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Dear Stanford Community,  

As we approach the halfway point of the quarter, we want to let you know about two important events occurring this week: the Rally for Affordable Housing on 10/22, and the Faculty Senate’s consideration of a resolution in support of Chanel Miller on 10/24. Please read on to learn how you can lend your voice to these important efforts! 
Rally for Affordable Housing - October 22nd

Stanford is seeking approval for a General Use Permit (GUP) to expand Stanford’s academic campus over the next 15-20 years. This expansion will determine how our campus population will grow, the type of housing built on campus, transportation regulations, and much more. 

As a part of our mission to engage students outside of the Stanford bubble, we support a GUP that includes the maximum amount of affordable housing for workers, outlines equitable transportation standards, and requires mitigations for the impacts that this expansion will have on surrounding low-income communities.

We encourage you to attend the rally and public hearing on the GUP this Tuesday, October 22nd, at Palo Alto City Hall. The rally will begin at 4:00 PM, and the hearing at 6:00 PM.

You can also voice support for full mitigation and affordable housing for workers by:

To learn more about the GUP process, you can read about Stanford’s proposed community benefits and SCoPE 2035’s demands for full mitigation, as well as Santa Clara County’s Conditions of Approval and the Planning Commission’s recommendations. You can also check out this Daily article and op-ed on the GUP and its impacts.

Many thanks to the Stanford Coalition for Planning an Equitable 2035 (SCoPE 2035) for helping to organize these opportunities for involvement. To learn about further ways to participate, please contact our Directors of Community Responsibility, Lizzie Alvarado Ford ( and Olivia Fu ( or fill out this form if you are interested in joining the ASSU Committee on Community Responsibility.
Supporting Chanel Miller - October 24th

cw: mentions of sexual violence

Last week, the Undergraduate Senate and Graduate Student Council both unanimously passed a resolution calling upon the University to install a plaque with Chanel Miller’s chosen quote in the contemplative garden that marks the site of her assault. This Thursday, October 24th, Erica will be presenting the resolution for consideration by the Faculty Senate. 

Students, faculty, staff, and concerned community members are planning to pack the room in solidarity with Chanel Miller and other survivors of sexual violence. We encourage you to attend the meeting and show your support. You can RSVP here; the meeting will take place in Jordan Hall, Room 40 (please only RSVP if you can commit to attending, and plan to arrive at 3 PM). We also encourage you to consider signing this petition calling upon Stanford to make Chanel Miller’s Know My Name one of Stanford’s Three Books (required reading materials for incoming first-year students).


Erica Scott, ASSU President (she/her)

Isaiah Drummond, ASSU Vice President (he/him)

Remy Gordon, ASSU Executive Chief of Staff (he/him)

Lizzie Alvarado Ford, ASSU Executive Co-Director of Community Responsibility (she/her)

Olivia Fu, ASSU Executive Co-Director of Community Responsibility (she/her)


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