APRIL | 2020

Dear Global Community

In these extraordinary times, we are all moving up a learning curve that often feels too steep to hang on. While we are all taking big steps back from our normal routines, it is important to remember that we are all doing it together. It is surely a rare moment in human history. The essence of compassionate systems thinking in moments of crisis centers on how to deal with the urgencies of the moment and do so in ways that simultaneously move us toward addressing the deeper sources of our problems.  
We know that many of you are part of the ‘front lines’ of how our education systems serve children and communities in this crisis. We also know that we are connected in believing that the education needed for the future is very different from that of the past and that ‘returning to normal’ means going back to a system that is failing in critical ways. So, in the spirit of systemically embracing the challenge of the moment, we have rethought some of what we have planned for the coming months and created some new ways to connect and learn.  
We look forward to seeing you all in the coming weeks and months.

In this month's issue:

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Compassionate Systems Virtual Global Community – Weekly sessions launched

To support our community of compassionate systems practitioners, the Center for Systems Awareness is hosting a series of online check-in and practice sessions to continue to build our understanding of the compassionate systems tools and to support one another with our developing practice. These virtual convenings are open for any Compassionate Systems workshops Alumni. Each focuses on one of the core tools and frameworks and feature reflections from one of our Master Practitioners, as well as short time for practice. Our hope is that participants will have the opportunity to re-connect, to deepen their understanding of the compassionate systems tools, and better understand what is involved in using the tools in realistic settings, together with compassionate practitioners from around the world. We will launch this series with a session on the Wellbeing Framework which helps to frame the context for all of the compassionate systems tools and practices. 
We completed the first session on April 28th with a number of global attendees! Mette and Peter led us through the framework and the practices so masterfully, and the group conversation showed that many of them had made an immediate connection to the topic of "Well-being", and to one another. The series will continue with weekly sessions each highlighting a different compassionate systems tool and framework.

Future sessions will include the Systems Thinking Iceberg, Generative Social Fields, the Ladder of Inference, Core Systems Leadership Capacities, and Shifting the Burden. As our calls continue participants will get to know many more of our master practitioners and to connect to one another. 
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Introductions to Compassionate Systems Frameworks in June: Now virtual

Due to the global pandemic, the Center for Systems Awareness has decided to hold the Introductions to Compassionate Systems Frameworks in Schools virtually. 

This workshop, originally scheduled for June 3-5 at MIT, will be held virtually from Tuesday, June 2 through Friday, June 5. Each day will have two two-hour sessions with a short break between sessions. We hope that this change would make it easier for you to join. 
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Certification Program for Compassionate Systems Master Practitioner: Inaugural Cohort updates and Cohort 2 start date change

Inaugural Cohort (2019-2020)

We continue to enjoy working with an extraordinary group of 30 Master educators from across the globe who are now taking their final steps in completing the first Compassionate Systems Master Certification Program. Since last summer, these educators have been on a journey of learning and discovery, taking a deep dive in Compassionate Systems tools and practices, working with esteemed guest faculty, developing their own contemplation practices, and collaborating with and learning from one another in developing their projects to build awareness, teach and integrate Compassionate Systems within their local communities.  We are all excited to discover what comes beyond their project year as this first cohort become key leaders in growing the work worldwide.

Cohort 2 (2020-2021)

We have been planning to launch a second cohort of master educators in late June but due to expected continued travel restrictions, it is necessary to push out the start date for Module 1 until the end of September, making the first module September 27-October 2, 2020 at MIT. We plan to keep the rest of the scheduled in-person and virtual sessions the same, but just shorten Cohort 2 from 12 to 10 months in duration.

If you have previously attended an Introduction to Compassionate Systems Framework in Schools or Foundations for Systems Leadership workshop, you are eligible to apply for Cohort 2. 

Please register no later than July 30.
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MIT Full STEAM Ahead, a new timely website for teaching and learning at a distance

MIT's recent launched website called  MIT Full STEAM Ahead is a collection of resources that MIT is putting together for teaching and learning online. By providing STEAM-based instructional materials and open forum, they aim to inspire a diverse global community of educators, students, and parents to find innovative and humanistic solutions to the challenges of learning at a distance. Peter and Mette have contributed to Full STEAM Ahead. 

Peter shared his insight on How we learn from modeling and Systems and Epidemics – impact all individuals have in the Week 1 module  Spread of Disease

Mette guided some meditations on video with a few guided check-in questions related to the Compassionate Systems Framework in the Week 5 module Observing Yourself.
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