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October 2021 Newsletter


- President's Note
- October Meeting Notice
- Dates to Remember
- Save the Date
- ByLaws And Standing Rules
- Ways and Means:
- Campaign Activities
- Americanism
- Caring for America
- Legislative Updates
- Membership

- October C.H.A.T.
- VRW Meeting Minutes

Meeting Notice

Wednesday, October 27th, 2021
Houston Racquet Club, 10709 Memorial Drive 

11:00 a.m. Check-In
11:30 a.m. Program and Lunch
$30.00 Cash/Check only when paying at the door
$30.00 CC/PayPal payments can be made online

NOTE:  The “no-eat” option is not available

 Kindly notify us of dietary restrictions when you R.S.V.P.

 Please R.S.V.P. by Friday, October 22nd, before 12:00 (noon)

 Reservations for the monthly luncheons must be made prior to noon on Friday preceding the meeting.   The Racquet Club requests a headcount on this day so they can make adequate preparations for our lunch. 
Cancellations after October 22nd will be billed.
Thank you.

President's Note

What’s Your Long Game? 

Looking Forward to the Midterm Election

Deanna Harrington, President

This time next year we’ll be in the home stretch of the 2022 midterm election. This is our moment to be part of the solution to today’s ongoing mostly manmade crises.  None of us chose our shared circumstances of the last almost two years—the pandemic, the economy, crime, the border, Afghanistan.  Sadly the list of tragic woes seems to grow daily.  Nevertheless, the silent majority has been poked and is now wide awake.


The primary season is upon us.  Our Republican bench is deep and for that, we should all be grateful for our candidates who are willing to put themselves out there to represent us and to stand up for freedom, democracy, the individual, and capitalism.  I wrote last month how important it is for us Republicans to emerge united from the upcoming primaries.  At the rate the country is going, it’s hard to imagine what we’ll be looking at in November 2022.  What I do know and can predict is that we Republicans will need each other more than ever before. 


As you’re out and about, if you have the opportunity to sign a judicial candidate’s petition, please do so!  If you meet a candidate you want to see elected, volunteer for the campaign!  If you have friends and family who have questions about Republican candidates, answer them!  2022 is all hands on deck, and we’ve got this.

October Meeting Notice

Today’s Media…What Happened? Where Do We Go From Here?

Theresa Kosmoski, VP Programs

Our featured speaker for October will be the Hon. Konni Burton, who has a lot to say about the state of the MSM, and what we can do to turn the tide on the pervasive liberal bias of today’s media.

Konni Burton is the Founder and CEO of The Texan, a statewide news outlet focused on the stories that matter most to Texans and their pocketbook. Previously, she was a grassroots activist who worked on numerous campaigns for local, state, and federal races.
Konni then went on to run for office and was elected in 2014 to serve Tarrant County’s Senate District 10 in Austin. Her experience as a grassroots activist, elected official, and taxpaying citizen provides a unique and valuable perspective on the political landscape in Texas.

Dates To Remember

TFRW Info Click Here
NFRW Info Click Here

Save The Date

ByLaws And Standing Rules

VRW Bylaws And Standing Rules


Carolyn Hodges,  ByLaw Committee

It is that time again to review our Bylaws and Standing Rules and make any needed changes.  On Thursday, September 23, each of you received a lengthy email regarding these changes.

Both the Texas Federation of Republican Women and the National Federation of Republican Women had numerous bylaw changes that we must incorporate into ours as we are part of both organizations.
Our bylaws require that VRW members must have in writing the proposed changes that are being considered at least 30 days before they are to be voted upon.   The vote on these will occur at our regular meeting on Wednesday, October 27.

Besides the TFRW and NFRW changes, there are additional ones that are recommended by the VRW Bylaws Committee.  All of these were addressed in the email sent on September 23 as well as the names of the VRW Bylaws Committee.

Please take some time to review these before our October meeting.

Ways & Means

Round-Up Thank You's

Julie Jaehne, 3rd VP Ways and Means       

Event Chair Julie Jaehne enjoying and relaxing with husband Keith Jaehne, after months of her, and her team's, hard work leading up to the Candidate Round-Up!!! WHEW!

Thank You!!!

