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My Apologies
During the last few weeks my Lady Parts Gone Wrong Online shop was periodically down (Having problems not working).  I  sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.  It is back up and running again -
You can check it out here or click the image below. 

Lady Parts Gone Wrong has added another topic category  - YOGA - FITNESS.  This came about as many of you on the social networks had similar issues, in regards to not having enough time for fitness/yoga, or not being able to do yoga or exercises because the ones you have tried are too hard.

Currently there is only 1 article in this category, but I will be adding more, regularly.  The exercises will focus on 5 to 30-minute durations, beginner to intermediate levels, and some of my favorite ones that have benefited me, including ones that target the dreaded bat wings (Flabby arms), and saggy butt.

Remember ladies, even a little yoga or exercise is better than none.  The more often you do it, the better the rewards will be for you.

Ms Tight


Embarrassing Smear Test Could Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

A simple urine test may eventually replace the embarrassing smear testFor most women, having a PAP Smear test done is embarrassing.  But for those suffering with vaginismus, vaginal dryness or dealing with sexual abuse issues, the embarrassing smear test can be outright painful and traumatizing.
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How To Relax Your Pelvic Floor – Guided Meditation

One effective way to relax your pelvic floorIf you have pelvic floor dysfunction, are someone that suffers from sexual dysfunction, or experience painful sex,  or vaginismus due to being tight in those areas down there, you may find doing this short yet effective guided meditation a helpful way to relax your pelvic floor.
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For Those With Vaginal Atrophy

Vaginal Atrophy is a debilitating condition, that affects many women in their 40's and older.  Sex becomes painful or non-existent, and the vaginal and vulva areas can become inflamed, and sore.

Quite often ladies are not diagnosed with this common but treatable condition as soon as they should be.  Many women are not taken seriously, or not given proper treatment options, or are not diagnosed until their symptoms are unbearable. 

Jane Lewis knows this only too well from her own journey with Vaginal Atrophy, and has become a brave hero at raising awareness, and helping other ladies with this condition. 

She has a private Facebook group that you can ask to join, if you would like support/information in regards to Vaginal Atrophy.   You can check her FB group out - FACEBOOK or visit her WEBSITE.
This Brought Tears To My Eyes
This is why you must seek more than 1 medical opinion - If you have an ongoing itchy or painful vulva area...
For most of her life 45-year-old, Clare Baumhauer assumed her sore, itchy vulva was normal. From as young as primary school (Elementary) age she began telling her Mother that she was sore and itchy down there, and that it was burning when she went to the toilet. 

For years (most of her life), Clare Baumhauer's painful symptoms were written off by GPs. 

After nearly 40 years of being misdiagnosed with everything from yeast infections to cystitisearly menopause, eczema, and even herpes.

In 2016 Clare received a devastating diagnosis of vulva cancer—caused, in her case, by a little-known skin condition called lichen sclerosus (LS)... READ MORE

Clare is active at bringing awareness about Lichen Sclerosus & Vulva Cancer on her twitter page here or You can visit her at the website she runs with Emma (below) WEBSITE.
Another Similar Story that also Brought Tears To My Eyes
Emma Norman is another lady that has Lichen Sclerosus.  Like Clare (above) her symptoms started during childhood (with her first recollection being when she was 5 yrs old, and screaming in a classroom).

She stayed away from boyfriends and sexual intercourse because she knew inside that something wasn't right, but was too embarrassed and ashamed to go to the Doctor.  She felt he would just tell her it was all in her head or something similar. 

It wasn't until she was 22 years old that she decided to see her Doctor, following a discussion with her boyfriend at the time. She had tried to have intercourse but was never able to have penetration due to the excruciating pain.

Luckily her Doctor took her seriously and sent her for a smear test. Emma was unable to have the smear test as the nurse couldn't insert the smallest speculum into her, due to the pain being too severe.  Her Doctor then referred her to a gynecologist for further tests.

This is when Emma got the shattering diagnosis of Lichen Sclerosus.

Emma is also active at bringing awareness about Lichen Sclerosus/Vulval Cancer to others. You can visit her at the website she runs with Clare (above) WEBSITE or on her Twitter page, or FACEBOOK page.
  Lichen Sclerosus - Know the signs
A video every woman needs to see...
As most doctors do NOT educate women about the vulva!
Click to watch video
Click image to view video
How to Check Your Vulva
This video shows you how to check your vulva - In an easy to understand way.  
Please NOTE: This video shows graphic (medical) footage
of a live vulva examination.
Click image to view video
Ladies, as embarrassing as it can be, always seek medical advice if you notice anything unusual with your lady parts.
A few minutes of embarrassment could save your life.

(June 20th 2019)
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