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It's warm out there, so don't forget your sunscreen and water bottle!
Dr. Goff and Dr. Gray were captains in the Team Building Olympics at the SGO Fellows Forum this week. They also gave talks on research presentations (Dr. Gray) and the importance of mentoring (Dr. Goff).

These comments were received between April 6-13, 2019:

"I am extremely impressed with the UW Medical Center.  I have informed my children that I shall NOT move closer to them because of Dr. Eschenbach…..He has basically saved my mental health by finally finding someone who understands my health problem and his help has been invaluable.  I would follow him to the ends of the earth….."

"Dr. Eschenbach was easy to understand and he and his resident were attentive."

"Gretchen Lentz is wonderful! I would recommend her to anyone who needed her services!"

"Great experience, I will be back." (Dr. Miller)

"There for second opinion. Dr. Doll was excellent as were her NP and MA."

"Both Dr. Jennie Mao and Paris (receptionist) were very helpful."

"Dr. Urban was so knowledgeable. She took time to explain the procedure, the potential problems, and drew pictures on a female boy image so it was completely clear. My husband, my son, and I were very impressed with her approach."

"Dr. Mendiratta is always wonderful. I trust her very much."

Dr. Prager and Dr. Taub appear in the documentary "Our Bodies, Our Doctors" which won Best Documentary Feature after its global premiere at the Portland International Film Festival in March. The film will screen May 30th and June 1st at the Seattle International Film Festival. Members of this department are going to the 6:30pm screening on May 30th and will meet at Agave Cocina for dinner at 5pm. The film is a positive presentation of the leadership in the Pacific Northwest around abortion care. For more information about the film, go to 
Woodland Park Zoo's super-cute new baby giraffe was born Thursday, May 2nd! He was born with a condition affecting his hind legs called "hyperextended fetlocks," so he now wears a custom pair of therapeutic shoes. He will likely wear the shoes for a few months. Besides this, the unnamed boy giraffe is healthy, nursing, and has gained 15 pounds since birth. (PHOTO: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren)
Dr. Brown says he is not left-handed and that this bumper sticker was probably on the door 10 years ago. This is on the door next to Keith and Caroline's office at UWMC. The knob on this door is to the right.
The squishies and stickers for grown-ups are in BB-633. Annie belongs to them. 
Family Planning minds own this clever construct. Kelly is rumored to be involved in its creation.
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