Round-Up Thank You’s

•     VRW President Deanna Harrington

*     Ways & Means Vice President Julie Jaehne

•     Campaign Activities Chair Anne Trousdale

•     Newsletter and website chair Sonia Rivera for PR and the artwork design and her committee member Deborah Stewart

•     Registration Chair Eleanor White and Vols Deany Meinke, Membership VP Laura Carlson and Kate Bush

•     Legislative Chair Joanie Bain, Bruce Bain, SJ Swanson, and Stan Stanart for setting up the Judicial Petitions

•     Decorating Committee—Kathy Froehlich, Punita Valambhia, Gail Bullion, Kathleen Herzog, Renee Swartz, Lauren Taylor

•     Our VRW Board—1st VP Theresa Kosmoski, Treasurer Nancy Scott, Directory Chair Beverly Roberts, Historian Susan Brown, Neighbor Engagement Chair Susan Mathews, Community Engagement & Americanism Chair Mary Grace Landrum, Corresponding Secretary Ellie Skelton, Chaplain Penny Remick, Parliamentarian & 60th Chair Carolyn Hodges, Recording Secretary Nolia Rohde, Hospitality Chair Carolyn Torrigino,

•     David Postma, Houston Police Organization of Spanish Speaking Police Officers (OSSO), The Allan Hendrickson Band, the Cadillac Bar & Grill, and our Servers

A Special Thanks To Julie Jaehne, the Event Committee, and Deanna Harrington, VRW President for all their hard work putting this together, and also thank you to our candidates, guests, and supporters for making this a phenomenal event!

Click Here To View More Photos

Campaign Activities



Why Do We Count Your Hours?

Anne Trousdale, Campaign Activities

Third-quarter hours are due; that's July, August, and September.  Send hours to Deadline is October 10.
What are campaign activities hours? They are any time you spend doing political activity type work. Anytime that advances the Republican philosophy and policies.
 Here are some examples:
  1. Gathering signatures on petitions for candidates or issues includes the time taken to have these notarized and submitted.
  2. Attending GOP meetings and events
  3. Training, preparation, travel to and from, time spent doing, and the cleanup!
  4. Hours working as NFRW, TFRW, or club board member.
  5. Time spent at the club's monthly meeting does not count, but your time to get there does! Any time you spend working at the meeting IE working the sign-in or membership table etc.
  6. Club officers and committee chairs/members may count time spent on required duties. You may count time on duties as an individual or in committee meetings held at a time OTHER than the club's Regular Business meeting. Due to the nature of Club Board Meetings, those who attend  Board meetings may count the travel to and from the meeting AND the time spent at the meeting.
  7. Pachyderm meetings, Concerned Women of America, any group supporting conservative ideals.
  8. Fun stuff counts. The rallies, dinners, fundraisers (Candidate RoundUp). CHAT 8/18
  9. When in doubt about “does it count?” ask yourself
  • Will this help get a candidate elected?
  • Am I informing voters about a candidate or issue?
  • Is this helping to pass legislation?
  • Is this supporting Republican philosophy?
Why do we count?
“Because it's a tangible demonstration of the work our members do. It's great to translate hours to dollar's worth of campaign work that a candidate did not have to raise or spend.” Theresa Kosmoski, TFRW Past President.

See the judicial signing event below. Bring friends, neighbors. Pass the word.
Excerpts from The TEXAS MINUTE  When is the Primary? Redistricting?
  1. With candidates already having announced campaigns for 2022, many of y’all have reached out to ask “when will the primary elections take place?
  2. The answer is…it depends. 
  • The reason goes back to redistricting. Every decade, Austin lawmakers engage in the contentious process of redrawing representative district boundaries based on demographic information provided by the federal decennial Census. These districts span the federal to state levels and include the jurisdictions of state senators, state representatives, and U.S. representatives.
  • The Texas Legislature has a specified number of seats, which include 31 state Senate districts and 150 state House districts, meaning that the boundaries of the districts will change, but not the total number of state lawmakers.
U.S. congressional representation is different. The number of allotted congressional districts changes based on Texas’ share of the overall U.S. population. This decade that number has increased from 36 to 38 districts.
  • Normally this process would have taken place during the regular session earlier this year. However, COVID-related delays from the census bureau meant that lawmakers didn’t receive the data needed to draw the maps until late summer.

