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What's in this month's newsletter? 
  • When community comes together to share joy and sorrow;
  • Addressing our family dynamics to end sexual violence;
  • Transformative and restorative justice is taking global roots;
  • What does climate justice have to do with domestic violence;
  • Putting our relationships where our abolitionist values are;
  • Normalizing sex and sexuality from intersex to ace.  
Greetings Friends;

Autumn is officially here and so are the colorful leaves and sweater weather. We are ready to pump up the work and bring you more content and programming. 

The Caution Watch Party is happening in two days but there is still time to register for this FREE event. We will be releasing the episodes every two weeks, and we want to prepare you all for what's coming

This September marks the release anniversary of the Rivera-Azad Sexual Healing Integration Model (RASHIM), and so much has been in the works in the past year (not to mention RASHIM & Friends =)). We offered the first comprehensive training on RASHIM, Just Healing 101, last May, and are working to raise funds for more offerings, including the development of Just Healing 201. If you want to be the first to get notified about the next Just Healing Training, join this mailing list.

This issue is full of goodies, especially for our abolitionist friends, so read on =) 
We're Excited About...
...the Community Think Tank, a new way to connect with members of our community whose work and mission deeply aligns with ours

During these casual online gatherings, we will brainstorm, discuss hot topics, share our joy and sorrow, and build community. The Community Think Tank was birthed after reviewing our advisory board applications. We wanted to keep our board small, yet so many amazing people had applied.

We realized we needed a space to stay in community with all the wonderful people doing the incredible work of sexual liberation, preventing sexual violence, and most importantly, surviving life itself. If this is you, we humbly ask that you grace us with your presence and fill out this short form to join us. 
 [ID: An off-white graphic with a white rectangle on top and a blue rectangle in the middle. In the white rectangle, there is text that reads, “Community Think Tank.” In the blue rectangle, there is text that reads, “An online community conversation with The HEAL Project featuring hot topics, brainstorming, skills and joy sharing, holding space, taking the pulse, and building community!” Next to the text, there is a green cartoon character dancing with 3 pink hearts, a light bulb and an exclamation point on top of them.” Under the blue rectangle, there is text that reads, “Fill out a short form and join today:” In the bottom right corner, there is a gray keyhole.]
Caution: Unrestricted

Season 2 Watch Party is almost here! 

After months in production, this Wednesday we are releasing the first episode: Fear Makes A Family. Considering how rare it is to find spaces for honest conversations about family dynamics, make sure you come prepared for a deep dive into the land of emotions. A word of caution (aha!): please read our content warning for episode one and also check out the trigger & self-care guide ahead of time.

CW: "Please be advised that this episode of Caution includes descriptions and mentions of childhood trauma, street harassment, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, oppressive family roles, fact-checking child sexual abuse, abusive patterns in family dynamics, alienation, forced obedience, and crushed curiosity."

RSVP for the Watch Party on Wednesday, September 28 from 5:30-7 PM EST. 

 [ID: A graphic with a gray background.There is text on the left side that reads, “Caution Unrestricted, Season Premiere, Episode 1: Fear Makes A Family, Sign up for the watch part & Q+A:, Wednesday, September 28, 5:30-7 PM EST, Zoom, @heal2end. Swipe left for more. On the right side, there are two bumble bees and 3 blue hexagon shapes in the form of a honeycomb. In the bottom right corner, there is a blue and yellow honeycomb.]
Friendly Introductions

We are joyous to introduce Dee, a queer, anti-violence organizer and researcher in Bangalore, India.

Dee initiated Alternative Justice in early 2020 to build anti-carceral strategies to address conflict, harm, and abuse in India. Dee's anti-violence work is guided by the principles of restorative and transformative justice, rooted in an abolitionist praxis and focused on building meaningful and accountable relationships

Along with her co-organizers, Dee facilitates accountability processes that don't rely on the police, the criminal legal system or other punitive structures for victims and harm-doers. She also works as a restorative practices facilitator with Enfold India - an organization that works towards preventing child sexual abuse.

Sign up for Dee's newsletter, or follow her work on Instagram (@alternativejustice) and twitter (@altjusticein). 

