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Mercy Voice Newsletter
Issue 5, Term 2 - July 3, 2020
Dear Parents and Carers,
As Term 2 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect upon a most unusual school term. There is much to celebrate firstly, the amazing effort of Mercy staff in transitioning to HBL and back to F2F, and the amazing way your daughters have adapted to all of this change.
School seems almost “normal” but we still miss the community gathering events, such as Year group meetings and assemblies. To make up for this we are trying to give the girls more experiences to bond with their Tutor Group and with their Big Sister, as well as outdoor activities.
We had a great finish to period 2 yesterday with a Flash-mob of ukulele players from Years 7 & 8. They entertained us all, showing the skills that they have learnt over the term in their Music classes.
Our social justice initiatives continued throughout the Term. With the girls bringing in cans and packets of food for our Vinnies drive. A great variety of foods piled up under the stairs with over 30 boxes going to the Jesuit refugee services. Thank you to all our generous families.
As you are aware all staff in the Diocese are involved in a professional development day this Friday, so it is a pupil-free day. The day will be led by Bishop Anthony Randazzo and the new Interim Director of the Diocese, Mr Danny Casey and will be live streamed to all schools.
The theme of the day is Inspiring Hearts and Minds Towards 2025. Staff will have the opportunity to contribute to the future direction of the Diocese with discussion around the Vision, Values, Purpose, and Strategic Plan for the next five years.
All the change and uncertainty of this Term has placed extra stress on the girls, which makes these holidays so important as a time for your daughters to have a break from their computer screens, to get out into the fresh air and to “recharge their batteries”.
I also hope that there is an opportunity in the next two weeks to have some quality family time.
Term 3 begins on Monday 20 July.

Best wishes,

Suzanne Kavanagh

College Uniform Term 3
Please note the College uniform dress code below. It is your daughter’s responsibility to ensure she has read the dress code and wears the correct uniform to school each day. If she has jewellery that is not allowed it will be confiscated, and returned at the end of the Term.

We appreciate your support in upholding the dress code of the College.
In Term 3 students continue to wear the winter uniform. The dress regulations for this uniform are in the College Diary and on the College website. The uniform is checked on a regular basis and if your daughter decides not to wear it correctly then a consequence will occur.
General Uniform Regulations
• If hair touches the collar, it should be tied back with a ribbon, scrunchie or hairclip in navy, white or black.
• Hair should be a natural colour and of a conservative style.
• The following jewellery items may be worn: a watch, one pair of plain studs or sleepers (gold or   
in the lower lobe. All other facial piercing is prohibited. Plastic studs are not to be worn. 
  A cross on a chain may be worn but must not be visible when worn with the College uniform.
• Make-up, nail polish, acrylic and gel nails are not to be worn.
• Chewing gum is prohibited.
Winter Uniform
• Years 7-12: College kilt (length is to be 5cm below the knee), blouse, jumper, blazer, pale grey tights/stockings.
Please note: kilts are not to be rolled at the waist and torn tights/stockings are not acceptable.
• All students: Skivvies are not to be worn under the blouse.
• Pale grey tights/stockings. Socks are not to be worn under tights/stockings.
• Black, heels lace-up leather school shoes with no coloured stitching, metal tabs or higher.
• Plain navy or black scarf (optional), to be purchased from College office.
• College blazer is to be worn as the outer garment in Terms 2 and 3.
Sports Uniform
This is can only be worn to school if your daughter has training for a team sport before school. She is then required to change into her College uniform. Students who have PE or sports training after school must wear their College uniform to school and change at the appropriate time into their sports uniform.
• School sports cap
• Blue Mercy College shorts
• White polo shirt with school emblem
• Sport shoes (excluding Vans, Converse, Volley’s and the like)
• White ankle socks
• In winter: College track suit
• The College jumper is not to be worn with track pants.
• The sports uniform is not to be worn to school (unless they have early morning training before school)
A reminder that Year 12 students can only wear their jersey at school. It cannot be worn under the College blazer to or from school. If they choose not to follow the rule then they will lose the privilege of wearing their jersey.
Important Dates Term 3
  • Co- Curricular photos Wednesday 22 July
  • College Photo Day Wednesday 29 July
  • Year 10 Parent Teacher Interviews Tuesday 21 July 2:30pm – 6:30pm
  • Year 8 Parent Teacher Interviews Tuesday 28 July 2:00pm – 6:30pm
  • Year 7 Parent Teacher Interviews Tuesday 18 August 2:00pm – 6:30pm
  • Year 9 Parent Teacher Interviews Tuesday 25 August 2:00pm – 6:30pm
  • HSC Trial Examinations 17 August -31 August
  • Mercy Week 31August to 5 September
  • Year 11 exams Wednesday 9 September – 21 September
  • Year 12 Graduation and Mass 23 September
  • End of Term 3 25 September
College Photos
Please see the flyer with the information on how to order photos. Your daughter will receive the order form in this last week of term.
Liz Kayrooz
Assistant Principal

