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New Adult Educator East 2019-20 Path 1 at Mary Jane Lake, McKellar, Ontario. L-R: Arlene Thorn, Fiona Hughes, Marg Beard, Dale Irving, Christeen Urquhart, Chris Cressey.

Welcome to the New Adult Learning Spring 2020 Newsletter

While we meet the new reality of life at home with only one’s family and isolation that is 'forcing' us into taking walks outside and in nature, I hope you are finding some gifts in this time of seclusion and uncertainty. This newsletter gives news of programs that have run recently, are ongoing, and are programs to come. Our May conference has been updated to an on-line conference and we’re not sure what will happen with summer programs but we are looking forward to being able to run them.  

Check our website for the latest as we move toward the summer. Please let us know if you are interested in our programs, as we are open to creating programs where there is an interest and need.  

The New Adult Educator Week II Program, which took place just before the quarantine, moved each morning to this verse as the day began.  May the Sun bring its healing powers to each one of you and to the World. 

Blessings, Arlene Thorn

In my heart shines the power of the sun.
In my soul lives the warmth of the world.
I will breathe the power of the sun.
I will feel the warmth of the world.
May the power of the sun envelope me.
May the warmth of the world penetrate me.  

                                                       R. Steiner 

Whitsun Conference 2020 Update - Now OnLine!!!! 

Awakening to COVID-19 and My Karmic Imprint              

Four Two-Hour Sessions - Art Exercises & Conversation     May 23 - 1-3 & 7-9, May 24 - 9-11 & 1-3                       

Each of us are responding to COVID19 in our unique way.  Experience how the NAL karma steps, which work with artistic processes, lead to new understandings  and forces for life. Click for full details.

Below is a story of Dale Irving who, living in Australia, found us on the Web, flew to Toronto, and attended last year’s conference.  After the conference she joined the New Adult Educator program that started this past summer.  New Karma can be created at the Conference!  Hope you can join our Zoom conference! Register at
Dale Irving, left, with her "Word Sisters".

The Australian in the Room

Outside my small apartment in Highgate, near the Perth Central Business District, Western Australia, birds sing. I was woken by the guffawing laugh of kookaburras and now listen for the sweeter song of doves and wattle birds. I am in self-isolation.

I arrived a few days ago from Cleveland, Ohio after staying with dear friends in Erie, PA for nearly two weeks. And I travelled there from Toronto after Path II of the NAE Training at Bonnieview Farm near Meaford, Ontario from 28 February-8 March, 2020.

My journey was planned months ago. I returned to Australia on 24 March, just hours before the Western Australian borders were closed, thus my fourteen-day self-isolation.

This preamble invites you to my story of discovery.  Since my partner’s death in 2014 and my retirement from 45 years of teaching and arts education in the public system in Western Australia, I have spent short and delightful periods of time with his sister and her partner in Erie, PA. Last June I enticed my two good friends to meet me in Toronto and to spend a few days exploring together.  Always interested in conferences when I travel, I investigated the possibility of Anthroposophical events in Toronto. 

I discovered that there was to be a weekend conference Moving Towards the Future June 8-9, 2019, presented by the New Adult Learning Movement (NALM). I was immediately interested. 

I had been opened to “Destiny Learning” and Coenraad van Houten’s work when training in Biography Work with Karl-Heinz Finke in Sydney, Australia from 2014-2016.

So I leapt in and found myself dog-paddling as the mermaids and porpoise dived around me!

Read the full story on the NAL blog.

L-R: Christeen Urquhart, Arlene Thorn, Fiona Hughes, Donna Huston, Dale Irving, Chris Cressey, Marg Beard, Nicolette Genier.

New Adult Educator Program East - Week II               Destiny Learning - Meaford, Ont. - Feb. 28 - March 8, 2020

I had resistance to the idea that we could “wake up” to our past lives  because I didn’t realize that it was not with my head that I would be comprehending past lives but rather with my heart.  In a very short time, in an atmosphere of pure love and trust, I was honoured to work with karma — and through experiences that arose from creative processes that we were guided through in groups, I was able to transform for myself those barriers and beliefs. I realized in a completely new way that my concepts and experiences of “self” are coloured by our double. 

My judgement of others in my biography was transformed by the question: “What ails thee because of me?” I met my double and rather than slay it or judge it, I learned to transform it, even to love it and from here forward commit to working together with it.  Evil and darkness, in ourselves and in the world, are asking to be met and to be redeemed. The Manichean Path is to love evil into goodness. Could there possibly be a more worthy task? 

I am eternally grateful to have melted the barriers to past lives so as to awaken even more to my destiny, which is to serve humanity. 

– Nicolette Genier, The Community Farm Store, Freya-Sophia Waldorf Store and The Sol Centre, Duncan, B.C. 

Read more participant testimonials on the NAL blog.

Susie Chin, with her paintings, New Adult Educator West, August 2019

Take it Through the LoopING" by Susie Chin 

Sung to the Eagles song "Take It To The Limit”

New Adult Educator West - Path 1 - Langley, BC, Aug. 2019


Here we are at the end of the evening.

