Taxonomy CDA: Implications on financial markets and the role of fossil gas in EU green transition


Hosted by: Bellona Europa & Climate Bonds Initiative

Virtual Event

9:00 - 10:30 CET

Bellona Europa and Climate Bonds Initiative have the pleasure of inviting you to the virtual event “Taxonomy CDA: Implications on financial markets and the role of fossil gas in EU green transition”. The second of a four-part series on the Taxonomy CDA arranged by Bellona Europa together with a range of cooperative partners.

The very Regulation meant to boost investments for renewable and low carbon technologies now potentially risks slowing down their widespread rapid deployment. Investments are likely to divert towards fossil gas, arguably coming with fewer risks to investors than many low carbon solutions. The Taxonomy CDA seem to have been side-tracked from its original ambition: to be the gold standard for sustainable investments. Come join us for a discussion on the initial aim of the Taxonomy Regulation and the implications of the CDA on the financial markets and the role of fossil gas in the green transition.

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  • Welcome by Moderator Lina S. Nagell (Bellona Europa)
  • The effects of the Taxonomy CDA on European Financial Markets - Philippe Lamberts, MEP/ Co-President, The Greens/ EFA
  • Introduction of the Taxonomy CDA: Taxonomy turned greenwashing tool? -Sean Kidney, CEO of Climate Bonds Initiative
  • CDA - The EU Taxonomy credibility undermined? - Victor van Hoorn, Executive Director at Eurosif
  • Q&A session
May 2022
Philippe Lamberts
MEP / Co-President
The Greens / EFA
Sean Kidney
Climate Bonds Initiative
Victor van Hoorn
Executive Director
Eurosif, the European Sustainable Investment Forum
Lina S. Nagell
Senior Manager Projects & EU Policy, Topic Lead
Sustainable Finance & Economy

Bellona Europa
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