new strategic posture to meet these transformative challenges.
  • Program  Ninety-minute meetings will be held on Zoom each Friday at 10 AM Western US time, 1 PM Eastern US time and 7 PM EU time.  Seven consecutive weeks from February 5 to March 19, 2021. See the Program Agenda for details.
  • Participation  Small groups of participants will discuss applications to their institutions and pool their judgment to form strategic postures.
  • Pricing  $350 for individual sessions and $1450 for the entire program. Early registration: $250/$1250 before January 15, 2020.

Prominent Speakers 
Presenting 20-Minute Strategic Talks
On the Pivotal Issues of Our Time

  • Host: Limor Shafman, President, The Keystone Tech Group 
    Frequent Host and Speaker.
  • William  Halal,  The TechCast Project
    George Washington University

  • Jess Garretson, CEO, The Cognis Group

  • Amy Fletcher, Professor of Political Science
    University of Canterbury, New Zealand

  • Steven Hausman, Futurist  and Speaker
    Former Administrator, National Institutes of Health

  • John Lewis, Coach,  Speaker, Author of “Story Thinking

  • Anthony Cascio, Director of Research & Engineering
    The Cognis Group

  • Gabriele Rizzo, Visionary Futurist and Enthusiastic Innovator

  • Jerome Glenn, CEO, The Millennium Project

  • Ted Gordon, Co-Founder, The Millennium Project

  • Paul Saffo, Forecaster

  • Art Murray, President/CEO
    Applied Knowledge Sciences, Inc.

Cutting-Edge Research from
TechCast and Prominent Speakers
Thought Provoking Articles and Reports

Feb 5. State-of-the-Art in Strategy and Foresight:  Change from the Bottom Up And the Outside In; The Human Side of Transformative Change. 

Feb 12. Managing the Technology Revolution: A Macro Forecast of the Most Likely 2030 Scenario; Survey of Disruptive Technologies.

Feb 19. The Great Reset in Mental Models: An Emerging Global Consciousness,
and Story Thinking.

Feb 26. The Historic Rise of Stakeholders: Building the Collaborative Enterprise; Keys to Open Innovation.

Mar 5. Threats to Cybersecurity: Staying Safe in a Digital World; Which Data, What Data, What Futures: Cybersecurity from the Cloud to the Brain Cloud.

Mar 12. Coping with Pandemics: Three Scenarios with Guides to Survival.

Mar 19. Practicum on Strategy Formation:  Conclusions and Take Away Strategic Postures 
Register Here for the Entire Program

Register Here for Individual Sessions

To clarify questions or other issues, email Prof. Halal at

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A Transformation Journey to Creative and Alternative Futures  

Newcastle, UK, Cambridge Scholars Publishing  
128 pages
Published: March 21, 2019
ISBN: 9781527531772, 1527531775
Victor V. Motti

This book presents a counter-trend against nationalism, religious extremism, xenophobia, and racism. It an alternative globalization based not on trade, the economy, and politics, but on humanity’s transcendence to a collective consciousness. Inspired by a pantheist worldview, it applies an integral perspective toward strategic foresight and anticipation on the planetary scale. Controversial, disappearing, and emerging binary oppositions are explained within the framework of the mythology of the Lord of Wisdom versus the Ignorant Mind. It shows that our anticipatory planetary era might be characterized by the acknowledgement of our “zero knowledge”, as measured in the ocean of all disciplines; zero carbon for energy; zero war in politics and zero killing in society; zero conscious beings excluded; and zero existence (as we have known it), as humanity merges into some higher and enriched complexity.

Victor V. Motti is Director of the World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF), the foremost independent body for futures studies scholarship. Based in the Middle East, he is conversant in English, Arabic, Persian, and Italian and is an international writer, speaker, and foresight consultant. His article “Sources of Futures Studies from Foresight to Anticipation” appears in the Handbook of Anticipation (2017). In 2016 and 2017, he joined a select international panel of futurists from developed and developing countries in North Africa to explore key transitions at global and regional levels for the 2030 and 2050 horizons. In 2016, he lectured in Europe on futures studies in the Middle East and North Africa, based on a paper he had written for the World Future Review.     Click here for video by Victor Motti

Keynote on Autonomous Vehicles Conference


TechCast gave a keynote speech at  an international conference on transportation featuring autonomous cars on November  2, 2020. The conference was organized by the Intelligent Transport Society of South Korea.

TechCast's Bill Halal organized his talk around the five principles of Global Consciousness. 



TechCast Briefs Angel Investors

TechCast founder, William Halal, kicked off the annual meeting of the Angel Capital Association’s Virtual Summit May 12 with his keynote on The Technology Revolution.  Among his many points, Bill outlined how AI is causing today’s move beyond knowledge to an Age of Consciousness, and that business is now altering corporate consciousness to include the interests of all stakeholders. Angel investors are concerned about the social impacts of their companies, so this news was well received, especially as Bill stressed this historic change could be a competitive advantage.



 TechCast at the Armed Forces Communication and Electronics Association

Prof. Halal spoke on the topic of AI, noting TechCast’s forecast that AI is expected to automate 30% of routine knowledge work about 2025 +3/-1 years and General AI is likely to arrive about 2040. Expanding on the same theme delivered at ACA, Bill explained how today’s shifting consciousness is likely to transform, not only business, but also government, the military and all other institutions. Halal also spoke at the annual AFCEA conference on the



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Thanks, Bill

William E. Halal, PhD  
The TechCast Project 
George Washington University



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