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Monthly Newsletter | March 2020

Furry Facts

Do you know how beneficial carrots can be for your dog? Not only are they a simple way to add some whole foods to their diet, they aid in teeth cleaning and lower the risk of obesity. And dogs LOVE them! They make great treats and are carbohydrate free and lower in sugar than store bought treats. They are helpful for dogs on a limited ingredient diet.
Frozen carrots can be given to puppies to ease teething pain and promote good dental health. They can be given to older dogs to help clean their teeth.

Raw carrots finely chopped in a food processor can easily be added in place of some kibble. This is helpful if you are trying to get your dog to shed some weight.

They can also be steamed and mashed into food. This is nice for senior dogs having trouble chewing hard kibble. It is also a good source of fiber for them and can keep stool consistent.
When giving raw, always be sure to wash, peel and cut into small cubes to avoid choking hazards.

Welcome to the family!

We would like to welcome our new All Pet and Home Care clients to the family!

Lexi and Roxie C. - These sweet kitties stole our hearts when we took care of them over the holidays. They are curious and so friendly! They really love each other and enjoy playing with their toys. We cannot wait to visit them again the next time their family needs us.

Carlos M. – This sweet new puppy is already on his way to being a very well-behaved young boy! His mom is doing a terrific job training him.  We look forward to watching Carlos grow into the big dog he’s going to become!

Dougie, Toby and Imari D. – Dougie and Toby are a comical pair of dog brothers who love to play together. There is no shortage of laughter when those two play! Imari is a beautiful, friendly cat who could be a supermodel! When she was rescued she was feral. You would never know it now. We look forward to many fun years with these three.

Lucie R.- Lucie is a very well behaved 5 year old Goldendoodle. She is a beloved member of the family. Lucie loves to take walks in her neighborhood and play in her yard. She makes friends with everyone. We love her already!

Sweetie and Kitty A. - Sweetie is true to her name! She is an adorable, happy Maltese who is always ready for pets! She will be your instant friend! She love to play with her mountain of toys, or she is just as happy cuddling up for pets. Kitty is one of the friendliest kitties we've ever met. He loves everyone and just wants all the attention you are willing to provide.

Ginger and Oliver J.- Ginger is the very definition of a scaredy cat. Her mom said we will never see her.  However, she came out and ate while Jan sat quietly petting Oliver. That was exciting! (we have a way with pets, what can we say?) Oliver's mom cautions that he will keeps us on our toes. She said he has escaped to the garage more than once... Not On Our Watch!!!

Heartfelt Goodbyes 

I would like to take a moment to send our most sincere condolences to Maureen and her family on the passing of their beloved Boxer, Rubin last month.

Rubin was a special boy. I jokingly called him my “boyfriend”. He was the sweetest, kindest soul and I loved him like he was my own dog. I first met Maureen when I worked at the Holistic Pet Nutrition Center in Harmony. She helped out there and I got to know her and her dogs. It is always a special honor to help out ANY animal I have the opportunity to. It is a rare and special occasion when I actually get to see them on a regular basis, and monitor their progress. Rubin defied all the odds. I only know of 2 other Boxers that have seen their 15th birthdays. It is rare. And even more rare is a 15 year Boxer still willing and ready to take a walk or wag his tail! But that was Rubin. Happy until the end.

It is never easy to say goodbye. Especially when they have been a part of our lives for so long that we forget what life was like before them. But the joy and happy memories they provide us WILL carry us through the sorrow. I promise. It can take a while, but you will smile again remembering the happy times together.

Thank you, Maureen and James, for trusting my knowledge and allowing me to be a part of Rubin’s care. It was an honor and a pleasure. We love you! Rubin and Frank are running like crazy pups together once again!
We would also like to send our condolences to Martin and Sherry Puskar on the passing of their sweet dog, Oliver. Oliver was a fan favorite and a very kind boy. He had a very happy life, playing lots of fetch and enjoying his back yard. We will miss you, Oliver. Run free, our friend.

