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Activities during the quarter
In the last quarter, the department addressed two items from the FY2021 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) plan. All departmental committees began a process to review their responsibilities of each committee across the spectrum of DEI goals and revise as-needed committee practices to align with our goals. We also established a calendar that the Cell & Developmental Biology (CDB) admin team uses to celebrate holidays, events, and remembrances from different cultures and religions in the CDB Friday Newsletter and on social media. This calendar is the starting point for our goal to raise awareness and celebrate annual events that are important to our entire community.

CDB also prepared a document to help the CDB community understand how to report and to whom to discuss harassment and/or discrimination experienced or witnessed. The Misconduct Reporting Process may be found on the CDB intranet.
Opportunities to grow/learn
The Office of Health, Equity, & Inclusion (OHEI) offers 15-minute yoga sessions via zoom, Monday through Friday, 8:45-9:00 am. If you are in the lab at this time and need a quiet place to take the class, please contact Karen Lang or Lori Mirabitur, who can help you schedule a CDB space to enjoy the yoga experience. Join the yoga session on Zoom Monday through Friday mornings.

Stepping-In for Respect is a new training opportunity available through the University of Michigan (U-M) Organizational Learning. Workshop participants learn and practice strategies for how to step in when witnessing or directly experiencing disruptive behaviors. Learn how to turn difficult conversations into productive ones to stop disrespectful behaviors and create our desired culture. You can choose from two different sessions, one for non-clinical settings and one for clinical settings. There is no charge for the workshop.

Continue to support women and minority-owned businesses. Find vendors through the U-M Strategic Vendor site and Washtenaw County.

Mohi Shakibafar, CDB Communications Specialist, is working on an updated Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion website for CDB. The new site will include a collection of resources. Here is a sneak peek at the resources page!

Holidays and celebrations
As we transition into spring, CDB will feature multiple holidays and celebratory events in the upcoming weekly newsletter and on social media. Look for the Celebration of Diversity Month, Easter, Ramadan, Vaisakhi, First Day of Ridvan, Earth Day, Lesbian Visibility Week, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day, Mental Health Awareness Month, LGBTQ+ Pride Month, and Juneteenth. The U-M Office of the Provost provides a list of 50 religious holidays through his academic year. For a recap of what was highlighted this past quarter
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