Stay safe during Easter lockdown

As we head into Easter, it is important for all to stay safe and to obey the rules of lockdown at all times. Remember that social gatherings are not allowed during this period and all individuals must be confined to his/her place of residence. Only go into public areas if it is an absolute necessity and make sure that you follow precautionary measures.
Stay healthy and boost your immunity
Staying at home during the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging for everyone, and the increased anxiety and boredom can cause people to abandon their healthy eating intentions and snack on whatever is around. But with a little thought and planning, you can continue to make good food choices and maybe even boost your mood and immunity.
  • Plan ahead and make a schedule or a daily meal plan. 
  • Plan for groceries. Try to buy fewer processed, high-salt or high-sugar snacks.
  • Load up on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean proteins.
  • Save money. Skip the high-sugar soda and juices; instead enjoy fruit such as citrus, apples or berries.
  • Plan and enjoy an occasional comfort food for a weekly treat — pick a day and enjoy whatever you want, just not all your favourites on the same day!
  • Manage your environment. If sweets simply aren’t in the cupboard, then you can eat more fruit.
People are feeling a lot of stress right now, and the unfortunate reality is that stress worsens feelings of low mood or angst, and it also suppresses our immune systems. Therefore, targeting immune-boosting foods will have a dual effect — you may feel less anxious and boost your immunity by eating the right foods.
Click here for more information on healthy meal plans
Best practice in your workforce
With agriculture being labour intensive and crucial to food supply, it is more important than ever to protect the health, safety and livelihoods of workers in our supply chain and to provide a safe and healthy working environment. With the citrus season starting, harvesting teams are more likely to be vulnerable to the COVID-19 outbreak since they work in proximity to one another which may increase infection. To reduce the risk of infection, the assembly of your workforce is important.
Harvesting teams should be divided up in groups of no more than 50 people per group, and each group should be assigned to a specific work area. Groups should remain the same during harvest season and it is recommended that employees that are transported to the workplace work separate from those that stay on the farm. Also, it is important that ALL employees are screened before entering the workplace, as they might unknowingly bring the COVID-19 virus to the workplace.
Psychological effects of COVID-19

The outbreak of a global pandemic results in higher levels of stress and anxiety sweeping across the globe. This causes essential services to be on high alert constantly. Agricultural employees continue working and risk exposure to the virus on a daily basis. It is crucial to acknowledge the distress within the workplace to guide these employees to psychological wellness. It is well-known that chronic stress and anxiety leads to underlying diseases such as high blood pressure, skin and muscle illness, and most importantly affects a person’s mental health.

Some good practical tips to include in the workplace for agri-workers during this time:
  • Inform employees of the psychological effects, such as fatigue, stress, anxiety and burnout
  • Encourage employees to stay in contact with their family members to ensure they are alright and safe
  • Support employees who are severely stressed and concerned for their own or their family’s health
  • Discourage employees to refer to those affected as “victims” or “disease-cases”
  • Encourage a channel of communication with employees, either via WhatsApp or an online tool that is suitable for all
  • Encourage a positive attitude during work
  • Each person needs to take care of themselves and voice any concerns to their employer immediately

Remember: it is okay to feel anxious and fearful during these uncertain times – utilize support systems from fellow employees and family
Click here for a handy inforgraphic from the WHO
Useful Resources
Contact the SIZA staff for assistance:
Retha Louw: 0823027507
Lynn Taute: 071 677 4435
Carmen Botes: 084 625 6396
Werner van Dyk: 082 062 1751
Henko Vlok: 076 855 6850
Karla Hoogendijk: 078 382 4438
Jo-Anne September: 078 120 9002
Lizzy Sebati: 079 766 2010
For more information, please visit the SIZA website where access to multiple resources have been provided on audit procedures, government information, workplace guidelines, general information, as well as information material and posters.
SIZA COVID-19 Resources
Western Cape Department of Health
Self-isolation versus Quarantine
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