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November 2nd, 2019 at 10:00am

Sequim Community Church, 950 N 5th Street
Kumihimo braiding, presented by Susan Kroll. She will introduce you to the Japanese art of braiding with a bit of history, samples of different braids and ways to use the braids. A demonstration on a Maru dai might entice you to stay a little later to start a small project. Some materials will be available for this extra treat.

Message From The President

Your response to the Guild’s officer and committee chair needs was most heartening.  However,  there is no retirement in this Guild: just because you did something once, doesn’t mean you are off  the hook forever:  we are a small Guild and just to fulfill our basic needs, all members need to participate either as leaders or supporters. A seemingly big deal can be broken down into smaller elements each of which can be handled by a different member so the big deal is no longer such a mountain, yet the end result is obtained. We will be looking for a Shepherd’s Festival coordinator in the near future– could this be you? Could you lead/coordinate/be a cog in a big wheel? These events don’t put themselves on. Think on it for the next month or so (but if the mood strikes you now, give me a call!) Enough nagging.

I have seen several articles recently decrying the increasing volume of trash caused by discarded clothing – clothing that is designed and sold to be ephemeral and not long lasting. Here is a  great opportunity for our hand made goods – they are made to last, don’t disintegrate after ten wearings; are made with care of quality materials and each is unique. A phrase that resonated with me: “the joyful enduring value of finely crafted wares” perfectly describes our design and crafting processes and could be our mantra when educating the public on the quality of our offerings. William Morris said in a similar vein: “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Our woven, handspun, knitted, felted, etc. items epitomize Morris’s philosophy.


Please Welcome
Our New Members & Guests
Terry Bealaurio
She enjoys 3D Needle Felting and has  things in The Blue Whole Gallery.

Sue Brock
She is a beginner spinner

Cecelia Maljan
She enjoys weaving and crocheting

Bonnie Roos
She is a weaver

Show & Tell
Click on the image to see more!

Study Groups

Friday Spin-in
The spinners will be going back to meeting at member's homes.

Natural Dye Group
The natural dyers met at Susie K. house for a wonderful day of Indigo dying.
Checkout the show and tell photos and see what beautiful colors they got.

Textured Art Yarn Group
DAY CHANGE: 3rd Monday 10:30am-12:30pm
The group learned to ply pigtails and auto wraps.
Next meet up will be reviewing what they have learned so far.

Rigid Heddlers
Diane I. is looking to start the group back up again, stay tuned for more info.
News & Tidbits
Red White & Moo Fair Winners!

These people below contributed exhibits that helped make
our booth get a blue ribbon and a fair premium of $30!

Thanks to Evelyn Simpson for being assistant superintendent and steering us along the way. Thanks especially to Allison Sell for all of her hard work this year and past coordinating the fair effort. Thanks to Susan Kroll and Cabled Fiber studio for allowing pre-fair drop off of items. Susan Kroll and Diane Chung assisted during Judging. Rocky Wisniewski hosted the judges. These folks and Leslie Hoex, Lee Johnson, and Cathy Balliu assisted with booth set up and take down. These folks and Diane Ivie, Jennifer Pelikan, Pauline Schultz and many, many members came to demonstrate, more that I can list! Thank you so much for making the effort to show our craft to the public. I encourage everyone to contribute an exhibit to the fair in future years. If you have not done so, the old-timers will help you exhibit.

Our judges were Val Saadatmandi and Allison Harding. They were newly certified and did a wonderful job judging our pieces!
Library News
Just a reminder, If you checked out books at our monthly meeting, you can now check them back at Cabled Fiber and Yarn, or at the next meeting.
Due to limited space at Cabled Fiber and Yarn, Beth is thinking about doing digital with back issues of magazines - stay tuned!

If you have any material suggestions, email Becky or Lee
Sue N. has stepped up to head the Refreshment Committee, more news to come.
In the meantime The Guild will still provide Hot water, please remember to bring your own reusable mug. You may also bring things to share with the other members, just don't forget to take home any leftovers.
Get your submissions in — the deadline is at the November Meeting.
Double Rainbow Weaving Workshop
June 21-23 2020 

2 layers, 4 shafts, 6 colors - Infinite Possibilities!
COST:  TBD  - Deposit $75
LEVEL: Intermediate. No prior experience in doubleweave is necessary,
but students must know how to warp a loom. 

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