End of Term
This term is definitely going to be a very memorable one. It does feel as though it has been going on for a long time. It is important in the holidays for your daughter to rest. Even if your daughter is in Year 12, she still needs time to stop. No matter what Year your daughter is in, make sure she is getting out of her room and going for a walk, as well as spending time with the family. We can never underestimate the precious moments and time spent together.
Over the holidays your daughter may have some late nights, so ensure at the end of the holidays she is getting into a good routine of going to bed earlier and handing over her devices. One piece of advice I give to parents is invest in an alarm clock so your daughter is not reliant on her phone.   
In Australia there has been an upsurge of teenagers buying e-cigarettes and vaping. We are bringing this issue to your attention because of the concern we have for the addictive nature of this activity, the health implications, as well as the legal issues involved with using e-cigarettes.
Teenagers are using either a Stig or a Cuvie which are ultra- portable, low wattage disposable vape pods. Each one generates up to 300 “hits” which is the equivalent of a packet of cigarettes and only costs between, $10 and $20. Since these devices are inconspicuous in size, they can easily be hidden in pockets. The vapour from the e-cigarette is odourless so you are less likely to detect an aroma. The bright colours and flavours are an attraction to young people.

Your daughter may not be aware of some of the short and long term effects of using e-cigarettes. Research has shown that there is an increased prevalence of lung conditions such as asthma, wheezing and bronchitis. Even more concerning is the impact of nicotine on the developing brain. This can affect learning, memory and attention. Researchers also indicate the use of e-cigarettes as a young person increases chances of developing a cigarette or substance abuse problem later in life. It is illegal for anyone under 18 to be using or selling e-cigarettes.
Please have a conversation with your daughter about e-cigarettes. For more information from experts you can visit our Mercy schooltv website

Wishing you and your family a relaxing break.

Mrs Gemma McDermott
Director of Wellbeing



Ms Gange
Youth Minister


Are you winter holiday ready?

Cosy up with a good book.

The library has a great selection to choose from. 

Come see us.

MCC Facebook Groups



The P&F is extremely grateful for the work and support from Nicole Clancy - the College’s Marketing and Promotions Officer, in establishing the Parent Facebook Groups. The Year 7 Group has 82 members and the other Groups will be launched over the next few weeks.  All parents/carers will receive details via Compass. Please ensure you complete the security questions so you can be accepted into the page (in keeping with privacy rules).  We hope these Groups will foster as sense of community in each Year group and within the College.
We are grateful to the following parents who have offered to be ongoing Administrators for each Group.  If you would like to assist these parents, please let me know.

Year 7    Pauline McMenamin
Year 8    Vanessa Rengger
Year 9    Luana Sandrone
Year 10  Maureen Knox
Year 11  Claire Harrison
Year 12  Phillipa Sobb

I confirm we have made no decisions yet with regard to P&F functions and will continue to review closer to each scheduled date; based on current government, Catholic Schools NSW and CSO guidelines.
Thank you.
Phillipa Sobb
P&F President
0411 429 629







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