Lawmakers are slated to tackle redistricting during the third special session, which will convene on September 20. That process is often contentious, however, and could span into additional special sessions. So what does that mean for the primary elections? 
During the second special legislative session, Texas lawmakers passed a plan to reschedule next year’s primary elections depending on when new district maps are approved.
Senate Bill 13, signed by the governor last weeek, sets new dates for the 2022 primary candidate filing period, election, and runoff, based on when a redistricting plan adopted by the Legislature becomes law:
If new maps are done by November 15, 2021
Candidate Filing: November 29-December 13, 2021
Primary Election: March 1, 2022
Primary Runoff: May 24, 2022
If new maps are done by November 16-December 28, 2021
Candidate Filing: January 10-24, 2022
Primary Election: April 5, 2022
Primary Runoff: June 21, 2022
If new maps are done by December 29, 2021-February 7, 2022
Candidate Filing: February 21-March 7, 2022
Primary Election: May 24, 2022
Primary Runoff: July 26, 2022


We Must Persevere!
Voter Registration Continues....


Mary Grace Landrum, Community Engagement and Americanism


Village Republican Women conducted Voter Registration at The Abbey at Westminster Independent Living Center on September 7.  Marilyn Kent, Mary Grace Landrum, Beverly Roberts and Anne Trousdale were the Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrars.

Caring For America

VRW Makes Education a Priority

Village Republican Women were proud to donate dictionaries to all 96 third graders in support of Spring Branch ISD’s literacy initiative.  This version is more like a mini-encyclopedia with information beyond just word definitions.  Several students said that their siblings were still using theirs from years past.
Learn More About Dictionary Day. 
"Once again, thank you so much for your support and kindness!" Mary Grace Landrum, Caring For America Chair
Save the date

It's That Time of Year Again!!!
Please save food donations for December. 

Gift cards are accepted at any of our Fall meetings. 

What goes with “Caroling” at Christmas?  “Caring” does!   Once again, Village Republican Women will be helping to care for our neighbors through donations to the West Houston Assistance Ministries.  Let’s fill the WHAM truck with items for their food pantry like we did last year. 
Not a shopper?  No problem!  At our December meeting, we will collect food items and gift cards to Kroger or HEB or cash donations.  WHAM plans to serve 500 families and give each either a $45 gift card for families up to 4 members or a $60 card for those with larger families. 

Have some fun and gather your VRW buddies to sponsor a family or two.  We’ll provide you with a card to sign. 
Just a few images from 2020 giving.

Legislative Update

What is Important on the November 2, 2021 Ballot?

(Early voting October 18- 29)



Joanie Bain, Legislative Chair

It’s October and we have an election starting on October 18th!  Yet, everything seems eerily quiet.  What is on the ballot?  Why aren’t we seeing campaigning for the November 2021 elections?  Maybe it’s because everyone is focused on November 2022 to hopefully undo the damage that has been done by the Biden administration and the Democrat-controlled Legislature.  Please don’t forget about 2021!  There are many important issues including proposed amendments to the Texas Constitution! 

The Texas State Legislature can refer statewide ballot measures, in the form of constitutional amendments, to the ballot. Texas requires a two-thirds vote in each legislative chamber to get a constitutional amendment on the ballot.  Because the legislature convenes odd-numbered years, most amendments have been on the ballot in odd-numbered years. 2021 is no exception.

As of September 25, 2021, eight proposed amendments were certified to appear on the November 2, 2021, ballot. Here they are:
To see the exact wording of each Proposition, GO HERE:

FOCUS On The Judiciary:
Proposition 4 is designed to ensure that we have qualified judges.  The Amendment would require the following qualifications to run for Judge:

Texas Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals: To serve on the Supreme Court or Court of Criminal Appeals, a  person must be at least 35 years of age, licensed to practice law in Texas, a citizen of the United States, and a resident of this state at the time of the election, and either a practicing lawyer in this state for not less than 10 years or a practicing lawyer and state court or county court judge for not less than 10 years and that during those years the person’s state license has not been revoked, suspended, or subject to probated suspension.

State District Judge: To serve as a district judge in this state, a person must be licensed to practice law in Texas, be a citizen of the United States, be a resident of this state, for the two years preceding the election and during the term of office be a resident of the district, and have been a practicing lawyer, a judge or justice of a court of this state, or a combination of both for not less than eight years, and that during those years the person’s state license has not been revoked, suspended, or subject to probated suspension.

