Praise the Lord that 4 new classes have been started in the month of September: 2 classes in West Sulawesi and 2 classes in West Sumba with 28 participants.
New class at Kelabu Jaga, West Sumba and Waihola, West Sumba       
New classes at KM 5 Mamasa and Buntu Buda Mamasa West Sulawesi

We also held a meeting with all 7 teachers in West Sulawesi to invite them to seek God in the midst of the corona virus pandemic and to stay focused on both the ministry in the local church and with classes. This pandemic has an impact on the family economy but we can't let that shift our focus to seek God.

With my team, all teachers of the classes in West Sulawesi

Seeing the number of participants and books that are currently being studied, we have decided to combine a couple of classes. I asked those teachers who are also pastors to start study classes in their local churches. To continue with active learning classes, the following government procedures are required in dealing with Covid 19: Wash your hands using a hand sanitizer, keep your distance and when heading to study class you cannot stop by other places.

Praise the Lord that the CCI Indonesia Board of Directors and all of the teachers of the CCI Indonesia classes were able to meet by Zoom. At the beginning of the meeting, there was an introduction between the Board and all the teachers. The CCI teachers are motivated to know that the success of a class is determined by them, therefore preparation is needed before teaching. And also depending on God, teaching is not just a transfer of knowledge but is spiritual warfare. Teachers must also develop their skills and creativity in teaching.
Because the success of the class is very dependent on the teacher, in the future there will be more stringent selectivity of prospective teachers who will be interviewed by the director of CCI Indonesia before being recruited. The board asks teachers to carry out their duties as teachers to the fullest because the promotion comes from God.

As the leader, I also invited the teachers to pray from now on so that in the coming year a conference can be held for teachers in Indonesia.
Thank you for praying and for giving! 
Frids Lumba - National Director
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My name is Hesli, I am a participant studying in the Katirandusan class. I am very grateful that knowing the power and purpose of God's word makes me realize how important it is to continue to fellowship with the Bible. As a servant of God and a pastor's wife, I am often trapped by making interpretations as I please, even conveying what is not written in the Bible. I repented from that way and had a desire to continue to improve my preaching and studying God's word according to what I learned in class.
Updates from CCI Staff
Jepi Boro
Praise God that Pastor Jepi Boro who is a teacher, Area coordinator and pastor of the Indonesia Bethel Church at Salunata, opened a branch of his church in Aralle. He assited Mrs. Sepina Maradesa who is a class teacher to opened a church in Balambang, West Sulawesi. With a very simple church condition, especially the one in Balambang, the church has a tarpaulin roof, bamboo walls and has seats made of bamboo. However, in such conditions they are committed to giving to the mission of CCI Indonesia because they feel very helped and benefited after being involved in learning in CCI classrooms. Ibu Sepina and her husband, who initially worked at a local church, finally felt called to start planting a church in a place where many people had not been served.
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Prayer and Praise

Frids Lumba
  • Praise the Lord for 4 new classes was started in September.
  • Pray that God will rise up the right peoples who can be part of the CCI Indonesia team.
  • Pray for the mission plans that I will do again in October to visit new classes and classes that I have not had time to visit on my mission trip last month in West Sulawesi.
  • Pray for the plan to start a new class in Sasakan, West Sulawesi. The main participants are a husband and wife who have attended study classes in Mamasa but due to their situation moving to Sasakan, this class plan will be taught by Pastor Daniel Pua Padang.
  • Pray for plans to start CCI classes in the other provinces on the island of Sulawesi: Central Sulawesi, North Sulawesi, Southeast Sulawesi and Gorontalo. Pray for partners and key people in these provinces, who have a vision to train and multiply leaders, so that we can work together to make that vision a reality.
  • The Covid 19 situation has had a huge impact on the economy of the teachers and learners, pray that this situation does not hinder their enthusiasm for learning and there is also a way out to face these challenges
  • Pray that there will be partners or people who work together to use the curriculum to equip the workers in their communities in Indonesia.
  • Pray that the 2 classes in Rante Sepang will be able to learn effectively again, the village will be temporarily isolated because 1 villager is infected with Covid 19

Jepi Boro
  • Please pray for my responsibility as regional coordinator so that God will give purity of heart, sincerity, honesty, commitment, wisdom and authority in carrying out responsibility as well as strength and health. And pray that the ministry in the family and local congregation that I was shepherd will continue to run well.
  • Pray for the teaching colleagues under my coordination to remain enthusiastic and work with commitment within the team and pray for all participants to be ready to learn with great longing.
  • Pray for good challenges from pastors who try to hinder CCI activities in Mamasa and also natural conditions, especially roads that take time and energy to pass, such as roads to the Rattedaonan class, Aralle, Katirandusan and Rantepalado classes.
  • Pray for my ministry (Indonesian Bethel Church in Salunata) as well as the continuation of the construction of the church building that is currently taking place.
Thank you, Lord Jesus bless, Amen!
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