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Staff Pet Therapy at UWMC resumes Thursday, May 30th
Oly is back from vacation! Meet him 1:30-3:00pm Thursdays in the Volunteer Services Room NN-303 (across the hall from Pacific Elevators on the 3rd floor).

Dr. Neal-Perry is the best doctor I have worked with. She is incredibly compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable. I prefer to see her over my GP. I cannot express my appreciation for her enough. Thank you. [Genevieve Neal-Perry]

Everyone is very kind. [patient of Emalee Danforth, University Reproductive Care]


Dr. Raymond is the best doctor that I have ever had. I recommend her to everyone that I know. She has improved my quality of life daily. She makes my husband and I feel very welcome there. She always warms the room with a smile. [Licia Raymond]

Very thankful to have found Dr. Raymond. It was the most informative and helpful doctor's visit I've had in a long time. :) [Licia Raymond]

Amazing experience. I was treated with such respect and given answers with honesty. It is hard to come across someone like Dr. Miller. I fully trust him with my upcoming surgery.
[Heath Miller]

I came to the Women's Clinic for a second opinion. The staff & Dr. Miller provided excellent care. He ordered tests to better diagnose the problem - a stark and very much appreciated contrast to prior experience at another clinic. I have not suggestions for improvement. It was an exceptional visit. I feel that we'll come to some resolution soon. I appreciate how quickly I was able to schedule an appointment - in same week. In contrast to 2-4 months at the previous providers. Thank you. [Heath Miller]

All great. No improvement necessary at this point. [Seine Chang]


Excellent care by entire team at Maternal Infant Care Clinic during my pregnancy so far! Wonderful clinic! (Emily Fay)



Dr. Prager is AMAZING!  I could not ask for a better care team. I have no suggestions or need for improvements. [Sarah Prager]


I'm 64 years old and this was the first time I was treated by a woman of was such a nice unexpected experience as she had researched my medical history thoroughly and had new and strong chemotherapy options; the rationale behind her recommendations were clearly understandable which made acceptability easy.  She encouraged questions from family members who accompanied me to consultation. [Kemi Doll]


Dr. Gray is outstanding and inspires my confidence. [Heidi Gray]

Dr. Swisher is wonderful. [Liz Swisher]

Always completely satisfied with the care I have received. [Kemi Doll]


I wouldn't go anywhere else. Dr. Urban is the one I trust with my life because she saved my life and I know she will always listen and help me. [Renata Urban]

The University of Washington Medical Center provides excellent health care and attention to their patients and exhibits a high level of care and concern. [Barbara Goff]


Dr. Tamimi is an awesome doctor with such a good heart. He truly cares about his patients and does whatever he can to help them and set their minds at ease! I really appreciate everything he does for me. [Hisham Tamimi]

Dr. Liao and his team always provide top-notch quality service. [John Liao]


I was impressed with the compassion and caring that was given during my visit. [Renata Urban]

The quality, safety, and services well above great. Dr. Urban always shows care and compassion well beyond just another visit to the doctor. She has a way of taking a not so good medical situation to a calm and relaxing understanding of the situation and discusses different solutions and possible outcomes. She is one of the best doctors I have ever had. [Renata Urban] 

Dr. Tamimi and Dr. Fitzgibbon (pain team) are the heads of my healthcare team, and I couldn't ask for more kind, considerate, compassionate & knowledgeable doctors. I'm a 3x cancer survivor, and saw 2 other oncologist prior to Dr. Tamimi. My first was a surgeon at MD Anderson, and he was an exceptional surgeon. My next oncologist was with Virginia Mason Hospital. The cancer was wrapped around my sciatic nerve and my doctor was overwhelmed so he worked in tandem with the doctors at MD Andersen. When my cancer recurred for the 2nd time he told me I was terminal and there was nothing more he could do for me. In his defense, I've yet to find any other patient w/adenocarcinoma cervical cancer who survived a third time, but I wasn't ready to give up. That's when I found Dr. Tamimi and I couldn't be more grateful to him. I've now been in remission for 11 years, and have an incredible team who look after me. Dr. Tamimi & Dr. Fitzgibbon are key to my ability to live my life to the fullest. They both have such a tremendous amount of integrity & compassion. I am truly blessed to be the benefactor of their collective wisdom. I am grateful for their guidance & the care of their staff & nurses. My husband and I have talked about moving many times, but we never do because we know my health is a disability, and it's taken years to find the right doctors to help me with all the secondary issues that come with having had cancer three times. Thank you University of Washington Medical Center & SCCA!  [Hisham Tamimi]


Dr. Jennifer Burzawa and her nurse were excellent. Explained the procedure and answered questions that I had. 
Dr. Pennington is a superb physician and surgeon. I have been under her care for four years and I am always impressed with her knowledge base, ability to make complex issues understandable, and her genuine concern for my welfare. She listens and you never feel rushed. I feel blessed to have her as one of my health care providers. [Katy Pennington]


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