[ID: A graphic with an off-white background until the middle, then a gray divider and a pink blue on the bottom. On the top half of the image, there is a photograph of Dee. Dee is a queer brown person. She has short brown hair and is wearing a nose ring. She has a gray tanktop. In the background,there are frames one of which has a bottle in it. On the bottom half of the image, there is gray text that reads, “Dee, Anti Violence Organiser and Researcher, Accountability & RJ Facilitator,”]
Media Spotlight
  • In this recent article, Claudia Boyd-Barrett highlights the connection between environmental disasters and the rise of domestic violence (DV). As wildfire evacuations continue to soar, an increasing number of people are seeking rescue from DV. Boyd-Barrett's interviews with hotlines and shelters confirm the desperate need for both short-term solutions (food, shelter, healthcare), as well as long-term remedies (addressing climate change) to end domestic violence. 
  • In The Importance of Sex Education, Paulette Delgado connects the lack of comprehensive sex education to the rise of porn as the primary source of sex ed for young people. Studies repeatedly show that young people need information about their bodies, sex, and relationships much earlier. Not surprisingly, lack of sex education has led many young people into believing that porn represents the reality of sex and relationships.
  • Alfaro Escapeda's story is a harrowing account of surviving childhood trauma and sexual abuseAbigail Pesta details Alfaro's journey as a young Hispanic gay man who was kicked out of his home to fall victim to sex trafficking. As a male victim, Alfaro's struggle to seek help echoes the fate of the many male survivors who suffer silently.
 [ID: In the center of the graphic, there is a photograph of a wildfire. On the graphic, there is text that reads, ""About six months after the fire in November 2018, calls for help to Catalyst Domestic Violence Services in nearby Chico where Hernandez works surged and remained high for the rest of 2019. The agency went from helping 122 Camp Fire survivors affected by domestic violence during the first six months, to 223 in the six-month period after that. Associate Director Jackie Kent believes people in domestic violence situations initially put off asking for help as they faced the immediate emergency of the fire and its aftermath, but began calling once their basic survival needs were met." -Claudia Boyd-Barret. Preparing for Wildfires With Evacuation Plans, Emergency Supplies – And Domestic Violence Awareness. @heal2end.” In the bottom right corner, there is a black version of the heal2end logo.]
Book us!
This Ain't The Love Boat is a new program that we have been waiting to offer. Here is an excerpt from the description so you can feel the excitement too:

"Are you an abolitionist wondering how to restructure your relationships to reflect your values? Our sexual, romantic, and platonic relationships are bound by rigid moral, cultural, and legal structures that dictate what types of sex, love, and care practices deserve recognition and legitimization, leaving behind anyone who doesn’t play along. We examine common pitfalls of relationships, and how you can craft connections that are anti-capitalist and anti-carceral. "  

We are presenting this program for the first time at the upcoming S.L.A.M conference on October 28 at 12:15pm EST. You can also always book us to present this workshop or any of our other programs.
[ID: An off-white graphic with a blue hearts in the background. In the center, there is a black square with a green rectangle underneath. There is text that reads, “New Program on reconstructing our relationships to match our abolitionist values.This Ain’t The Love Boat: Transformative Relationships for Abolitionists. Advanced Workshop by Ignacio Rivera and Aredvi Azad. @heal2end.” On the right side of the graphic, there is a gray boat with three cartoon characters in it.]
Sexual Liberation Calendar
  • In October 1987, Domestic Violence Awareness Month was observed for the first time to unite personal and institutional efforts for prevention of domestic violence (DV). Reports show that over 10 million adults experience DV in the US each year. Research confirms the coexistence of DV and Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) in families. 
  • Jiz Lee and Courtney Trouble created International Fisting Day to celebrate this misunderstood sex act. Fisting is not only censored in porn but also is often seen as shameful and controversial. On October 21, activists, fisting lovers, and sexual liberationists from around the world take pride in the joy of fisting
  • October 26 marks Intersex Awareness Day to commemorate the Boston physicians who protested the medically unnecessary and invasive surgeries performed on intersex children. Intersex traits cover a wide range of natural body variations and sex characteristics that may or may not be visible. Intersex surgeries violate the bodily autonomy of young people and are a normalized form of sexual violence. Learn more @intersexjusticeproject @anunnakiray @pidgeon @emilordy.
[ID: A graphic with an outline of a yellow ringed notebook. On the page of the notebook, there is text that reads, “October: Domestic Violence Awareness Month; October 16-22: Invisible Disabilities Awareness Week; October 21: Fisting Day; October 23-29: Ace Week (Asexual Awareness Week); October: Intersex Awareness Week; Sexual Liberation Calendar,”]
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