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Dear Stanford Community,

We want to take this opportunity to invite you to apply to serve on the newly-formed Judicial Charter Review Committee (aka “the C-10”) as well as to clarify the Committee’s membership, purpose, and goals.


The Committee will be composed of four students, four faculty, and two staff. The student representatives will be one ASSU Senator, one Graduate Student Councilor, and two at-large students selected through the Nominations Commission (NomCom) process. This allocation is intended to ensure broad representation from both the undergraduate and graduate student populations.

Over the last few weeks, the ASSU has advertised the two at-large NomCom positions using email listservs. However, we now realize that sending emails to individual listervs was not a sufficient way to reach the entire student body, which is necessary for an issue of this importance. We hope that this all-campus email encourages students to apply for these two at-large seats. NomCom applications will be open until the end of Winter Break (see the “Apply Now” section below for more details).


The Committee is charged with examining whether the current Judicial Charter and related policies create a system of student accountability that aligns with the values and needs of today’s campus community, including fostering student development and learning. 

Specifically, the Committee should first examine whether the Fundamental Standard requires interpretative refinements and whether the University should continue to operate under the Honor Code as written for matters of academic integrity. The Committee should then determine whether amendments are required to the Charter in order to align our administrative processes with our community values. 

If changes are required, the Committee should create a Judicial Charter of 2020 and related policies to be implemented in the next academic year. Finally, the Committee should make recommendations for how to ensure that our student accountability system can continue to be relevant and a part of the campus culture for future generations at Stanford. 

Additionally, some students have expressed concerns that the Committee is specifically focused on changing the burden of proof used in Office of Community Standards cases. We would like to clarify that, according to the charge, the Committee is intended to broadly consider the judicial process in its entirety. All of the questions listed in the committee charge represent important ethical, philosophical, and practical considerations that are an integral part of any comprehensive conversation about the judicial process. Because the burden of proof is a central aspect of this process, it is natural that the committee should discuss it during its review of the Judicial Charter.

Apply Now

The full charge for the Committee can be found here. If you are interested in serving on the Committee, please email the Nominations Commission with a resume as well as a short letter detailing why you would like to join the Committee by the end of Winter Break

We strongly urge you to consider applying to the Committee, and if you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Erica Scott, ASSU President (she/her)
Isaiah Drummond, ASSU Vice President (he/him)
Remy Gordon, ASSU Executive Chief of Staff (he/him)
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