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Dear Stanford Community,

We’re writing to provide you with more updated information about the community resources we mentioned in our last email. In summary: all students--undergrad, grad, and postdocs--are currently eligible for emergency cash, food, and transportation credit. Read on to learn about how to request or donate resources. You can also find updated information about the COVID-19 response and resources at this comprehensive student support website and this ASSU webpage.


With love and community care,

ASSU leadership and Stanford Community Mutual Aid Coalition Members

If you need to request emergency aid:

Undergrads, grad students, and postdocs are able to consult any or all of the resources below:
  • ASSU Support Fund: For food and transportation needs. The ASSU is pooling its resources to purchase $100 gift cards for food (grocery stores, DoorDash) and $75 transportation credits (Uber). Please fill out this form to request gift cards/credits.
  • COVID-19 Student Support Fund: For any/all financial needs. This crowdsourced fund will give out money in $100 payments, no questions asked. Find the request form here.
  • Community Offerings and Resources: For general/miscellaneous needs. This spreadsheet contains many different types of crowdsourced resources, such as housing, storage, and more.
  • FLIP Emergency Housing Support: For housing needs. Please fill out this form if you need housing and were unable to find it through other channels.
For undergraduate students receiving financial aid:
  • Stanford Financial Aid Office: The Financial Aid Office is funding travel--book your flight through the Health Alerts page or email the office at for stipends or reimbursements. Students living off campus during Spring Quarter will receive $200/week for food and can be reimbursed for rent--email the office for more information.

If you can offer your time or resources to COVID-19 relief efforts:

COVID-19 Student Support Fund

  • Donate however much you can through Venmo (@NaniFriedman), Paypal ( or email to inquire about sending a check.
  • Volunteer to help with reimbursements and distribution by signing up here.

Community Offerings and Resources

  • Offer housing, rides, groceries, storage, and more in the short term here.
  • If you can offer long-term support throughout the university closure, check the Stanford Community Ongoing Mutual Aid Spreadsheet here.

FLIP Emergency Housing Support 

  • If you have a room or a house to spare, you can offer emergency housing by filling out this form.

ASSU Operational Updates

ASSU/SSE Office Closure and Operations

While the ASSU/SSE offices will be physically closed for the next two weeks (March 16th - March 23rd), we are still here to support you. You can reach us anytime during our normal business hours from 9am- 5pm Monday - Friday here:  We will still be operating remotely, processing requests on GrantEd, and answering emails as normal. 

If you have a reimbursement check you would like mailed, please email There may be a delay in receiving your mailed check. 

You can also enroll in direct deposit for your reimbursement request. To enroll in direct deposit, follow the instructions here: first, your payee must have Direct Deposit enabled in Axess. Have them log into GrantEd under the Stanford Affiliate role and select their SUNet ID on the top right of the screen. From the drop down menu, select "Opt-In for Reimbursement". Once they agree to the conditions in the subsequent pop-up window, Direct Deposit will be enabled. Questions regarding Direct Deposit can be sent to

Due to the shutdown order, we unfortunately cannot intake any VSO deposits at this time.  

ASSU Student Activities Fee Reduction

Due to the restriction of student group activities, we will be reducing the fee for undergraduates to $27 and for graduates to $22 for Spring Quarter 2020. This fee will cover overhead, as well as still allow for quick grants to be allocated during Spring Quarter 2020 if necessary. Because we will not be collecting Annual Grants funding in the Spring Quarter 2020 Student Activities Fee, and because groups receiving Annual Grants in 2019-2020 will not be able to spend a majority of their funding for Spring Quarter due to University/government restrictions, we will be doing takebacks of unspent Annual Grants group funding from Spring.

Statement of Solidarity with the Stanford Chinese Community

Yesterday, President Trump tweeted referring to COVID-19 as “the Chinese Virus.” This act of racism is deplorable and threatens to stoke xenophobia toward Chinese individuals. We want to be clear that we condemn the use of this language and stand in solidarity with the Stanford Chinese community, as well as the Asian and Pacific Islander community at large. We also urge the University to make a similar statement given that our Chinese community also includes faculty, staff, and post-docs.

Student Housing Concerns

Some students have brought concerns to our attention about the way Stanford is accommodating individuals who require self-isolation. We are aware of these concerns and are actively communicating with University administrators to ensure that students are protected as effectively and transparently as possible. If you have any additional questions or would like us to share a concern with administrators, reach out to us at
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