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Newsletter 260

7th May 2019
On this day in 1928, the United Kingdom lowered the age of voting, for women, from 30 to 21.
At North Nibley we anticipate an inspection before the end of the school year. Church of England schools such as ours are inspected under Section 48 of the Education Act 2005. This is known as the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (or SIAMS for short!) This is in addition to the Ofsted inspection of the school.
Pre 2018, schools were inspected under the SIAMS framework 2013: there were four possible grades.  A school might have been awarded ‘outstanding’, ‘good’, ‘satisfactory’ or very rarely ‘inadequate’. The SIAMS process has now been reviewed and these grades have been changed. The old ‘outstanding’ grade has now gone, and the criteria that would previously have attracted an ‘outstanding’ grade have been merged with those for a ‘good’ grade. A new grade of ‘excellent’ has been introduced with a higher threshold than the old ‘outstanding’ grade. It will be awarded only in exceptional circumstances.  There is no longer a ‘satisfactory’ grade but ‘requires improvement’ might be awarded instead. Very occasionally a school may be deemed ‘ineffective’ as a Church school. We will let you know when we hear anything more.
Over recent weeks the school's oldest children have been involved in a large number and variety of sports. I was able to capture a number of thoughts from the Year 6 players involved, which are repeated below. Thank you to all the staff and parents who contribute to let these activities happen, at the right place and time! Needless to say, we are very impressed by all their efforts and the sportsmanship they displayed whilst participating. They did themselves proud!

"The weather was mixed when we played at Cheltenham college."
"It even hailed at one point! We still enjoyed the games."
"It was a great day out and we worked hard to do well."
"I found it challenging because the other teams were really good."
"We came first, which meant we were COUNTY CHAMPIONS!"

"There were two different leagues. We were in the small school's league."
"We came first in our group stage which meant that we played the second-placed team in the other group."
"It was very challenging and the weather wasn't the best as it started hailing, but we carried on and ended up winning!"
"We played for the whole afternoon and played on until we came to the finals which we then won! COUNTY CHAMPIONS!"

"There were eight schools taking part and we came 4th. I enjoyed it a lot because it was fun to see other schools."
"We went to KLB where the bows were really heavy."
"It was exquisite and really fun holding up the bow."
"We used 'sticky' arrows in one round and real arrows in the second round."
"The archery was fun and we were taught some skills. I got the yellow ring nearly every time."
"I was taught how to hit the bullseye and when I tried it I hit the very centre of the bullseye!"

"It was a very enjoyable afternoon. Because of our team work, my team were undefeated".

"It was quite hard going, especially on the uphill parts of the course, but none of our team fell off!"

