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The program is professionally designed to develop the mind, body, and performance of every pitcher we train.  For more than 8 years, Performance Edge has successfully implemented training programs that have helped players reach collegiate and professional levels. We work to develop athletic pitchers and hitters who strive to challenge their known limitations.  

Program is every Monday beginning September 16th.

Our program is exclusive to baseball players with a growth mindset who seek one or more of our Performance Pillars.  

Velocity Development
The ability to obtain/sustain higher velocity on the mound and across the field. This program is for both pitchers and position players looking to increase their velocity while improving their ability to adapt to increase workloads.

To improve a pitcher’s ability to command the strike zone, at higher velocities, and deception with all pitches

Bio-Mechanical Development
Training of a pitcher’s delivery to improve an athlete's kinematic sequence. Pitcher’s learn how to use “feel” to correct their flaws through drill work and blending series. Overall delivery development to produce a better moving, efficient pitcher. 

Technology (4D, KVest, Rapsodo)
Technology allows a pitcher or hitter the opportunity to implement instant changes within the swing or delivery through immediate auditory/visual feedback

Pitching Assessments
Evaluation with the use of High-Speed Video and other Tech (4Dmotion, K-Vest, Blast Motion) we design training programs to improve a pitcher’s kinematic sequence, bio-mechanics, and arm path/timing efficiencies. 

Athletic Performance
Individual strength programs designed to increase overall strength, power, and athleticism 

Pitch Shaping & Design
Improving the movement and deception of pitches.  Create later breaking, harder movement while learning how to use these pitches in a game to dominate hitters. Learn how spin rate, spin axis and pitch release affects the movement and visual deception of a pitch.

Arm Care & Recovery
Training the body’s ability to adapt to an increased workload and withstand the stresses created thru throwing


Shoulder and elbow injuries, amateurs to professionals, have reached epidemic proportions.  Nearly 1 in 3 active MLB pitchers has undergone Tommy John surgery.  Even more distressing is that the number of High School baseball players requiring this same surgery has increased 10-fold in the past several years. There are several known risk factors responsible for this; volume of pitching, year round baseball programs, and premature sport specialization.  However, there are other more obscure reasons for the exponential rise in arm injuries such as under-throwing, under-training, improper or inadequate training programs, and insufficient arm recovery emphasis after training. As a result, a more comprehensive style of baseball training is required to decrease this alarming trend and enhance the development process.
Every Monday- Multiple Time Slots Available
>> Training Program for Velocity, Bio-Mechanics, Arm Recovery and Strength Gains

>> 1 Day in facility pitching, velocity, and arm recovery program

>>  Personalized take-home throwing program 
Program begins Monday, Septemeber 16th
The Performance Edge Approach

Increasing one’s throwing or pitching velocity is the primary goal of most baseball performance programs. This is not only important for pitchers, but for all position players as well.  What differs from one program to the next is how they choose to accomplish this goal, and more importantly, achieving this goal while minimizing the risk of injury.

A well-designed training program must address the athlete as a whole but also be individualized and flexible enough to address the unique needs of each athlete.


These programs typically focus on the following:

>Complete Body Strength and Power
>Agility and Functional Movement 
>Bio-Mechanical Evaluation
>Sport Specific Training
>Customized Recovery

This approach allows optimal body development and appropriate tissue adaptation while minimizing cumulative stress, tissue degradation and injury.


Program begins Monday, Septemeber 16th
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Training Location:
Southeast Texas Baseball Academy
4905 I-10 South
Beaumont, TX 77705
(409) 673-1492

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