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Cultural Newsletter - 24th July 2020

Some ideas to discover Francophone culture

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Véronique Sanson, Vianney - Chanson sur ma drôle de vie

This week we introduce you to the meeting of two artists: Véronique Sanson is an icon of French chanson from the 80s and 90s, and Vianney is a contemporary pop singer. 
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Demain c'est loin- Thomas Szczepanski
A short movie with English subtitles

A highly-qualified young Frenchman, Vincent, has come to try his luck in Geneva. But, very quickly, he becomes disillusioned. Alone and in a precarious situation, he swings between stealing and lying to keep his head above water. But for how much longer?
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Discover the high standards of the Paris Opera School of Dance thanks to this video that immerses you in the daily life of the students . 
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L'infirme - Guy de Maupassant
Short story

The narrator Henry de Bonclair, magistrate, meets Captain Revalière, whose two feet have been crushed by a cannonball. The latter goes to Madame de Fleurel, whom he loved and to whom he was engaged when she was still called Mlle de Mandal. But she abandoned him when she learned he was crippled... 
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Our Culturethèque selection
Hasta Dente ! - Léon Bonnafé
An audio serie in 11 episodes to be listened to in 3D sound, preferably with headphones.

In a provincial town, two policemen, Matteo Razzoni and Karim Meziani, are charged with investigating a seemingly innocuous case: the discovery of a cache of ramen, delirious leaflets on the advent of the "Flying Spaghetti God" and some photos of a deputy. 
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Expression of the week 

"Démarrer au quart de tour"
Lose one's temper easily

This expression comes from the automotive field, referring to quarter-stroke engines that run as soon as a quarter turn of the crank or ignition key is given.
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