A musical spectacular took place in St. Mary's Church last week, thanks to our orchestra and choir, playing as part of a 4-school ensemble in the Wotton Arts Festival. The theme was the music of Stage and Screen, and we heard songs from the Lion King, Rocky 3, The Beatles, Les Mis', Doctor Who and many others. Congratulations go to all those who practised hard with their instruments and voices and a special word of thanks to the adults who've helped with all the preparation.
Governors continue to monitor attendance closely. The latest data shows a slight drop in attendance, which is concerning. This drop is caused by a few children, rather than across the board. Governors have urged the school to apply for penalty notices where parents meet the criteria for unauthorised absences.
Children are supervised at school from 8:40 a.m. and due in school for registration by 8:55. Late attenders - some repeatedly so - cause extra work and delay in the classrooms, which is unfair on the other learners.
Incredibly, 16 children at the end of Term 4 were still on 100% attendance, with a further 5 having only a half day away. Well done to those individuals and families!
Years 2 and Year 6 both face SATS (Statutory Assessment Tests) in Term 5. Please ask for copies of the handouts if you were unable to make the meetings which were held to explain the process.
Mrs Lewis is preparing a morning of maths, open to parents, where children will be on hand to illustrate the ways in which teaching and learning takes place. This builds on the highly successful evening we ran last time. Tuesday 21st May, from 9:30. Put the date in your diary now!
In an earlier issue I wrote about the various changes happening at school. I am sure you will be pleased to hear that we have been able to confirm Mrs Bargewell's place as Financial Officer on a permanent basis.
I am also pleased to confirm that Mrs Harvey, who has been supporting Class 1, will be able to stay with us for a while longer than anticipated. Interest in the 20 hour post for Class 3 has been very high and I am regularly taking visitors around the school as part of the appointment process. The children are never less than impressive when this happens!
Next week the draft budget goes before the Full Governing Board (FGB) for ratification. More classroom visit reports have been received from Governors in school. Over the Easter break our Governors were involved in the Parish Council Meeting, receiving a grant of £10,000 towards our breakout space, and briefly featured in the process to appoint a new priest to the benefice. Governors are also involved in the current round of the selection and appointment of staff. We believe we have secured the support of a new governor too! Details to follow.
RAGS TO RICHES Please save up your unwanted clothes and other items for a Clothes Recycling collection, which will happen on the 13th May. Please bring your items on FRIDAY 10th or MONDAY 13th (before 10 a.m.)  School receives 50p per kilo for good quality clothing. Details of what can be recycled is on the front door window.
Hope is a word that we use a great deal in ordinary conversation and has consequently lost something of its power. "I hope you can join me for lunch" or "The children hope that the school will be closed by snow tomorrow!" At another and a much deeper level, hope is a universal human phenomenon which sustains people in times of great personal difficulty. People hope for peace in time of war; for food in time of famine; for justice in time of oppression and this hope can sustain them and give them energy. Where there is no hope society spirals downwards. For some people, hope is so strong that it inspires self-sacrifice to turn their hope into reality. Christians see their hope in God’s promise that love and goodness ultimately will (and already have) overcome all evil. This hope is manifested in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So over the summer we will be asking ourselves how the school promotes a vision of a hopeful future? How does the school help children to understand that there is a chance of a new beginning and a fresh start in every situation? How does the school help the children to understand that they can play their part in creating a more sustainable environment and a better society? How does the school help pupils to understand that they are citizens of the world and that this citizenship brings challenges and responsibilities? It's going to be an optimistic term!
"Hope is called the anchor of the soul (The Bible, Hebrews 6:19), because it gives stability to the Christian life. But hope is not simply a ‘wish’ (I wish that such-and-such would take place); rather, it is that which latches on to the certainty of the promises of the future that God has made.” - RC Sproul
SCHOOL KIT AMNESTY  Please can you have a hunt at home for any items of school sports kit which should have been returned to school. No questions asked, we will just be grateful to have it back!
BOOKS WANTED  Our older readers (Classes 3 & 4) would very much appreciate any donation of good quality reading books they may have been read at home and/or out grown. Recommended titles are especially appreciated!
I am hoping that a good number of parents, CHILDREN and friends can be found to help with a 'school site/work day'. I can't recall the last time I held one of these, but essentially there are a large number of small jobs, both inside and out, that require doing to maintain our school's attractiveness.
Can you weed a flower bed?
Can you paint a wall?
Can you drill a hole?
Can you flush a drain?
These and many other jobs are waiting and I thought it might be fun if we all worked together. We can offer soup and rolls, and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping a worthwhile cause.
And of course, every penny saved on contractors means more can be spent on teaching and learning for your children. Yes, the budget IS that tight!
Save the date, Saturday 8th June. More details to follow.

Following our Parent Evening promotion, the classes can boast the following proportions of parents ready to receive photos of their children at work, as well as the latest team point information!

Class 1 - 80% (up 4%)

Class 2 - 97% (up 4%)
Class 3 - 100% (no change!)
Class 4 - 50% (no change!)

The 'Grand totals' achieved by each school team (Air, Earth, Fire and Water) are now online and these can be followed here - You will also find details of what the points are given for on the same page.

'NIBLEY GREEN' - Towards a greener world.
Another item in our regular series on the actions we can take to ensure that our children - and their children - enjoy a better world. Here are some practical tips and ideas you may want to think about at home. Discuss these with your children too!

