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Theme of the Month:  "HOPE TOGETHER"
Greetings CPPS Phamily!
As we move one week closer to the end of the Spring 2020 semester, I hope you are progressing well in your courses. Check out this week's newsletter for helpful information on available College and University resources. 
Our theme for the month of April is "Hope Together". This week's selected quotes should offer a bit of encouragement as we journey forward to success!
  1. "Anybody who has ever struggled to plant his feet onto the floor in the morning knows that life can be hard; it can be stressful; it can be overwhelming. But each of those negative, less than optimal feelings immediately takes a back seat to the inspirational power of hope." Shawn L. Anderson
  2. " Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there." Virginia Burden.
Let's Hope Together everyone!
Rocket Regards!
Dr. Holiday-Goodman

The Office of Student Affairs is available to meet your advising needs

Please note that HSC OSA will be available Monday-Friday from 8:30am-12:00pm and 1:00pm-5:00pm and working remotely.                       
Ms. Deb Sobczak will be available Monday-Friday from 9:00am-1:00pm and 2:00pm-6:00pm

To better serve you during this time please use the following academic advising options:

1) EMAIL your advising questions: (Any student) (PREP) (Prof. Div.)

2) PHONE appointment through Appointment Plus - 
    Your Academic Advisor will call YOU at the time of your appointment:
    #419.530.1970 (PREP)
    #419-383-1904 (Prof. Div.)

3) SKYPE appointment through Appointment Plus - 
    Log into Skype on your computer and use it to CALL your Academic Advisor at the time of your appointment:
    deborah.sobczak (PREP)
    jing.meyer (Prof. Div.)

If any student has questions or concerns regarding test accommodations during this remote learning period, please contact Dr. Holiday-Goodman at



Special Congratulations to the PharmD Class 2020

We can be proud of the PharmD Class of 2020!  The final results are in for the ASHP Match process. Our Class of 2020 demonstrated an 80.6% Match rate (counting ASHP and currently known non-ASHP Residency/Fellowship programs) with 29 grads currently planning to complete residencies.  Our Class of 2019 also did extremely well with an 85.7% PGY2 Match rate (12 2019 grads).


For University updates related to COVID-19, go to
For information on various services available to you during this period, go to Information on available mental health services, the food pantry, Rocket aid, transportation support, and medical services is provided here.
Quick Links
Food Pantry - (Curbside pick-up available on main campus)
The Counseling Center (
offering free phone and virtual support services)
Student Wellness Center
Learning Enhancement Center (offering online tutoring services)
Rocket Aid

UT Career Services Immediate Job Openings

Hello CPPS students,
As employment for many of you may be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the University Career Services Office has created a website highlighting part-time in demand jobs available in the area. You may see the list of opportunities at the following site:
Thank you. 
Your CPPS Office of Student Affairs

Eberly Center for Women Emergency Aid
The Eberly Center for Women through their Center for Women Progress Fund has a special emergency aid opportunity prioritizing students caring for children or who are experiencing intimate partner violence. Students who meet these criteria and are in need of additional emergency funds should complete the Rocket Aid Application and provide information about their situation and financial needs. The financial aid office will forward the application to the Eberly Center. For more information contact Eberly Center director, Dr. Angela Fitzpatrick, at

Feeling Eye Strain?
Find tips for Home Remedies: Reducing eye strain and discomfort from the Mayo Clinic.


2020 ACCP Clinical Pharmacy Challenge
Represent the University of Toledo at the national level and a chance to win prizes!
The University of Toledo will be hosting a local competition to determine the three students (and two alternates) to compete at the national level.
When: April 29th from 12:00-1:00 PM
Where: Your home (ExamSoft)
Who: All current P1-P3 students welcome!
Interested? Please RSVP by Noon on April 22nd at
Questions? Please e-mail Dr. Julie Murphy at
Information about the competition can be found at:


April is -
Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month
     for more information click HERE


