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July 2020 is shaping up to be one of the warmest on record across the US and here in Michigan. This is measured by how many days in a row the temp is above 90 degrees (well, this is how I measure it anyways). With these extreme temperatures, please take precautions when managing refrigerated temperatures for hauling fresh temps.

**Important Notice** Never deviate from the temperature setting we send you on the order. Trust that the trailers will do the job! If you turn a reefer setting to 32 degrees to cool lower because you believe the box temp is running warm, it will freeze the produce. A good rule to follow is never set the reefer below 34 degrees! Some shippers require a lower temp while loading and this is fine, but change it back to the temperature we sent in order once loaded.

Pre-cool trailers prior to loading. Another precaution to take is to require the shipper to check the temperature of the product before loading if possible! This will ensure that produce is loaded at the proper temperature.

We know that A/C units in tractors are a priority and we are doing everything possible to maintain the units. Keep in contact with the shop to make sure we stay on top of these items. Summer is definitely upon us!

Stay Safe!
Dave Wozniak, Jr.
Vice President

The entire office has officially moved down to 5976 Clay Ave. Thank you for your patience as we get settled in.

If you have packages and mail sent to the office,
YOU must personally change the mailing address / let your creditors know the new address A.S.A.P.
Do not try to forward your mail as you are unable to do that for a business address. Also, we are not able to take care of this for you.

Below you'll find PARKING MAPS (leftside) and
ENTRANCE MAPS (rightside) for the new office.


Before you upload pictures, please make sure the paperwork MATCHES the load number. If you don't see the load number check that you have filtered the dates correctly. You're welcome to call the office with questions about the app.

For billing purposes, we still need you to turn in ALL original paperwork within a reasonable time frame.
As the number of vehicles on roadways decreased in March and April, average speeds measured during the first week of April increased significantly in the five largest U.S. metropolitan areas. According to recent data, the average speed on interstate highways, state highways and expressways in those areas increased by as much as 75% compared to January and February. From coast to coast police have clocked highway speeds up to 106 mph.

To address this alarming trend of increased speeding on our roadways during the pandemic, CVSA selected speeding as the focus area for this year's Operation Safe Driver Week, July 12-18. During this week-long traffic enforcement safety initiative, law enforcement personnel throughout North America will be looking for drivers who are engaging in unsafe driving behaviors on our roadways. Identified drivers will be pulled over by law enforcement and may be issued a warning or citation.
Our mailing address is:
5841 Clay Ave. SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49548

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