One Farm by WAYYB: CBD Oil Testimonials

Recently, our favorite CBD company, WAAYB, went through a rebranding. They changed their name to One Farm by WAYYB. We can assure you that nothing has changed with the product itself. It was simply a way for this wonderful company to better represent themselves and their mission. It is very exciting, as their product line has also grown.
We wanted to share a few testimonials, straight from All Pet and Home Care clients, family and staff. Don’t forget that we offer a 10% discount with free delivery on One Farm products to All Pet clients and staff! That also includes our personal guidance- for example, help with proper dosing and answering any other questions or concerns you may have at any point in the process. We are absolutely passionate about getting this information to parents. We have seen the results in ourselves and our own pets and want to share that with others. Please contact us for more details. You may read my blog on the subject at You may read more about cbd and One Farm by WAAYB while also viewing their products at We keep most pet oils in stock, but we can order anything in their inventory- human or pet. All of their products come with a 100% money back guarantee. (in 5 years I've had one return!)
Our first testimonial is from our very own pet sitter, Joyce.
She put her 95 pound, 13 year old chocolate lab, Dodger, on cbd oil on April 27, 2019. I remember our conversation well. She was very worried about Dodger when she decided to try cbd. They really had nothing else to try with Dodger and he wasn’t enjoying his life. This otherwise healthy boy could not climb stairs or walk very much anymore. And I will never forget our conversation a few days later. Nothing brings me more joy and satisfaction than hearing a pet parent change from being scared and stressed to elated and hopeful, after seeing great results! Here are Joyce’s words about their experience.
“We saw an improvement in Dodger within a few days of starting the oil. He was able to climb our seven deck stairs and walk around the yard again. He has not had any negative side effects.

Dodger has his quality of life back again. His hearing and sight are still good for his age. He plays with his favorite stuffed bird. He eats and drinks very well, and is ALWAYS ready for treats! His only issue was his difficulty walking. I truly believe without the cbd oil we would not have our beloved Dodger still with us. His sisters, Maggie (6 year old chocolate lab) and Haley (9 year old Vizsla) would miss him also.”
Our next testimonial is from All Pet client, Paul R. His “10ish” year old rescue Dachshund, Ginger, has been taking cbd oil for about 4 months. Besides her severe separation issues she is the sweetest, happiest little gal I've ever met. I love her dearly. I have great confidence that Ginger will get to a comfortable level with the separation. We have been experimenting with dosage.
Here is what Paul has to say about he and Ginger’s experience.
“Ginger is a rescue dog with separation anxiety, eliminating almost every time she
is left alone. She also attempts escape, chewing on the bars of a gate used to
confine her to a room with flooring she cannot ruin. There are also signs of
chewing on the bottom of a door. Ginger tears up the piddle pad left for her almost
without exception.
After the first dose, she was much calmer when I returned home from work. From
the second dose onward, not so much. A slight reduction in her over-the-top
reaction when I return or a pet walker arrives after she’s been alone, even for a
short time. No significant change in other behaviors yet.
I am willing to continue with this product knowing anxiety this deeply ingrained will
take time to reduce. Also experimenting with dosage, slightly increasing the
recommended amount based on weight. Producing a behavioral change of this
kind is a slow and steady process that can take years.
Ginger seems to have an issue with her left front leg, limping slightly on occasion.
It seems to happen after she overexerts herself when ‘welcoming’ me home.
Since she’s almost a senior Doxie, I’m hoping the cbd oil will ease any pain and inflammation without the unwanted side-effects of other medications.”
Our next testimonial is from another All Pet client, Sarah S. Sarah’s buddy Mick is a 15 year old Boxer/Pointer mix. He started on cbd oil 9 months ago, as a new client. Mick is also one of my favorite "success" stories. Watching his progress has been nothing short of miraculous. 

Here is Mick’s story in Sarah’s words.
“Mick is a male boxer/pointer mix.  He was adopted from Action for Animals in Latrobe, so he is estimated to be about 15...on his way to 16.
 Mick has been on CBD oil for 9 months now.  Mick was diagnosed with vestibular disease in January 2019.  Up until that point we were very fortunate with minimal health issues.  But at that point, I knew that we were transitioning into a different phase.  It was very important to me that I make his elderly years as comfortable as possible.  He is my best bud.  It is also priority to me to utilize natural solutions in general.  I try to do so for myself, so I wanted to do so for him as well.  CBD oil made so much sense to try for those reasons.

Mick had quite a few issues after the vestibular disease diagnosis - balance (cocked head), thyroid (accidents), and back leg instability (from age and being a big dog).  I have noticed improvements in all three areas.  My friends and family have noticed too.  His balance is so much better and my mom even tells me that his head is less cocked.  He has very rare accidents now when I am at work all day.  His walkers were so patient with that until the CBD oil could start to take effect, and I am so thankful!!!  And he is knuckling a bit but he is able to get around well and I’m sure that it would be worse without the oil.  I would say that the CBD oil began to help with his balance at about 4-6 weeks and with his thyroid within the first couple of months.

