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Welcome back!

A new school year has begun at U of T, and Mech Club is prepared to make the most of it, ready to make the coming school year a fun, enriching, and exciting one for all Mech students. We have a whole host of events and opportunities already planned out, with many more still to come.

Mech Club has seen various changes and improvements to its facilities and resources over the summer, with the MIE Common Room and Study Room being refurbished, as well as the Mech Club website being entirely revamped. 

More details about the changes to Mech Club can be found in the sections below, as can information about upcoming events, Mech Club services, and Class Rep elections.

On the behalf of the entire Mech Club team, we wish you a successful, fulfilling, and fun year!
Phil Cuvin
Mech Club Communications Director
Mech Club Updates
Common Room Renovation
The MIE Common Room and has been re-furnished and repainted over the summer, and is ready for use by Mech and Indy students! Some new features include a greater number of seats and tables, a separate area for the ping-pong table, and a better use of floorspace, due to the moving of the vending machines to the back of the room. The Study Room remains under renovation, but will contain video game systems and a Foosball table when complete.
Mech Club Lockers
Lockers in the Mech hallway are now available to be rented for the 2019-2020 school year! They can be rented for the whole year (Fall, Winter, and Summer sessions) for 25$ for Mech students, and 30$ for non-Mechs. The lockers are first-come, first serve, so please fill in this form if you're interested in renting a locker. More details about payment are also located on the aforementioned form.
Upcoming Events
Mech Club Book Smoker 
Date: September 12th, 2019, 10 AM - 12 PM
Location: MIE Common Room (MB225B)

Do you want to save money on textbooks, or want to offload old textbooks that you don't need anymore? Come to the Mech Club Book Smoker on September 12th, 2019, and find excellent prices on textbooks. The Book Smoker runs from 10 AM to 12 PM, and will be located in the MIE Common Room. More information about the event can be found on this Facebook event post.
Mentorship Kick-Off 
Date: September 17th, 2019, 6 PM - 8 PM
Location: MIE Common Room (MB225B)

Learn more about Mech Mentorship and how to get involved at this kick-off event, open to those interested in becoming mentors and mentees. Food and refreshments will be provided. Please fill out this form if you're planning on becoming a mentor, and fill out this form if you want to become a mentee. 
Opportunities at Mech Club
Class Rep Elections
Every year, Skule and Mech Club hold an election for Mech Class Representatives, one for every year from First to Fourth, including a PEY rep. These representatives are elected from the year group from which they represent, and are voted on by their peers. A Class Rep's responsibilities are to represent their discipline's year group at certain Faculty meetings, to serve as a voice for your peers to their instructors, and to organize events for your peers. Further details about what this role entails are listed in this document.

One has to be nominated to run for Class Rep, and nomination period runs from Wednesday, Sept 11 at 9 AM to Monday, Sept 16, at 5 PM. To run, fill out a Nomination Form and submit it to the Engineering Society Office at SF B740 (next to the Pit). Voting begins commence on Friday, Sept 20 at 9 AM and close on Sunday, Sept 22 at 5 PM.

Currently, the vacant Class Rep positions within Mechanical Engineering are for First-year, Second-year, Third-year, Fourth-year, and PEY representatives. Please write to anyone at Mech Club or if you have questions about Class Reps.
Mech Mentorship
Mech Mentorship presents an excellent opportunity for both new Mech students and upper-years. For new students, it's a great way to learn about life in Mech and U of T, and also a great opportunity to meet people from within your program. If you want to be become a mentee, and learn what's what in Mechanical Engineering, click here to sign up for the Mentorship kickoff event, happening on September 17th.

For upper years, Diana Bermas, the Mentorship director for this year, has created a letter (below) detailing why joining Mentorship is a good idea for upper years.

Hey Upper Years! 
Do you want to be more involved in the Skule community? Are you looking to gain leadership experience and build upon your communication skills? Want to make new friends and build long-lasting relationships? If you answered “yes” to any of these, it’s time to join Mech Club’s Mentorship Program! The Mentorship Program allows first years (mentees) to smoothly transition into University by being paired up with an upper year Mech student (mentors).

Mentors will be in charge of a small group of mentees. The main responsibilities include: hosting socials to get to know your mentees, giving them advice, answering the questions they may have about the program or university, being reliable and overall providing a helping hand.

Furthermore, the Mentorship Program will be hosting events throughout the year to make sure groups keep in touch. THIS MEANS FREE FOOD!!! 

The kickoff event is on the evening of September 17th (Tuesday); more details will be sent out shortly.

If you're thinking of attending, please sign up for the event on this form.

Diana Bermas
Mech Club - Mentorship Director 

New Banner Logo
As you may have noticed, Mech Club's banner logo looks outdated, and needs to be retired in favor of a more modern design. To this end, Mech Club has opened submissions for its new banner logo to the general Mech Community, and we encourage those with artistic and graphic design experience to try and create a banner logo for us.

The conditions for the logo's design are that it must be in a landscape arrangement, must be at least two times as long as it is wide, and must incorporate some element related to mechanical engineering. Aside from that, you are welcome to be as creative as you'd like with this logo.

The person whose logo we choose will be recognized on the Mech Club newsletter and Facebook group, and will get a choice of two free pieces of Mech merch. Please send all submissions to before November 31st, 2019. Happy designing! 
Mech Community 
UTDL Solidworks Workshop 1
Date: September 11th, 2019, 6:30 PM - 8 PM
Location: MB123

This workshop goes over the basic features and tools that can be used to create a part in Solidworks. From sketching to extrusion and shelling, learn how you can create a model of your design that you can then 3D print. Sign up for this event at this link.
Mechanical Engineering Basketball Team
If you are interested in joining the MECH ENG basketball team, becoming a part of an awesome brotherhood, and taking down other disciplines’ basketball teams, then apply here and we will send you the tryout dates. Good luck!
Club Recruitment and Advertisements
U of T Global Brigades
The following is a message from Rich Stuivenberg, chair of the U of T chapter of the Global Brigades, a humanitarian club.

Global Brigades is the world’s largest student led organization that is dedicated to improving health and economic disparities in under-resourced communities in Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras and Ghana. Student volunteers from universities all around the world collaborate with community members to execute programs under the holistic model of sustainable development. These programs function together to support the long term development goals of the community as opposed to a “band aid” solution that provides only temporary change.

We have recently started an engineering brigade here at the UofT Chapter of Global Brigades. The brigade will allow students to travel to Honduras for a duration of 7-9 days at the beginning of May. Students will work with local engineers to design a clean water system in a rural Honduran community. The system will improve access to clean water and reduce the incidence of waterborne disease. If you are interested in learning more about how to participate, follow our FB page to stay updated:
( We are also currently recruiting executive members for the new school year, so be sure to apply if you are interested. The application is on our FB page.
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