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[ID: A banner with a white background. On the top, there is text that reads, “#NotForSocialMedia”. Underneath this, there are three cartoon characters doing various silly things. In the bottom right corner, there is white text that reads, “The HEAL Project.”]
[ID: A graphic with a photograph of a cuttlefish in the ocean. There is text on the graphic that reads, “Animals, Whaaa?! 7: Don't mind me, I'm just a gender-bending suitor! Cuttlefish, like other squid, change their skin color for camouflage. They've also figured out how to use their talent for seductive purposes. Smaller male cuttlefish take on female colors to bypass the hostile gaze of bigger rival males. Simultaneously, they manage to display male colors on the half of their body that is visible to females. This gives them a chance at mating without interference of bigger males! @heal2end. Source: Live Science.”]
The September edition of #NotForSocialMedia is here to kick ass with more funny (but serious) sections! 

Quick reminder, if you haven't yet, make sure you come to our CAUTION Watch Party on Wednesday, September 28 from 5:30-7PM EST on Zoom. We're gonna watch the first episode of the second season (Family Dirt) together and talk about it! It'll be a good time, so RSVP here.

September is the anniversary of RASHIM, so we're doing a social media takeover AND opening our Just Healing Training interest form. If you wanna be the first to get notified about the next training, add your email here

Also, we still have some open dates for speaking events this fall. If you want to bring us to your organization or campus, email us at Take a look at the plethora of programs we offer, here. 

Read on to learn and laugh with us =) 
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Kids are talking about abortion and we get to help them make sense of it. Teaching abortion rights through discussions of bodily autonomy and access to healthcare and reproductive agency is much more empowering to young people and their place in this world. This is why Health & Reproduction is one of the pillars of RASHIM!
[ID: A 4-panel 2x2 comic strip. The title of the comic series is RASHIM & Friends. The title of this comic is “young people & abortion”. The first panel has a red cartoon character who is crossing their arms with an angry face with text to the left of them them that reads, “I don't know where my kid has learned this stuff about "abortion rights", as if anyone should have the right to end a life. Expense and inconvenience doesn't justify abortions. It's just wrong to be OK with abortions!” The second panel has a green character looking confused with text that reads, “Well...does rape and sexual assault justify abortions? You gotta admit we can't just ban all abortions. Maybe your kid has a point?” Next to them there is the red character with their hands up with text that reads, “That's just an excuse. Kids need to learn to value life above all!” The third panel has the blue cartoon character frowning with text that reads, “Alright, let's stop trying to get people on our side by focusing on rape as the reason against banning abortions. Instead, we can agree that fewer abortions are better! Pregnant people are always going to need or want an abortion. What kids need is better education about their health & reproduction, and also the value of their life to self-determine!” The fourth panel has the green character dancing with text that reads, “Honestly, I am proud of young people today for learning so quickly that nobody gets to take their bodily autonomy away!” The red character is sulking in the corner with text that reads, “hmph…” At the bottom of the graphic, there is gray text that reads, “@heal2end, Learn more at”]"


Whether you are an advocate, a survivor (see next section), or both, you know that navigating sexual violence gets complicated fast. 

One example is finding yourself at the intersection of justice and healing. Seeking justice, especially through carceral systems, is hardly enough for healing, yet it is often sold as such. Not seeking justice has its own set of dreadful consequences. What is one to do?!
[ID: A meme split into 2 halves horizontally by an artist named Jake Clark. The top section has a hand reaching for two buttons. The first button reads, “Justice”. The second button reads, “Healing.” The bottom section has a person sweating with the text, “Navigating sexual violence.”


What do you call yourself when:
  • Your body is claimed whether by your boyfriends, father, or relentless street harassers; 
  • Your mother taught you to deeply fear sex, nude bodies, and penises; 
  • You can't remember the details, but your body knows it was violating.
We call it... a survivor. Living and breathing in the Culture of Sexual Violence comes with a burden that many people are forced to carry. Survivorship does not mean one is done healing. Yet, many survivors are transforming the trajectory of healing from sexual violence through breaking their isolation, witnessing each other, and building collective power.
[ID: A graphic with a black chalkboard background with a drawing of a paper airplane with a trail behind it on the left side. There is white text that reads, “Survivor, noun, related to: victim, culture of sexual violence. A survivor of sexual violence is anyone who is living with the experience of surviving The Culture of Sexual Violence. These experiences may be one-time or recurring, criminal or legal, macro or micro-aggressive, and threatening or actualized. Survivor is an umbrella term (some may use "victim" or "victim-survivor") for personal identification, community building, and institutional change. @heal2end,”]


  • Zepp Wellness has a rent relief fund for Black sex workers in the South. Three $500 offerings are available at this time. Learn more and apply here by September 30.
  • ROOT is having a Healing Conference and Clinic with lots of great workshops and presenters. There are sliding scale tickets, and if you are a resident of Oakland you can register for free. Sessions have started and will continue through November. Learn more and register here.
  • Our amazing and talented colleagues, Bianca Laureano, PhD, MA, CSES and Cory Silverberg, MA, are presenting a SAR training for practicing and emerging sexuality professionals. The Advanced ANTE UP! SAR: Youth Sexuality will focus on positive youth development, racial, reproductive, disability, gender, and media justice. Learn more and register for this Oct 20-21 event here.


Thank You 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
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