 A few side effects that I noticed were he did seem thirsty when he first started to take the CBD oil.  Although, that could have very well been driven by the thyroid issue.  He also does seem to sleep harder now that he is using the oil.  But that could just be his old age...he is going on 16 after all!!!!

 Mick has progressed so much from when I rushed him to the emergency room one night in January 2019 for the vestibular issue.  I thought that I was going to lose him that night but I am elated that we have made it another whole year and he is truly happy.  He is eating like a champ, getting up on couches, looking for attention wherever he can get it, and even playing with bones and Kongs!!!  I attribute his quality of life now to the CBD oil.”
Our next testimonial is from Maureen's sister-in-law, Andrea. A paralyzing fear of flying insects that her female lab developed was a new issue presented to me. Andrea has two labs, one female and one male, both 9 years old. She also put her male on it, since they were expecting a child and he was acting different. I like sharing Andrea's experience because it shows how cbd oil can be used just in periods of major change or stress.
Here is Andrea's fascinating story. 

-How long have your pets been taking cbd oil?
"They both took it for about 5 months. Not currently taking because their anxiety got significantly better but I wouldn’t hesitate to start using it again."

-What are the reasons your pet is taking cbd oil?
"Female dog - fear/anxiety issues related to flying insects or anything that made a buzzing noise.
Male dog - just general anxiety. He has always been high strung, but we had our first (human) child on the way and he knew something was up and started acting different."

-How long did it take to see an improvement?
"After a few days, I could see a noticeable improvement. Within about one week, I felt like both dogs were acting normal again."

-Have you noticed any negative side effects?
"None! My husband would argue that it is “negative” that both dogs are still bouncing off the walls with energy, but for me that is comforting. CBD oil didn’t change their energetic disposition, it allowed them to channel their energy toward things they enjoy rather than anxiety being in control.

Our female Labrador retriever is the most confident dog I have ever come across. In the summer of 2018, she got swarmed by yellow jackets in our backyard and got stung a significant number of times. Of course, she was a little “off” for awhile but ultimately was acting like herself within a short amount of time. Fast forward about 9 months to spring 2019...there was a fly in the house. She started going insane. This was no where near the first fly she had come across in her life but she was acting totally different than I had ever seen before. The fly saga ended with her on the floor in our closet huddled and shaking under the hanging clothes. The closet became her hiding spot over the next few days and she would also go into her cage a lot more than normal. Whenever she was afraid and hiding - she was shaking, hard. You could see from across a room that she was shaking. Seeing her like that felt like someone was ripping my heart out of my chest. My normally crazy, wild, independent girl was so afraid of a silly little fly that she was unable to find joy in anything. She didn’t want to come downstairs, she didn’t want to go outside. I checked in on her with a camera one day while I was at work and she stayed in her cage the entire day - didn’t even go check the window to look at what her brother was barking at. She didn’t want to lay on our bed right outside of the closet where she normally sleeps while we are out and during the night. After the fly incident, we noticed that she would shake in fear anytime she could hear a buzz. A ceiling fan, a neighbor mowing their grass, etc. She cowered in her cage or in the closet for days. This fear came out of no where, so the only thing we can attribute it to is she somehow felt like she was being swarmed again when she heard the fly. Then we started CBD oil. Within a couple days, the shaking was gone. Within a couple more days, she was going outside without having to be lured with treats. Within about a week, I was crying tears of joy because she was acting normal. We continued giving her CBD throughout the summer - now referred to as “buzz buzz season” in our house. After the first week or so noises like the ceiling fan didn’t phase her anymore, but it took a few months for flys/other insects to not cause anxiety. The CBD oil allowed her to cope though, she never again ended up cowering in her cage or the closet. By fall, she wasn’t even reacting to insects anymore at all.

Our male Labrador retriever is a rescue and we were told from the beginning that he had separation anxiety and could not be adopted into a home where he was the only dog because he needed a friend. From day one at home, this boy has been a total weirdo in the best way possible. About 3 years into him being part of the family, I was nearing the end of pregnancy with our first (human) child and his sister, who he looked to for comfort and reassurance in his moments of anxiety, was going through her own anxiety issues. Basically, he could sense that things had changed. He glued himself to me, he could not relax unless he was next to me and even then he was too concerned to be completely calm. Was is anywhere near as bad as his sisters new fear of anything that buzzed? Absolutely not. But CBD oil was helping his sister and I knew he needed some help too. After a few days, he started acting like himself again. He still was very clingy with me, but in a “just checking in” way. We continued to give him (and his sister) CBD oil for a few months after the baby was born to help ease the transition."