LOCAL Elections:
The November 2021 elections also include many local Joint General and Special Elections.  To see your sample ballot, GO HERE:

Senate Bill 1, which will go into effect December 2, 2021, includes legislation that will impact the way Texas Elections are conducted. To see the full text of Senate Bill 1 GO HERE:


Welcome New Members!!!

Laura Carlson, 2nd VP Membership


October C.H.A.T. 


VRW September Meeting Minutes

VRW September Minutes

Nolia Rohde, Recording Secretary

Minutes of VRW General Meeting
September 22, 2021

President Deanna Harrington called the meeting to order at 11:32 am.
The invocation was delivered by Chaplain Penny Remick. Eleanor White led us in the pledges to the flag.
Mrs. Harrington welcomed everyone and introduced the elected officials, candidates, and guests. Minutes from the May 26, 2021 meeting were approved. 
Beverly Roberts gave the report from the Nominating Committee. The officers are as follows: President - Julie Jaehne; 1st VP - Joanie Bain; 2nd VP - Laura Carlson; Ways and Means - Punita Valambhia; Corresponding Secretary – Ronnye Cowell; Recording Secretary – Deanna Harrington; Treasurer – Susan Brown. Eleanor White suggested the outgoing officers prepare something so the person coming in will know her responsibilities.
Mrs. Harrington reported on behalf of the following committee chairs.
Treasurer’s Report
Savings $19,469.76
Checking $50,045.69
PP $3,870.45
A copy of the September P&L delivered to the board is on your table, and Nancy has extra copies if you’d like to ask her for one after the meeting.
Ways & Means
Thank you to the Candidate Round-Up 2022 Campaign committee and volunteers.  Please raise your hand if you worked the Round-Up. Our event was a huge success!  The candidates loved it and were really motivated!
During the Round-Up, we launched our new Fill the Purse Fundraising Campaign.  This will be an ongoing donation drive so we can provide support in getting all Republicans elected and keeping Texas Red.  There are forms on the tables for you to take. Please consider a donation to this campaign or share it with someone who wants to help.
Legislative Report
1.    Third special session of the legislature started Monday, 9/20/21.  The main thing on the agenda is redistricting. Texas is gaining two additional House of Representatives seats.  
2.    Congratulations to our club.  Several of our ideas made their way into the election integrity bills that are now law, including provisions increasing penalties for public officials who fail to follow the law.
•       Thank you to everyone for joining or renewing your membership for 2021. We have 69 new members and a total of 200 full members.
•       Also, thank you to everyone who attended our CHAT events during the summer. We had two successful events, in June we had the 87th Legislature recap from Jim Murphy and in August we learned about Critical Race Theory with Will Hickman.
•       On October 8th, we are having a Members’ mixer with special guest Commissioner Tom Ramsey Harris County Precinct 3. We will be sending details with more information and how to register for the event in the next few days.
Community Engagement
If you would like to thank members who conducted voter registration drives this month at The Abbey at Westminster and Hunters Creek Farmers Market, they were:  Judy Brett, Ronnye Cowell, Marilyn Kent, Mary Grace Landrum, Beverly Roberts, and Anne Trousdale
Campaign Activities
3rd quarter campaign activity hours are due -July, August, and September. Report your hours to Anne Trousdale. Look for an e-blast.
Bylaws Committee Carolyn Hodges, Chairman
Today, all of you will receive an email from VRW regarding our Bylaws and Standing Rules.  Our bylaws require that if changes to these documents are being considered that the membership be informed 30 days prior to a vote being held on those changes.
At our October 27th general meeting, the changes will be presented to the membership for a vote.  The changes being considered are substantial due to TFRW and NFRW requiring many of them.  Please look over these proposals and be prepared to vote at our next meeting.
Joanie Bain introduced the guest speaker, Catherine Engelbrecht, founder and president of True the Vote. Mrs. Engelbrecht informed us that True the Vote won their lawsuit against the IRS. She spoke about elections and how the process has been manipulated. Two problems facing elections have been unregulated drop boxes and dirty voter rolls. She emphasized that we now have lots of good laws, but there is a lot of misinformation, and lots of work to be done.
The meeting was adjourned at 12:52.
Respectfully submitted,
Nolia Rohde
VRW Recording Secretary

LET's Keep Texas RED!

Sonia Rivera,
Newsletter / Website Chair

Email Questions and/or Comments to Sonia Rivera at
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