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Michigan School Business Officials

Welcome to the December 2019 issue of the eNews & Views

A Business Manager Looks at Sixty (61 Actually)
By Thomas L. Armstrong, CPA, CFO, MSBO Board President, Business Manager, Fulton Public Schools
As another calendar year nears an end, I find myself thinking about the song, “A Pirate Looks at Forty” by Jimmy Buffet.  I like the song because it is marginally about sailing. I also like the sentiment.
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STRESSED is DESSERTS Spelled Backwards
By Stephanie Weese, CFO, MSBO Board, Associate Superintendent of Finance, Montcalm Area ISD
Most of us are probably in agreement - we all enjoy a yummy dessert.  Sometimes we enjoy it more than the meal, right?  I remember fondly the workshops held at the Kellogg Center and how the dessert was on the table at the beginning of lunch.  What a bonus! 
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MSBO Update

MSBO Executive Director David Martell provides his monthly MSBO Update.

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Launch Michigan Unveils Initiatives
On December 18, 2020, a diverse panel of state business, education, civic and philanthropic leaders unveiled their vision for providing stronger learning opportunities to all Michigan children, and outlined a set of phase one recommendations for making that vision a reality.
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Register Now for Financial Strategies
MSBO's 2020 Financial Strategies Conference gives us a chance to bring in the experts that will give you the inside information that you need to begin planning your budget strategy for the next year! 
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MSBO Snapshot: 2018-19 Annual Report
MSBO's 2018-19 Annual Report provides a snapshot of MSBO’s membership, finances and accomplishments over the past fiscal year and highlights MSBO programs and services. This annual report reflects on that work as well as the efforts of our members.

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Bad Weather? Not a Problem! Online Learning Opportunities
Don’t let the weather stop you from enrolling in these upcoming online certification classes. MSBO’s online learning gives you access to great professional development without facing bad weather and icy roads. Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn at your desk.
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Essential Cybersecurity Practices for K12
Bring up the issue of cybersecurity and even the most stalwart of techs may start to squirm. The issue can be overwhelming and figuring out where to begin is challenging.
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Don’t Miss Out on These Scholarships
MSBO offers two academic scholarships, which encourage and recognize individuals currently employed in school business. The Mark and Kay Stebbins Scholarship is targeted to members who are improving their technical skills and competencies by furthering their education. The Wally Piper Scholarship recognizes members pursuing a graduate degree.
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Professional Accomplishments Deserve Recognition
MSBO recognizes the extraordinary contributions of MSBO members to their school district, their communities and to MSBO through its awards program. We encourage you to apply for these awards - consider nominating yourself or a colleague. Details and criteria for all the awards and scholarships can be found on MSBO’s website on the Awards and Scholarships page.
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Welcome New MSBO Members
Each month, MSBO recognizes members who recently joined our organization. As a member of MSBO, you are part of a dynamic statewide organization of more than 3,200 members who are employed in various areas of school business management or provide services to the school industry.
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