Last BUT certainly not last, is a testimonial from Maureen, owner of All Pet and Home Care. A little backstory of my own on her pets: We put Dylan on cbd oil and goat's milk a few years ago when the vet suspected he had leukemia, based on his blood work and some odd behavior. To see Dylan now, you would never know anything was wrong and his bloodwork  has been at normal levels since. I see him at least weekly and you'd never know he is a "senior".  As for Rubin, he basically defies all Boxer odds! He has been on cbd oil for a few years now, also. He gets goat's milk daily. He is 15 years old. He is skinny and arthritic, like every other dog his age, but he is happy and pain free, and still gets around. He is also on a low dose prescribed pain medication from the vet to ensure he is not in pain. This summer while I took care of him he went on walks with me. He is the sweetest old guy you could ever meet, with a flair still for life.
Here is Maureen's thoughts on their experience with cbd.

"My dogs are old although they were younger when they started taking cbd, they were still considered senior citizens at that time.  My Boston Terrier, Dylan, age 13, takes CBD because he has an unexplained extremely high white blood cell count (I cant remember if its white or red cells).  When we found this out several years ago we opted to not pursue further treatment or analysis due to the fact he has just bit my daughter.  If he had cancer I was not going to fight it.  The blood test revealed a probably diagnosis of Leukemia we had not determined “good” or “bad” leukemia.  Like I said he was over 10 and in light of recent incidents I wasn’t pursing treatment.  My vet cannot explain why Dylan is alive today with this count so high.  If he is in fact sick you would not know.  He still runs and plays ball, we go for walks etc.  He has been on cbd oil due to is medical mystery.  My Boxer Rubin, age 15, is on Cbd oil because he is so old and his back end sinks when he stands.  They are both on it because I know it can only help it can’t hurt.

I honestly cannot say I have noticed improvements that I attribute to cbd. Rubin is on other pills as well.  I don’t look for improvements though.  I want to maintain their status quo.

 I have not noticed any negative side effects from the oil and I have not tried any other brands of cbd oil. "
 I wish I could get testimonials from all of the dogs I've seen benefit from cbd oil. I am not exaggerating when I say it is in the hundreds. And out of all of those, only a handful felt they did not reap benefits. I will admit that most of those cases the people may have been a bit too conservative with the doses and gave up too soon. And in a couple cases it was heartbreakingly too late to help their pets. CBD is not a one-size-fits-all. That is why I chose a variety of dogs, ages and situations to represent in these testimonials. I often tell people you will more than likely see results. They can be anywhere between moderate to miraculous.

It is very exciting to get to watch the progress in these animals in particular. CBD can benefit for so many different reasons and it is completely safe and natural, so it is always a good alternative to traditional pain and anxiety medications, for example. 

I want to thank Maureen, Joyce, Paul, Sarah, and Andrea for openly sharing your experiences. I also want to commend you each for being exceptional pet parents. You have really gone the extra mile to ensure your pet is comfortable and happy. And as we all know, that makes for a happy household of two- and four- leggeds!

One more thing I MUST note. If anyone reads my pieces they will know how much I love fermented raw goat's milk and kefir. I mean I built a business around them! Maureen, Joyce and Sarah have been using either of these products for about the same amount of time as cbd oil. I absolutely believe this is an "award-winning" combination. I have lovingly called it the fountain of youth elixir since it kept my late dog healthy and calm through some rough stuff, until the age of 13 1/2. (He wasn't predicted to live past 5 when we found the holistic pet world) So, I feel it is worth noting that.
If you would like to read about kefir or goat's milk, go to .

Business We Love:
The Holistic Pet Nutrition Center

This month we are featuring one of our favorite businesses, The Holistic Pet Nutrition Center. The Holistic Pet Nutrition Center, formerly The Holistic Houndry, provides holistic and organic dog and cat food, natural and homeopathic supplements, interactive toys, and premium American made supplies to enrich and lengthen the lives of your fur children.
 Here is their mission statement:

Our mission is to provide dogs and cats with nutritional and emotional support by offering holistic, organic, and homeopathic products and services to optimize their happiness, health, and longevity. Our goals are to treat every animal with compassion, to make research-based decisions on the products and services we offer, and to conduct all of our relationships with integrity.

They have 1 location in Harmony, PA, at 120 N. Perry Hwy (724-332-6141) and 1 location in Missoula, MT (406-241-3864).

The Harmony store hours are Monday through Saturday 9am-7pm and Sunday Noon-5pm.

Visit their website at

Not only is the store a wealth of information they are also a provider for our Rollaway Dog Cafe! Please visit Ann and her staff today with any questions you may have about your pet's health and diet.

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