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Dear Stanford Community,

Today marks our final message to you as your 2019-2020 ASSU Executives. At the end of this email, you can find a link to our End of Term Report, which details what we and our partners have accomplished over the past year, as well as a few last announcements.

First and foremost, we want to thank each and every one of you for entrusting us with the responsibility of being your elected representatives. It has been a distinct privilege to support and elevate your voices on such important issues as installing Chanel Miller’s plaque, pushing for housing and transportation equity, and advocating for service workers. We especially want to recognize the students we worked alongside this year who poured untold amounts of time, energy, and passion into making Stanford a better version of itself. We – and this institution – are forever in your debt.

We also feel compelled to acknowledge the uncertain reality we are currently facing. When we took office as your Executives a little over a year ago, we never could have imagined that this is how our journey would end. While this year has taught us how student government can be a force for positive change, it has also painfully exposed the limits of our office. When our student body was confronted with the back-to-back horrors of a global pandemic, an economic recession, and an escalation of racial violence, we sought to do everything in our power to support students, all while knowing that it could never be enough. Thank you for the solidarity and grace you have shown us during this difficult period. At a time of ugliness, we leave office knowing that Stanford is filled with people who genuinely care about one another and the world around them.

Though we are exiting our roles amid great uncertainty, we have complete faith that next year’s student leaders will continue to fight for student welfare and positive institutional change. We are proud to pass the torch to our successors Munira and Vianna, two incredible advocates with whom we have had the honor of working this year. However, not all student leaders hold official titles or elected positions, and long-lasting change requires our entire community to fight for what is right and just. This year has made us more acutely aware of the privileges that we all carry as Stanford students and the power we possess to work for a better tomorrow. Our Stanford educations must be indispensable tools in the effort to fix the systems that, as we currently see, are failing far too many.

This effort starts with the changes we make on campus. This institution may often seem too bureaucratic or stuck in its ways for you to make a meaningful difference; however, we assure you that certain things are worth fighting for. The arc of change at Stanford can be long, but history has shown us the power of student voices and sustained activism. Organize, support one another, and continue to make progress. Some days will be easier than others, and at times the only way forward will be to take a moment to rest. Although we are leaving office, we are confident that you all will pick up where we left off.


Erica Scott (she/her), 2019-2020 ASSU President
Isaiah Drummond (he/him), 2019-2020 ASSU Vice President
Remy Gordon (he/him), 2019-2020 ASSU Executive Chief of Staff

End of Term Report

We’re releasing our End of Term Report! This includes updates about the initiatives that we worked on this year and the projects that our Cabinet worked on. Check it out to see how the ASSU has made progress on some of its most important issue areas. Also, be on the lookout in the coming days for an application to be on next year’s Executive Cabinet.

Please find the report here.

Statement of Solidarity From Black Student Leadership

In case you missed it, we co-authored a statement of solidarity alongside other Black ASSU leaders as our country reminds us yet again of its pervasive racial injustices. An excerpt:

“To our fellow Black students: we know that many of you are and have been putting in enormous amounts of physical and emotional labor, whether it’s by protesting on the front lines, educating non-Black people, or by pushing for change in the spaces and institutions you occupy. We thank you deeply for this labor, which we know is both incredibly taxing and virtually always unpaid. We also recognize that many of you might not have the capacity to do this work right now. We encourage you to check in with yourselves and do whatever is necessary to protect your physical and mental health, whether that’s taking a break from the news/social media, spending time with family and friends, or taking a step back from academic and extracurricular commitments — others must understand that business simply cannot go on as usual for us at the moment.”

Please find the full statement and attached resources linked here.

Graduate Student Addresses

Graduate students: Stanford wants your updated mailing addresses! With hectic and unplanned moves away from campus, the University would like to ensure that they have the most up-to-date address so that it can send you important information and documents regarding graduation. Please make sure to go into Axess and verify that your mailing address is current. If you need help finding how to do this, please refer to this FAQ page and look at the response to the question “How do I change my mailing address?”

Thanks for your help!

WWY@22 Podcast

The Stanford Social Project has begun a podcast for students to connect to Stanford mentors from, faculty, administration, and staff, listen to what they were doing at the age 22, and hear about the journeys they took to get to where they are. Tune in to hear about the unique and winding paths of Stanford community members. Some changed careers multiple times throughout the years, some had no job or plan after high school or college graduation, some had to rethink their entire future after a life-changing incident. Especially as Stanford seniors looking towards the future, these stories have been incredible in showing us that it's okay to make mistakes and change directions, and each person also offers their own advice for navigating the future.

If you are interested, you can find the podcast here.

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