Success at the Start!

High school is stressful enough. But, being a new student and from a underprivaledged background makes it even harder. Feeling overwhelmed is normal and teachers nurture struggling students. Despite all this, three of our form 1 (grade 7) students have done extremely well!

After just one term of high school, Sarah (left), earned an A- average.
Richard (middle) and Leah (right) both earned a B+.

Sarah and Leah are from a very poor Maasai area and would not have attended high school if not for your donations. Richard has no living parents and, as an orphan, was without hope. Due to your help through ECPK, he can say, “I once was lost but now am found!”

These exceptional marks were earned even though the term has been accelorated to make up for time lost due to Covid 19 school closures.

We are proud of these three and all of our students!

Help us do more!