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Aloha everyone,

After a month-long trip to Tahiti, I returned to my home in Hawaii greeted by a golden carpet of flowers welcoming me from our Golden Shower Tree at Gingerhill Farm.

Golden Shower Tree - photo credit: Mana Tanakadate

My month in Tahiti was extraordinarily interesting and also healing for me as I have finally recovered from the last 4 years. I’ve been recuperating from a brain injury, two strokes and a bad fall.  Happy to tell you that even strokes can be healed.

These are the photos from beautiful Tahiti with its blue waters & white sands. It’s still a place where ancient farming practices are upheld without depending on any modern tools. Nick Kato & Mana Tanakadate were incredibly good companions to travel with.

Mayumi & Nick Kato - photo credit: Mana Tanakadate

Mayumi & Mana - photo credit: Nick Kato

Mayumi & Junka enjoying the pristine clear waters of Tahiti. Photo credit: Mana Tanakadate
A paradise for surfing & snorkeling. Photo credit: Mana Tanakadate

Coming back, it has been wonderful to know that we are so fortunate to have a farm with plenty of healthy organic food to eat and sustain ourselves. This has always been our intention here at Gingerhill Farm, to have food in difficult times like now.

This month’s special art piece is a giclee’ based on my large thangka painting of Black Tara. It seems so important and appropriate now at this time. Women have always gathered together over the centuries asking for strength and protection from the Goddess in times of trials like wars and plagues where people have so much fear and do not know what is happening.

More Information

Black Tara 

"I gathered with four other women in a Hawaiian cave. We walked through a lava tube shaped like a birth canal that opened onto a wide flat area, where we sat in a circle in the pitch darkness. There were formations on the ceiling of the cave shaped like breasts, dripping rainwater. We collected the water from them and drank it.

The Hawaiian woman kupuna received a chant: 

Ho’o mana’o ana no ika ika wahine

Ho’o mana’o ana no ika ika wahine

Ho’o mana’o ana no ika ika wahine

This chant means: "Just remember the strength of the women."

I have never seen an image of Black Tara myself, but this is the way she came to me—like the Tibetan deity Mahakara.”

It seems like the time has come now: the time of Goddesses and Woman Power, the time to stay centered, to do your spiritual practices, to stay positive and out of fear."

"Amazingly beautiful Tahitian Sunset."  Photo credit: Mana Tanakadate
~ Mayumi

Aloha Dress & Shirts for Western Aloha Shirt Company

First in a series of collaborations

I am happy to announce my collaboration with Western Aloha who will be featuring my designs on their newly released Aloha Dress, and Aloha shirts. This first design is called Golden Sea based on a silkscreen by the same name that I created in 1998. Western Aloha is a Hawaiian (Big Island) based company with genuine aloha spirit and strong community values and I am enjoying working with them.  Here is a link to their website.

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