Asbestos Disposal Management Plan update

In February 2021 Sustainability Victoria launched the Asbestos Disposal Management Plan (ADMP) to increase accessibility to asbestos disposal across the state.

What we’ve been doing

SV has been connecting with stakeholder groups to design a safe asbestos disposal network, supported by appropriate infrastructure and guidance to minimise risks to staff, service providers, customers and the environment.

We’ve been collecting information to understand the challenges and opportunities and establishing strong links across government to inform implementation of the ADMP.

What we’re hearing

In introducing the ADMP to stakeholders over the last few months we’ve heard that:

  • The highest priority for all is ensuring worker/public safety. 
  • The ADMP is broadly supported. 
  • It's recognised that there are complex implementation challenges that need to be carefully addressed - and with the right groups at the table. 
  • Illegal dumping and mismanagement of asbestos in other waste streams is an ongoing concern and resulting clean-up costs are high. 

What's next

The next six months will be busy as we confirm infrastructure and service needs for our asbestos transfer sites. These sites, ideally located at existing waste facilities, will provide for short-term storage and consolidation of small quantities of packaged asbestos before it is transported to licensed landfills for disposal.

We’ll work with stakeholders to identify potential locations for pilot asbestos transfer sites. And, to support the safe management and disposal of asbestos at these sites, we’ll develop an operational support package and a communications package, which will include key resources and templates.

Thank you

We’d like to thank everyone who has been incredibly generous in contributing their time and knowledge to date.

Get in touch

We look forward to working together to deliver this important program that will ensure Victorians have greater access to safe asbestos disposal options. We’ll keep you informed as it progresses.
If we haven’t spoken to you or your organisation yet, or you’d like to know more, please email us and we’ll be in touch.

Warm regards
The ADMP Team at Sustainability Victoria. 

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