We kicked off Monday with an intro into what mental health awareness week is and why it’s important – especially in the busy times we are currently facing! It’s ok to not be ok and it’s ok to talk! Sophie P and I will continue to be available for Tea and Talk far beyond this week – even if it’s just for a confidential rant so please do make use of us!
Hannah provided some really cool apps to download (I can vouch for Noisli – it made my train journey to Wales last weekend bearable) so do have a look at them – and also if you know of any then please share with the team!

Tuesday started with a team healthy breakfast which everyone seemed to enjoy – and for those of you who took the time to eat with each other rather than at your desks – thank you! We will be looking to make this a more regular thing and get people together for a bit of chill time before the day starts more often so watch this space!

Wednesday started with yoga in the park which was a fantastic start to the day. Even better that we had the pleasure of a tiny dachshund puppy for the first 5 mins which set the tone for the day. Again this is something we will look to do more regularly as the weather gets better! Also massive shoutout to Hannah P for being such an awesome yoga teacher!

Thursday’s lunch in the park was unfortunately cancelled due to bad weather – so we had it inside instead. Thank you to everyone who took the time to join!! We will have lots more opportunity to have picnics outside too.

Finally, we really hope that you have all enjoyed your little gift. Taking time for yourself is such an important part of life and we know that in busy times we can really let this slip. So please do us all a favour this weekend and pour the tea and light the candle and just relax. Put your phone away and pick up a book or have a bath or whatever you need to do to take some time for you – but please do it!

And finally – thank you so much for Seven Hills for making an amazing donation of £150 to the Mental Health Foundation!

We really hope that you have taken something from this week – whether it’s a new found love for yoga or 5 mins to enjoy your tea. Mental health awareness is hugely important and we want to ensure this is something which is recognised throughout Seven Hills. Stress and anxiety are things which can sometimes over take your life and we are here to help!
Sophie and I have a huge number of resources at our fingertips and we are more than happy to share them with everyone – so please don’t feel afraid to ask.
Below are some great blogs and resources for you going forward:
Hannah P’s awesome blog:
Mental Health Foundation:
Anxiety UK:

Happy weekends

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