Business Web Services with C71

As of Wednesday, May 18th, 2022, a reference number must be obtained by any business or individual wishing to transfer the ownership of a non-restricted firearm. This comes into force under Bill C71.

On Friday, May 13th, CSAAA gave its members the opportunity to join an informative and interactive webinar discussing Bill C71, offering clarification and answering any questions.
CLICK HERE to see the transcripts from that meeting, and full details with our Q&A on Bill C71.

CSAAA is offering an overview of how the Business Web Services will be used to obtain a reference number for a non-restricted firearm sale/transfer of ownership as of May 18th.

Important points to be mindful of:

- Your business and your customer(s) must know exactly which email is on their RCMP account. Without the email address, a reference number can not be obtained online, and the contact center must be used.
- Individuals/consumers are encouraged to ensure their Individual Web Services portal has an accurate email on file that they will remember.
- Individuals selling/transferring a firearm to a business must log in to their Individual Web Services portal to obtain a reference number to sell to that business using the online services.
- Consignment firearms must be transferred to the business from the seller, with a reference number. Upon purchase, the business must obtain a reference number to transfer that firearm to the new owner/buyer.

How To: Obtain a Reference Number Online

  1. Log into your Business Web Services portal on the RCMP website.

  2. Under Transfers you will have a list of options:
    - Buy Firearms from a Business
    - Sell Firearms to a Business
    - Sell Firearms to an Individual
    - Sell Firearms to a Public Agency
    - Print Seller Transfer Notification
    - View Outstanding Transfers
    - License Verification for Non-Restricted Firearms Transfer to an Individual
    - License Verification for Non-Restricted Firearms Transfer to a Business
    - Print a License Verification Notice for Non-Restricted Firearm Transfers

  1. Select “License Verification for a Non-Restricted Transfer to an Individual (or a Business)” (depending on which you are transferring/selling to)

  2. You will be prompted to enter the buyer/customer’s License Number, Date of Birth and E-Mail Address on file at the RCMP or for business to business transfers, the Business License Number and E-Mail Address on file at the RCMP. All three fields are required. If information is missing, you must call in.

  1. After selecting “continue”, a screen will pop up with “Individual (or business) Client Confirmation” to confirm the buyer. You must click “Continue” to confirm that the information is correct.

  1. A notice will generate on the screen with the “Seller’s license verification notices” as well as the “Buyer’s (customer’s) license verification notices” in both French and English (these will be email automatically to both the seller and buyer) confirming the reference number.

    The highlighted portion of this notice (below) is your reference number. The reference number is the number that you must keep on record.

    * The “Transaction Number” can be referenced if you must call the call center in the case that a reference number gets revoked. The expiration date is the expiration date of that reference number.
    * CSAAA has requested that the RCMP make these services available to other languages as well.
    * If the buyer’s license is revoked, or expires in the 90 day window, a notice will be sent to both the buyer and the seller.

Incorrect Information Entered

If there is any information incorrectly entered you will get a “The provided information does not match any records in the system.”. If this happens, double check the information. If the customer insists that the information is correct and the message still occurs, you will have to call the call center to proceed any further.

Reprinting Notices

Businesses may click on the last bullet; “Print a License Verification Notice for Non-Restricted Firearms Transfer” to see any notice that was the issuance of a reference number previously.

A list of notices will appear. At this time, there is no way to search through or sort these notices. We have recommended that that feature be added.

Reference Number Not Issued

If a reference number cannot be issued, then often the buyer’s license has been revoked, expired, etc. At that point, the call center must be contacted to see why a reference number could not be entered. You may quote the “Transaction Number” to the call center.

CLICK HERE to read our Bill C71 Discussion and Q&A Webinar for full details.
Members are encouraged to contact CSAAA if they have any further questions.


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