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Have you ever had a song burned into your brain because that's all you ever hear on the radio or it was from your youth? All you want to do is never be reminded of it or have to listen to it again on the radio; so each and every time it comes on you immediately change the station! These days for me it's the news of the dreaded words: COVID-19!, COVID-19!, COVID-19! I would love to never read, nor hear of these words again. Oh, and Coronavirus! And Hydroxychloroquine!

The most frustrating part of what we are experiencing as individuals and here at M.C. Van Kampen is literally out of our control and we are stuck dealing with the impact everyday with customers, state mandates, and rules on face coverings (all different of course - depending on who you talk to and where you deliver!). I'm sure we may all be in some level of agreement on this; however, let me say that my words and thoughts in no way take away from the seriousness of the harm of the virus and its impact on ones health!

We have been fortunate as a company not to experience this with an employee at M.C. Van Kampen that we are aware of today. This I'm sure is because as a group we are taking the necessary precautions when traveling and entering our facility as well as customer sites.

Even though the virus has not impacted an individual's health,
M.C. Van Kampen has been impacted by the shutdown of customers and reduced volumes of shipments from a couple of our core customer base. We are expecting more slow down from our furniture shippers over the next month again and wanted you to know we are replacing this business with our other non-furniture customer base - similar to what we had done back in April / May. Again, this is not something anyone can control and we as a company will have to adapt sooner than later. This means what the usual loads we have will be different going forward for the near term.   I would love to tell you when it will change back, but our customer base is reacting to the same impacts on their business. Our forward looking volumes remain good in the food sector and we will continue to focus on this for the near term and through the end of the year.

We thank you for your service! Let's continue working together through these crazy times!

Stay Safe!
Dave Wozniak, Jr.
Vice President
If you have packages and mail sent to the office,
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We have been informed by USPS that any packages and mail with the old address will no longer be delivered to our new office starting at the end of this month, if not sooner.

On June 1, 2020 FMCSA revised the Hours of Service (HOS) regulations to provide greater flexibility for drivers without adversely affecting safety. Motor carriers are required to comply with the new HOS regulations starting on
September 29, 2020 and not before.
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Mark your calendars for September 19th to come out and support Luke Tanis and his fight against cancer. You can find more details on this FB event page.
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