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Announcing a 3rd Public Offering of the Developmental Sprint®

Earlier this month, we launched our first-ever, available-to-the-public offering of our Developmental Sprint® process.

We have been incredibly gratified and inspired by people's response to this opportunity.

We are pleased to be able to offer a third public Developmental Sprint®, and we hope you will consider joining us for this rich, energizing, developmental experience that our Chief Knowledge Officer, Dr. Robert Kegan, has described as, "a stand against the virus on behalf of the possibilities of our continued growth and development, even in the midst of the other kinds of distraction or overwhelm that any of us might understandably feel."
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Dr. Robert Kegan, TDE's Chief Knowledge Officer, offers a special welcome to participants in a public Developmental Sprint®

Developmental Sprint® Launch Workshop Participant Reflections

Outstanding. This was tremendous. I'm thrilled that I was able to be a part of this.  Thank you.

I'm feeling incredibly lucky and grateful to be in this group.

I have been overwhelmed by everyone’s vulnerability this morning.

Thank you so much! This was so helpful and worth waking up early for.

The ITC map was unexpectedly revealing for me. I feel energized about the journey ahead.

Amazing to get to define first experiments in such a short period of time.

Developmental Sprint® FAQs

Andy Fleming, CEO of TDE, describes the Developmental Sprint® 
Question: I’ve participated in a Developmental Sprint. It was really powerful. How can I explain what makes it special to friends not familiar with TDE’s work?

Answer: The Developmental Sprint® combines deep insight, social accountability, fast action, and sustained impact in a way that no other improvement process does.

Here’s a deeper look at what makes it special:

It’s grounded in the science of human development. The Developmental Sprint® uses the Immunity to Change (ITC) framework created by our colleagues, Bob Kegan and Lisa Lahey, renowned Harvard researchers/faculty/authors. For over 25 years, they’ve developed, deployed, and honed this singularly powerful tool (used by coaches and organizations around the world) that provides rich insights into one’s self-limiting patterns and powerful strategies for overturning them.

It makes development a team sport. You quickly bond with a small crew of colleagues who provide support and accountability for moving beyond your old patterns. This social accountability leads you to conduct experiments and reflect on them with a discipline that would be otherwise hard to sustain.

It works at the level of mindset. You come away with changes in your thinking and action that are much richer and more sustained than the typical “New Year’s Resolution,” willpower-based approaches to improvement. And you gain confidence that you can make positive changes in other dimensions of your life.

It’s highly focused. You go deep on one improvement goal rather than broad on 2 or 3. And, paradoxically, you find that going deep on one goal has a positive impact on many dimensions of your work and life.

It’s time-efficient. The 4-week cycle leads to fast action. And the time that you do spend in workshops and peer coaching is typically quite energizing and helpful with your current work and life. The web-based app used in the Sprint adds to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the process.

Question: How do I choose an improvement goal for a Developmental Sprint?

Answer: Ask yourself, "What is a self-improvement goal that excites me personally and would make a real difference in my work and/or life right now if I could make big gains on it?"  You could also ask others (manager, colleagues, spouse, partner, friends) for feedback on what they would suggest as "One Big Thing" for you to work on.

Question: What are the weekly time requirements for the Developmental Sprint?  How much face-to-face time do we need with one another?

Answer: The total time commitment will be 8 hours.  There will be two group workshops held over Zoom.  The Launch Workshop is 3 hours; the Closing Workshop is 1 hour.  During each of the intervening weeks, peer coaching groups will meet for one hour using a protocol that we'll provide.

Question: If we're participating as a team, can we choose to all be in the same peer coaching group?

Answer: Yes!  You'll see an option on the registration page to request the specific people you want to be together with in your peer group.

Question: What do I need to do to prepare to participate in the Developmental Sprint?

Answer: There is no pre-work required to participate in the Developmental Sprint®.  However, people often report having a richer experience if they spend some time reflecting on a meaningful improvement goal ahead of the Launch Workshop.  (See our answer above on choosing an improvement goal.)
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