Jewish Heritage Month
    for more information click HERE

Special Letter From Danielle Stamper & Dr. Willie McKether

As our community is experiencing COVID-19, we acknowledge that our LGBTQA+ students, faculty, and staff may be experiencing additional hardships.
We know you may not be sheltering in a place where you feel safe and loved. Remember to affirm yourself, set boundaries, connect with someone who can echo your affirmations, and virtually connect with your chosen family.  You are lovely and wonderful exactly as you are. You deserve lots and lots of all the things that make you happy.
We know you may be experiencing heighten mental-health issues. Remember to try not to disassociate or withdrawal for lengthy periods of time. When you notice yourself checked out, take a break to check in with yourself. The Counseling Center is offering free phone and virtual support services to currently enrolled students and can be reached at 419.530.2426.
We know you may be worried about potential discrimination from health care providers. Remember you have the right to receive care and access services. Trans and non-binary folks may be particularly nervous about navigating COVID-19, check out the Know Your Rights Guide by the Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund.
We know you may be feeling stuck or like you’re moving backwards. Remember your progress isn’t going anywhere – it can be stressful to put yourself back in an environment that reminds you of the version of yourself before you came out or realized who you were. Remember progress doesn’t work like that. You’ve worked hard and that won’t be erased.
We know you may be being pulled in a million directions. Remember to not work too hard – just be present. Play with a pet, complete one assignment, comment on the music, the food, or Tiger King. Just be present, you are enough.
We know you may have lost your job or had other difficulties. Remember that Rocket to Rocket is available for Utoledo students who are in need of emergency aid and the Food Pantry is open on Main Campus with a mobile location in Parks Tower. If you are struggling with online learning, the Center for Success Coaching has tips for How to be Successful in Remote Learning
We also know that you are not alone, we are in this together. Remember, we are a resource for you and are happy to virtually connect to support you in whatever way we can.
Queerly yours,
Danielle Stamper                                            Dr. Willie McKether
LGBTQA+ Liaison                                             Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion


Important Message Regarding Special Grade Option - Spring 2020

Please be sure to check your Rocket email account as a message dated 4/13 was sent with important information regarding:

Guidelines for The University of Toledo College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (CPPS) Pass/No Credit Grade Option for Spring 2020 
Pre-Pharmacy Student Part-Time Pharmacy Tech Opportunity
Rite Aid Pharmacy on Cherry St. in Toledo has an opening for a part-time pharmacy technician. Flexible scheduling to accommodate the student's schedule is available. 
Interested Pre-Pharmacy students should contact Pharmacy Manager, Ali Cheaib, at or call (419) 255-9524.

Writing Center Online and eTutoring

Offering both Online (synchronous) and eTutoring (asynchronous) appointments for students! To schedule an appointment, students should go to

Center for Success Coaching
Be sure to visit UT's Center for Success Coaching's website to review     
FAQs: Student Success in a Remote Environment for important and helpful information to aid in your success during this time.

These common FAQs have been developed to help you best navigate remote learning.
The Center for Success Coaching has created some initial videos to assist students during this transition to remote learning.  The videos are embedded in YouTube, are closed captioned, and many have accompanying resources/documents tied to the videos (accessible under the video).

Conquer the Clock (time management):
Stress Management:
Beat Procrastination and Make the Grade:
Cornell Notes for Math Courses:

Message from the Learning Enhancement Center 
Through a partnership the Learning Enhancement Center has with Innovative Educators, we have access to a series of videos to assist students in the transition to online learning.  Topics include test taking, study tips, time management, and more!
Directions For Students
To access online resources, visit ( and follow the next steps:
  • ·         Create an account
  • ·         Fill out the information about who you are and where you study
  • ·         Start utilizing online orientation and student success workshops
Questions can be emailed to Julie Radwanski, Academic Services Coordinator at
Academic Enrichment Center Remote Access
CPPS Health Science Campus students, please note that the AEC staff is available to you during this period of remote instruction. Although peer review sessions are cancelled, you can still receive academic and mental health counseling as indicated below. 

Stacie (Learning Specialist) will be working 100% remotely by appointment only. You can book with her here During your scheduled appointment you click where you can meet virtually.

