Dear customer,

Our Christmas meal has been digested and New Year’s Eve is upon us. As we are entering the last days of 2020, this seems to be the right moment to look back on last year. Despite 2020 being challenging, we can keep our chins up when looking forward to next year.
The Covid-19 pandemic has affected each of us, and we were no exception. Measures had to be taken in our offices and production department in order to ensure business continuity.
Additional flexibility was required, as we were confronted with unprecedented highs and lows in terms of order processing. We ascertained remarkable differences between the different regions and sectors that we supply.
This situation was made even more complicated, as bad harvests resulted in limited availability of some of our items. Extreme weather conditions and persistent drought were to be blamed for these failed crops.
Renewed quality certificates

 Despite these difficult circumstances, we did everything we could to provide the quality and service that our customers expect. That we managed to do this, is underlined by us obtaining BRC grade AA+ and IFS Higher Level. We are very proud to have received this quality label after an unannounced audit that took place in 2020.    

Looking forward to 2021
This recognition makes us even more motivated to face next year’s challenges. We have already started preparing next season’s acreage and we are very much looking forward to continue our good co-operation. We await your inquiries and requests with great enthusiasm!
To further strengthen our close cooperation we invite you to have a look at our new company movie. Here is our link.

Finally, we can be proud - proud of our colleagues, proud of our suppliers, and of our customers, as together we stand and keep on going !Keep safe!

Warm regards,
Our Pasfrost-team
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