This week I am grateful to a member of North Nibley's community, Eliz Miller, for suggesting that I point out the benefits of beeswax wraps, "wonderful for keeping all kinds of food fresh naturally! Bye bye cling film!" She goes on to tell me that the company is based locally in Nailsworth, although ALL their transactions are online. So if you want to reduce your dependency on single-use plastic, these are worth investigating.
If you have a suggestion for inclusion in this part of the newsletter, we'd love to hear from you!
If I may be permitted a personal word, this week the Batchelor household put out it's first sack for landfill... since before Christmas! We don't feel like we have become extreme eco-warriors of the type often depicted in the media, but through more thoughtful shopping (to reduce unnecessary plastic) and a few practical steps we recycle nearly everything. If we can do it, can you?
The next FONNS meeting is at 7:30 in the staffroom on 4th June. Please join us.
W/c 13th May
SATS for Year 6
Sat 18th May
Formula Goblin at Renishaw
Sun 19th May
Spring Fayre. 12 - 3pm
Virtual Bookbag. The Virtual Bookbag is updated weekly. 
In it this week -  
— Class newsletters, 
SUMMER TERM 5  -  23/04/2019  to  24/05/2019
SUMMER TERM 6  -  03/06/2019  to  19/07/2019


NEXT AUTUMN TERM 1 -  04/09/2019  to  25/10/2019
NEXT AUTUMN TERM 2  -  05/11/2019  to  20/12/2019

NEXT SPRING TERM 3 - 06/01/2020  to  04/02/2020
NEXT SPRING TERM 4 - 24/02/2020  to  03/04/2020

NEXT SUMMER TERM 5  -  20/04/2020  to  22/05/2020

NEXT SUMMER TERM 6 - 01/06/2020 - 17/07/2020
Repeats and reminders

HOMEWORK Following the Governor's meeting last term, the staff have reviewed the school's Homework Policy. Among the changes made are improved guidance about the time you spend per task. "The choice to work beyond the recommended time is entirely at a parent’s discretion." We also include ideas which can take you further if you wish.

Year Six SATS There is a helpful YouTube video on the format of this year's Year 6 SATS tests here - which some may find helpful.

Here are other changes for which we are preparing!
2019: Reading + Maths Teacher Assessment removed at Year 6 SATS 
2019: New standards replace P-Scale assessments 5-8 & interim Pre-Key-Stage Standards 
2020: First national Reception Baseline Assessments implemented
2020: Year 4 take the first national Maths Tables Check 
2020: 7 aspects of Communication and Language replace P-Scales 1-4
2020: First progress measures available for Year 6 (tracking from new Year 2 SATS) 
2023: Removal Year 2 Teacher Assessments
2027: First progress measures available for Year 6 (tracking from Reception Baseline)
WHAT ARE YOU READING? (WHAT ARE YOU WRITING?) More book reviews have arrived, but children beware, I'm not publishing book reviews with spelling mistakes! Ask an adult at home to check before you send a review. See what children recommend here - . Parents, I've really enjoyed reading your comments (your own children as well as others) and I thank you for encouraging the children of the school.
READING IN CLASS In the last Parent Survey a number expressed a willingness to read in school on a morning, before school started. To date uptake of this opportunity has been limited - often just 1 parent & child pair. If there are barriers to increasing the update, please let us know how we can help. This will usually be held in Classroom 1, but please check 'on the door'.
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Supporting the school:
Here's an idea which could raise a lot of money for the school - AmazonSmile.

You can find all the information about using this FREE service reprinted on our website page here -

Music Festival Volunteers Wanted: 

As you know, the Music Festival is a major opportunity for fundraising, but FONNS need a lot of support. The 'sign-up sheet' is available now for you to choose your preferred 'slot'. Please help.


Nibley Music Festival is Friday 5th to Sunday 7th July.

FONNS have been given the opportunity of a free pitch at Berkeley Show this year, Sunday 23rd June 2019.

We are wanting to get some ideas together of what we can do within the tent based around Children, possibly something crafty for children to come and enjoy and raise money for FONNS.

Please comment with any ideas and anyone able to come and help.

Head Teacher: Paul Batchelor

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