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Hey Stanford!

We hope you all had a restful winter break. As we begin Winter Quarter, we want to take a moment to update you on what the ASSU Executive has been up to. We’re excited to say that we’ve accomplished, or are currently working on, nearly all of the goals we set out to achieve at the beginning of our Executive term. In the last eight months, we have:

  • Collaborated with Students for a Sustainable Stanford to offer $5 airport shuttle rides to hundreds of students (subscribe here for future shuttle updates!)

  • Advocated for Chanel Miller and survivors of sexual violence at the university’s highest levels

  • Partnered with the Haas Center to increase the visibility of public-sector jobs on campus

  • Worked to incorporate student ethical priorities into the ASSU’s investment practices

If you want to learn more about our present accomplishments and future plans, make sure to scroll down for all of our updates and announcements. As always, if you ever have questions about our work or want to get in touch with us, we encourage you to shoot us an email.

In This Issue:
Provide Input on Stanford’s Budget

The ASSU Executive will soon have the opportunity to present to the Provost's Budget Group, the University body that advises the Provost on how to allocate Stanford’s budget. Vice Provost Susie Brubaker-Cole generously gave 15 minutes of her hour with the budget group to us so that they could hear directly from students. We want to make sure that everyone has a chance to have their voice heard, and so we’re asking for you to share your funding priorities with us. Please fill out this survey to share anonymous feedback with us, and feel free to email us if you want to provide more in-depth suggestions.

Join the FLI Advocacy Committee

Please consider joining the ASSU Special Committee on FLI Advocacy. We have subcommittees focused on food security, mental health and wellness, FLI Space (community center designation and FLI dorm), residential life (co-pays), course affordability, and a FLI guide. We are open to more ideas for subcommittees as well! If you would like to join our group, you can fill out this form! Our committee is completely open - there is no application, and this survey is just to gauge your interest in subcommittees.


Calling all graduating seniors/co-terms/graduate students!

Need a full-time job after you graduate?

Looking for team and project management experience?

Want a fun and dynamic work environment?

Apply to be the next Stanford Student Enterprises CEO and ASSU Financial Manager!

As ASSU FM/SSE CEO, you'll manage full-time staff and over 100+ student staff, oversee a multi-million dollar budget and investment portfolio, and set the direction and vision for five enterprises (and potentially launch new ones)! Apply with your resume by Friday, January 24 @ 11:59pm. See more info here or on Handshake.

What is the Constitutional Council? 

The ASSU Constitutional Council is the branch of ASSU tasked with resolving constitutional conflicts between other ASSU branches or between members of the association and ASSU. All Stanford students are invited to attend all meetings of the ASSU Constitutional Council. As the Constitutional Council meets on an ad hoc basis, members of the community are invited to subscribe to our email list in order to receive notice of meetings.

If you have any questions or comments, they may be addressed to the chair of the Constitutional Council, Viktor Krapivin, at

Executive Cabinet Updates

Affordability, Grace Achepohl and Irán Roman

Over the course of the quarter, we were excited to see the food pantry continue to grow and serve hundreds of people. Along with efforts to work on food insecurity, dependent healthcare was a main focus for Co-Directors Iran Roman and Grace Achepohl. Joined by other activists, Roman met with VPGE, VPSA, and Vaden administrators to discuss the future of dependent healthcare. Undergraduate and graduate students shared their stories navigating this unaffordable health care plan. Because the administration did not provide a solution yet, the Dependent Healthcare Emergency Fund was created by student activists from all across campus. We are continuing to pursue projects to advocate for food insecurity and healthcare affordability on campus. If you have any suggestions or would like to work with us on these issues, please do not hesitate to contact us at or


Mental Health and Wellness, Vianna Vo

Last quarter, I focused on increasing access to mental health resources as well as exploring ways in which support systems on campus can be improved. Along with a dedicated team, I have been advocating for a feedback system to be implemented in the graduate schools to support students in advisor-advisee relationships. This quarter, I am looking forward to planning a campus-wide summit on mental health and establishing routine community conversations to encourage communication between students and administration.


Disability Advocacy, Rachel Wallstrom

Disability Advocacy on campus has piloted many new projects this school year as well as kept up our advocacy for a Disability Community Center and increased Disability Studies curriculum. In Fall Quarter, ASSU co-sponsored the founding of a new student group called S-DOES (Stanford Disability Organization Empowering Students), which has already hosted events for the Stanford Disability Community and plans to continue supporting and empowering Stanford’s Disabled Students. In partnership with the Stanford Disability Initiative, we became the first university to launch a project to solicit accessibility reviews in courses. And finally, the Disability activists on campus have been preparing to apply for long-awaited community resources, such as a staffed community center. 


Residential Living and Social Life, Jesus Cervantes

Last fall, I worked on the search committee for finding a new Assistant Vice Provost for ResEd. I'm excited to have Cheryl Brown, the current Meier RF and director of Frosh 101, taking up the role starting this quarter! I also worked on a ResX Committee to outline the new RA+/ETA+ roles where we outlined what these roles and responsibilities should look like and submitted recommendations to Stanford admin. These changes were announced over break and I'm looking forward to spending the rest of the year working on adjusting staff training to reflect these changes and better support student staff! I'm also looking forward to getting involved with the Stanford Social Project and finding ways to bolster social life on campus!


Sustainability and Environmental Justice, Kelsie Wysong and Ayoade Balogun

Last quarter, we were able to work with SSS and other campus partners such as the Haas Center and the TomKat Center to organise bus shuttles to the airport for both Thanksgiving and Winter Break. Combined, we were able to sell 600 shuttle tickets which saves a lot of money and carbon! We are looking forward to continue with these shuttles for future breaks! Additionally, we are happy to be partnering to help plan and grow Earthtones! Look out for more info soon! 


Academic Freedom and Political Engagement, Megha Parwani and Andrew Dallakoti

During Autumn Quarter, the co-Directors of Academic Freedom and Political Engagement hosted a public screening of the November Democratic primary debates, featuring free meals and drinks as well as a post-debate debrief session. Andrew Dallakoti and Megha Parwani also worked closely with Stanford Votes to advance various initiatives including incorporating voter registration with Axess enrollment. Finally, they developed an ASSU committee on Political Engagement to collaborate with the ASSU Senate as well as other key stakeholders to jointly host deliberative dinners and political engagement events heading into the 2020 U.S. election cycles. They are excited to continue this work in Winter Quarter!


Community Responsibility, Lizzie Ford and Olivia Fu

In Fall we hosted an inaugural Worker’s Appreciation event, and supported campus workers throughout SEIU 2007’s contract negotiation with Stanford. We also advocated for Stanford to be accountable to our workers and the local community throughout their General Use Permit application. This quarter, we look forward to piloting a Marguerite extension for campus workers living in East Palo Alto, increasing workers’ accessibility to STAP funds, and continuing to build a stronger relationship between students and service workers on campus through teach-ins and worksite visits.


Erica Scott, ASSU President (she/her)

Isaiah Drummond, ASSU Vice President (he/him)

Remy Gordon, ASSU Executive Chief of Staff (he/him)