Mondays 8:00 am-4:30pm
Tuesdays 8:30am-4:30pm
Wednesdays 8:00am-5:30pm
Thursdays 8:30am-3:00pm
Alternating Fridays 8am-4pm
Saturdays 9:00am-12:00pm
Jackie (Wellness Counselor) will be working 100% remotely by appointment only. You can book with her here During your scheduled appointment you click where you can meet virtually.
Jackie’s hours are Monday-Friday 8am-4pm.
Academic Enrichment Center Offering Group Wellness Sessions

Hi everyone,
I hope you're doing as well as can be expected! Starting next week, I am going to host free Group Wellness Sessions online. These sessions are open to everyone and each week will have a different topic starting with the following:

Week 1: Collective Experience (Covid-19)
Week 2: Coping Strategies
Week 3: How to Support your Peers

I will provide three time slots each week to accommodate for different schedules.

You can sign up here for any of the times/topics you are interested in

On the day of, this link will take you to the Wellness Room on Blackboard

Please make sure to keep audio and video options disabled so that there is no interference. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!

All the best,
Jackie Van Zile, LPC, CDCA

UT Health Science Campus Student Services
Dear UT HSC Students,
The UT Health Science Campus Student Service Suite Staff are working remotely.
In the interim, our preferred method of contact is by email at the following addresses:
HSC Student Services           
Financial Aid                          
HSC Registrar’s Office          
We will make every effort to respond to your questions as quickly as possible during regular business hours, Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.  As you know, we are all experiencing rapid changes in every aspect of our lives, please be patient with us.  Take care of yourselves, your family, friends, classmates and pets as we are all in this together.
Best Regards,
Tawn Williams-Nell
Director of Student Services- HSC       
Fall 2020 Health Requirements Deadline for the Entering PharmD Class of 2020

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences has extended the Fall 2020 Health Requirements Deadline for the entering PharmD Class of 2020 to Saturday, August 1, 2020

Students can email any questions and/or their health information via scan (PDF) or screenshot (JPG) as long as it is legible and original signatures and dates are clearly defined directly to Sherlette Hobbs at

Students are also urged to begin their Hepatitis B series as soon as feasible. 
This is a text block. You can use it to add text to your template.

Fall 2020 P1 BSPS White Coat Information

If you are a student with provisional admission in Cosmetic Science & Formulation Design, Medicinal & Biological Chemistry, Pharmaceutics, or Pharmacology/Toxicology major, you must complete a “White Coat Selection” form no later than May15, 2020.

You can find the form via this link:

When selecting your white coat size, please use your size for standard coat/blazer size.

(Since Pharmacy Administration students are not required to wear a white coat for their academic program, students with provisional admission in Pharmacy Administration are not required to complete this form.)

Fall 2020 P1 PharmD White Coat Information

All P1 Pharm.D. students will receive a FREE white lab coat at the Professional Advancement Ceremony which celebrates your matriculation into the Pharm.D. program.

To order your white coat, please complete and submit the "White Coat Selection" form online by no later than May 15, 2020.

Please note that Pharm.D. students wear the short lab coats, and you should select your standard coat/blazer size.

Online Form:

For questions regarding the white coat, please email

CPPS Convocation and Awards Ceremony
Attention Spring & Summer Graduates the 2020 Convocation and Awards Ceremony has been canceled.

Please click on the following link for a letter from Dean Pollack

Additional information on how the college plans to acknowledge our graduates is forthcoming.

University of Toledo Virtual Commencement
The University of Toledo is recognizing the Class of 2020 with a virtual commencement ceremony while we cannot celebrate together amid the COVID-19 global pandemic.

For more information please click HERE

Please note that PharmD students must have at least 60 earned credit hours to obtain their State of Ohio intern license. Intern licenses are needed in the fall semester of the P1 (professional year one) for all PharmD students.
If you are applying to start our PharmD program in Fall 2020, please review your transcript or degree audit now.
If you will not have at least 60 earned credit hours (adding your current earned hours with your spring hours), you should add a class in Spring 2020 (or plan to take a class during the Summer 2020).
If you have any questions or are unsure of your earned hours please contact
To submit items for the weekly newsletter please email Nina Jaime at by the Thursday prior to the Tuesday publication date. Items must be submitted in Microsoft Word text to ensure accessibility for all readers.

Nominate a fellow student for student of the month!
Nominations are due by 11:59 p.m. on the last day of the month. 

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