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Passion for Knowledge 2019

Today the great Passion for Knowledge 2019 science festival came to an end. One more day, the public did not missed the appointment with the popular science, which began with a special show of Naukas, a praise to coal, and culminated with the words of the president of the DIPC Pedro Miguel Etxenike, who in his final speech highlighted the success of this edition and thanked the team that made the success of this edition possible.

Plants in our changing world
How do plants “know” when to flower and fruit? Pamela Diggle, the prestigious biologist specialised in plants tried to answer this question in her conference. Many species are flowering earlier or later in response to warming temperatures, but there is no known mechanism to know it. They travelled to Alaska, where the pace of climate change is particularly pronounced. She emphasized that understanding plants and their basic biology is critical for understanding and predicting the consequences of global change. “Understanding the effects of global change on plants is critical for our survival”, pointed. 

Celebrating Mendeleev 
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry Dudley Herschbach paid tribute to the Periodic Table and its inventor Dimitri Mendeleev. Accompanied by several audiovisual resources, he reviewed the life of the Russian chemist, as well as the chemical elements. In turn, he showed a Wolfram Goxoa cake, which he met during his visit to Bergara four days before, the element which he started the talk.

Experiments to awaken vocations
Members of Mad Science and Ana Galarraga from Elhuyar brought science to the youngest of the family with experiments, workshops and stories. Children between 4 and 12 years enjoyed science in workshops organized by Mad Science in which they analyzed the relationship of the rainbow with light, developed slime to analyze the nature of different substances, prepared chemical reactions and reflected on climate change. Galarraga, of Elhuyar, astonished children using ordinary materials, and she explained in a very accessible way all her experiments.

Did you know...
that Passion for Knowledge 2019 festival has mobilized about 10.000 citizens? An average of 700 people has approached at Victoria Eugenia theatre every day. In addition, about 600 high school students and teachers have had the chance to chat with scientists at the highest level. The conferences of the Guggenheim in Bilbao and the Baluarte of Pamplona have also been filled. The festival has also had a great impact on the media: more than 150 interviews have been offered to the media and many of them have been disseminated at Spanish level.
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