The last one we will spend for a while.

There've been dinners, there've being meetings, there've been ups, backs, arounds, and downs.


So if we're looking for some learning, 

Here's the best place to be.

If we're wanting to grow,

Among great big giant trees.

And we're wondering what to believe in...

And we're puzzlin' and puzzlin',

What to do???

Find the whole song on the NAL blog.

L-R: Row 1: Carol Lewis, Marg Beard, Laurie Harper-Burgess, Row 2: Arlene Thorn, Heather Church, Connie White, Row 3: Kathleen Thompson, Arlene Kamo, Carlina Heins.

Research Week  - March 29 - April 5, 2020

A group of New Adult Educators met daily for a week by Zoom March 29-April 5.  We have gathered for many years at the “cottage” for a week of study, art, and a Creative Spiritual Research question.  This week was from each of our own “home base” and the first time we’ve done a retreat this way.  Here are a few reviews: 

“It was a remarkable week!  Despite the distance and the use of technology, I felt a wonderful sense of Oneness!  How my heart soared!  What each of you shared continues to live with me along with my own explorations. When I look at my paintings, I think of each of you.”   – Marg Beard, Wingham

Also read what Connie White wrote about this week, and watch the video that Laurie Harper-Burgess sent, on the NAL blog.

Summer Programs 2020

Connections 2020/21 - Summer, March Break, Summer 

What are you doing this summer?  Does a week at the lake with an amazing group that learns and does art exercises together, eats and swims together sound like your kind of holiday?  Join Heather Church and Laurie Harper-Burgess at the cottage in the Parry Sound area this summer.  The program is 3 single weeks offered this summer, March Break, and next summer.   
For more information and to register

Leading Learning Communities - Case Studies of Two Waldorf Schools – NAL Processes in Professional & Organizational Development 

Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto - July 20-24, 2020   - Afternoons  

For more information visit 

Upcoming Programs -  Fall 2020

Creating Home, Family and Community - Facilitator’s Training 

Term 1 - Home for Body, Soul and Spirit 

Do you work with parents or home educators?  Are you looking for ways to build their knowledge, develop their capacities, and support them in creating home, family, and community?  Learn to use the New Adult Learning and transformational processes.  

This program is offered in series of 7 sessions, each session being 2 hours. A session begins with a sharing of the week’s learning, then a lesson and an art process.  The program is both a professional training and personal development.  The program will be offered on Zoom.  Through attending the program, each participant receives the curriculum that can be used with parents.  A pre-requisite of the program is that each participant will have 3+ students to share the session with each week.  

Module 1 - Home for Body, Soul and Spirit - On-Line - 7 Weeks 
Wednesday mornings, 10:30 - 12:30 EDT - Sept. 30 - Nov. 11, 2020

For more information and to register see  

My Child Myself -  London Waldorf School 

Connie White and Carol Lewis have been presenting the My Child Myself (MCMS) program at the London Waldorf School for ten years.  They took the New Adult Educator Program in 2005/6 when it was being offered at the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto.  Parents as well as faculty have taken the program.  It has built a strong presence within their parent body and has gained credibility with the faculty and Board.  

While many parenting programs focus on outer skills, MCMS builds inner practices and capacities.  There are 6 terms that develop ever increasing knowledge and outer competencies in life.  As we move into the age of Zoom programs, Connie and Carol are starting to offer online facilitation of the program.  Best wishes as they become virtual adult educators!

My Child Myself curriculum is available for those who have taken a New Adult Educator program.  

My Child Myself On-Line Program  - Fall 2020

Experience a new way to be present with your child.  Increase your awareness of your child as a being of body, soul, and spirit.  Open the door to new understandings and insights about yourself and your child with the sevenfold path. 

Using dynamic sevenfold processes in each term, parents practice receiving individualized knowledge unique to their parenting and new forces for their busy lives.  The program is developmental in that each term builds on capacities from the previous term.  Each term consists of seven sessions of 2 hours. Programs can also be taken as individual courses.  Simple artistic exercises accompany the sessions.  The program can also be professional development for ECE and teachers.

Fall - Term 1 - Observing Your Child 

Experience a new way to be present with your child.  Increase your awareness of your child as a being of body, soul, and spirit.  Open the door to new understandings and insights about yourself and your child with the sevenfold path.

My Child Myself On-Line - Module 1 Observing Your Child 

  Tuesday mornings -  10:00 - 12:00 EDT - Oct. 6 - Nov. 17, 2020

  Tuesday evenings  -  7:00 - 9:00 EDT   -   Oct. 6 - Nov. 17, 2020

My Child Myself Facilitator - On-Line 8 Day Intensive 

   Module 4 - My Child My Karma - October 15-22, 2020

Continuing Programs ….. 

Click links below for more information.  

Connections Glencolton Farms 2019/2021 - Program full. 

New Adult Educator West - Path II - Destiny Learning 

- Langley, BC, July 31-August 8, 2020

New Adult Educator East - Path III - Creative Spiritual Research 

- Parry Sound, ON., Aug. 9 - 16, 2020

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